New Contest! More Prizes…. YES!

So… here’s something that might interest you all… PRIZES!!! Yep, graciously set up by Slamfist Media, we are giving you another chance to win some really awesome stuff. By the way, did you check out the GRAND PRIZE yet????



Legends of Time Expansion UNLOCKED!!!

Just a quick note letting you all know that we’ve passed the $40K goal and are moving ahead with still 5 days left!

So what do you get? Legends of Time is a 125 Card Expansion that incorporates legendary characters/folklore from around the world into the mix. Expect new Characters, new Quests, new Items, new Action cards, new Tactics and new Locations! For those curious, here’s the exact numbers:

Characters: 20 / Quests: 20 / Items: 10 / Action Cards: 15 / Tactic Cards: 60

Now added to the previous cards, that means by hitting this stretch goal, you can expect at least 725 Cards! (And this isn’t including the Player Cards and Ally Cards as well).

Next up… It looks like we’ll be hitting $45K and getting reduced International Shipping soon. Then, let’s move directly to getting you all Fairytale Games: Horror Edition!

And, just for fun…. we’ll be posting something you don’t want to miss on Facebook and our Website within the hour ūüôā

Other News!

Although we were going to wait for the final 3 days to do this update, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to do it a couple days early.

First of all, we added the final two add-ons for the campaign. One was a backer request, an¬†80 Page Hardcover Art Book¬†of just the Tarot Cards. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful illustrations on 8.5″x11″ glossy pages for your coffee table or to add to your collection!

The second add-on is an interesting one. Though the campaign still has 5 days left, we’re going to be offering a¬†“Teaser Pack” of the¬†Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, and Zombie Edition! So not matter how high we end up at the end of the campaign, you will be able to take home with you something from each set. BUT…… here’s the thing. These cards EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER cards and will not be in the other retail editions. So even if we hit the goal of Zombie Edition for example, the cards in this teaser will be new to add and not in that set. This pack will have a total of 50 Cards and will contain a couple of the new gameplay mechanics from each respective edition.

Last bit of interesting news!¬†By the time most of you read this, the BGG (board game geek) contest is over and winners will be mentioned. That’s already pretty exciting. But…. keep looking at our Facebook and/or Website the next couple of days and you will see what looks like a contest by Slamfist Media that my land you some goodies just for answering a few questions. Seems like we have a few things left to give to you ūüėČ

Missing Exclusive Cards? Here’s how to get them!

Finally, for anyone who missed any of theses Exclusive Cards: Mad Hatter, The Little Mermaid, Belle, The Three Musketeers, and Tinker Bell

We tried to think of different ways such as facebook likes, twitter shares, BGG thumbs, etc… but in all honesty, most of you have already done that! We’re sincerely appreciative at you all for helping promote the campaign and game. We can’t expect more passionate or higher quality backers. You all are AWESOME! So….. let’s just do something fun.

Below is a card, “Definitely Not Kansas”. Whoever is missing a card, any card at all, your job is to create a caption for this card and message us (letting us also know what cards you’re missing.) And that’s it. You will get them all. We will post the funniest or craziest 3 on facebook just for fun. And….. Go!


And Finally….The Last Exclusive Card !

Since we already reached out $35K Funding Milestone, let’s present you with the last Exclusive Character card. The last milestone took you all about 2 minutes to guess correct. This one is a little harder, making you think about 3 minutes at the very least. Just read all the clues carefully ūüėČ

So just like always, if ANY one of you guess this, ALL BACKERS will receive this card!


  1. I’m a fixer, I fix things. Pots, kettles, things like that? Good as new!
  2. I’m VERY single minded. Not that I can help it…. when I’m happy, I’m happy. When I’m pissed, I AM PISSED.
  3. If you’re with me, I’ll make you light on your toes.
  4. Don’t blink your eyes or you’ll lose me in a crowd.
  5. Whenever I speak, it’s like a mouthful of Season’s Greetings

Who am I?


100% Funded and with 7 days still left for Stretch Goals!

Congratulations everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that because of your support and passion for this campaign, we are funded and moving forward towards the Stretch Goals! We have about 7 days left so the sky’s the limit…. Campaign trend says that $50k is very possible. Meaning, $10 international shipping, one very awesome expansion and Fairytale Games: Horror Edition, a completely standalone or combinable game! And just around that corner is steam punk and Zombie editions!

We couldn’t do this without you all and we look forward to what the rest of this campaign will bring you!

Also, because we have hit the $30k milestone, please check out our Facebook and Website tonight (maybe even earlier) for clues of another Exclusive character for you all to claim! We’ll make an announcement when it’s posted with one more card highlight tonight.

And as for add-ons, if you haven’t already checked out the newest add-ons from the other day, they are up and look great! We even have another spinoff game called “Rumplestiltskin”. Check it out!

Which leaves the question of those add-on surprises we mentioned. Wait for in in two days 

Lastly, if you hadn’t seen it yet, there is one new reward tier called “The White Rabbit”.
If you love cheesecake and want something special for yourself or a friend as a gift (or gag) take a look! It’ll make you smile¬†

97% Funded and 8 Days Left!

WOW! We are almost at funding everyone! Just less than $900 to go and at 97%…! Just letting you all know that we’ve updated the Game Contents so you’ll see what you’ll receiving in the box (Note: Exclusive Cards are not counted, though Kickstarter Promos are.) More updates to come each day!

By the way, have you seen our new Reward Tier? If you like Cheesecake, you HAVE to check it out!

WOW! We already hit our $30K Milestone!!!

Great news everyone! We have just broken through thee $30K mark! In commemoration of this milestone, we are going to give you another EXCLUSIVE Card! If you’re new to this, basically we’re listing out a few clues and if ANYONE guesses it correctly, EVERYONE will receive this character card! Ready? (This one is a bit harder, but still not the hardest yet)…

1.) Not alone, not a pair but legends from another time

2.) We see London, we see France, please my lady, don’t shoot my underpants!

3.) In another place, we’re told we have a hard exterior (but we’re really soft on the inside!) Sigh… Why do people say we’re just too sweet at times?

Enjoy! LOL (And if you need bonus clues…. examine the card carefully and it should be in plane sight ūüėČ


Gameplay Highlight#2: Advanced Battle Mode!

In the game, there are two types of Battle Mechanics you can choose from:

  • Easy Battle Mode
  • Advanced Battle Mode

Whereas Easy Battle Mode is dice and luck driven, the Advance Battle Mode is strategy based and provides a longer match within battles.

First of all, let’s talk about the types of cards. The first thing you need to do when you choose your character, is to pick the Advance Battle Mode “Player Card.” It will look something like this:


For this example, let’s imagine a Player vs. Player battle (Solo Mode will be covered in another Gameplay Highlight)

First off, you and your opponent will draw 5 cards each from the community Battle Deck. (Note: When you battle, there is only one deck which both players play from throughout the battle). Whoever initiated the attack will go first. Just for grins, let’s say I did and I will check my hand to see what I want to do. Here are my options:

  1. I can play an Attack Card
  2. I can play a Special Card
  3. I can play a Tactic Card
  4. I can play an Action Card
  5. I can play an Escape Card

Let’s take a look at an Attack Card:


If you notice, there’s a numeric value on the card. Within the community deck, there will be random Attack Cards numbered 1-6. Referring back to your Player Card, you’ll notice that The Beast can do a “Ground Stop” with it, giving him the ability to knock out an equipped item from an opponent. Because I notice my opponent doesn’t have any equipped item, I don’t have to play this card (I might play another attack instead and save this card for later.)

But, I do have one more option with this card. If I were to use any trait point from my player card, I can draw a Tactic Card. Ok, besides an attack I also want to consider my other options.

A Special Card looks like this:


Special Cards let you play the Special Move ability on your Player Card. These moves are very powerful BUT come at a risk and a price. You’ll have to spend some trait points to initiate it AND you only have a 50% success rate since the success is dice driven. If you win (highest dice roll wins) you will be at a huge advantage, though the flipside is very bad.

Fortunately, the Special Card gives you another option. You can use this card to switch your main battling character with an Ally, making your character an Ally and your Ally a main character. (Any Ally you have in your Party will have their own Ally Card with individual Attack, Defense, and Special moves that you can put beside your Player Card). One great thing about the Special Cards are that you can play them on your opponent’s turn or your turn. You can even start an Attack (and if not blocked and if still your turn), you can play your Special Card to tag in an Ally and continue your attack with that character. Kind of like a tag combo! But one thing to remember…. you can only use one special card per round. (A round consists of each player having a turn and returning back to the player who initiated the battle.) Also, when you switch characters, you do NOT regain your health or take your Ally’s Health. You will continue using the health point value you are currently at.

Another type of cards are Tactic Cards.¬†Each character will have 10 possible Tactic card which they’ll shuffle and place face down by them. During battle, there will be opportunities to draw these kind of cards. Think of these as strategy cards but can ONLY be played on your turn. An example of a Tactic Card may read like this:

Memories of Betrayal: The Beast’s Attacks get +3 Bonus this turn¬†but¬†cannot use Action, Defense, or Escape Cards until his next turn¬†(Use 3x Strength Traits)”

Then there are the¬†Action Cards¬†which are non-character specific cards that you can earn during question in the Bonus Stack. These cards can be played on your turn or your opponent’s turn. These will also have a trait point cost.

Finally, I can choose to escape with an Escape Card.


(Note: This specific card art is just an example and will not be used in the final game)

Escape cards are very rare to draw in the community deck. It can be used on your turn, your opponent’s turn and even as a response to an opponent’s attack. The only thing about Escape cards is there’s a 50% success rate. You and your opponent roll a die and if I win (highest roll wins) I can escape but I’ll lose all equipped items, ending the battle and returning to Quest Mode (the main map). If I lose, I am still stuck in battle but minus 10 Health Points as a penalty! That’s a really BIG risk but and probably used as a desperation move.


Ok, so let’s say I attack my opponent. Once this happens, they have a chance to defend if they have a Defense Card like this:


Defense Cards will also follow your Player Card to see how much damage is deflected or absorbed. For example if The Beast attacked my opponent for 5 ATK points and my opponent pulled a defense card that can deflect only 4 ATK points, they still will get hit for 1 damage and will deduct it from their Health Point total.

Another cool thing about Defense Cards is that if you play 1 Trait Point, you can perform a Counter Attack. Meaning, you will still Defend at whatever value is equivalent to the Defense card you played, but if you have an Attack Card in your hand, you can play that after your defense to try to damage your opponent. Your opponent has a chance to Defend (and counter-attack as well). Pretty much, this will go back and forth until someone can’t counter-attack anymore or chooses not to. But remember… if I attack you and you counter-attack, at the end of your counter, it’s still my turn. So I can continue to play my cards until I tell you my turn is over.

Once my turn ends and your turn ends, we both can choose to discard your hand (or some of your hand) and draw up to 5 cards again.


There’s a lot more depth in the Advance Battle Mode then there is with Easy Battle Mode, but the battles to last longer and can take a little bit to get into. But once you do, it will give you a very personalized experience with your character and will make battling other players a lot more interesting!

BGG Contest! Win some AWESOME prizes!

We just launched our contest on Board Game Geek (BGG)! Here are the prizes we’ll be giving away:

  • Grand Prize ( 1 )¬†Everything included in the “Magic Mirror” Kickstarter Level ($175 tier)
  • First Runners-up ( 1 )¬†Everything included in the “Merlin the Magician” Kickstarter Level ($155 tier)
  • Second Runners-up ( 2 )¬†Everything included in the “Lion King” Kickstarter Level ($65 tier)

It’s a great way to win a gift for a friend, yourself, or get the Grand Prize and you can have your likeness on the Tarot Card set from our Magic Mirror Tier… WOW!

Follow the big “Enter Now” and good luck!