Our 50% Funded Milestone Contest!

Ok and just before midnight we finally have our clues! Remember, if ANYONE guesses who this is, EVERYONE that is a backer up until now will receive this Exclusive Character Card/Player Card. It’s a bit harder than the last, but still not the hardest we have coming to you …. ready?

The Clues
1. “Originally I had no name, yet everyone knows me”
2. “Something Broken, Something Lost, then Death”
3. “Betrayed and full of regret”


3 comments on “Our 50% Funded Milestone Contest!

  1. Honestly, the only thing I can think of is “Little Mermaid”

    Marina of the Original “LIttle Mermaid” (Hans Christian Andersen) didn’t originally have a name, she went under much abuse for love, failed to obtain it, and killed herself (which I’d say evidences some regret in tow).

    So – something broken – heart
    Something lost – voice / ability to convey her desires in the span of time given
    Then death – killed herself.

    That’s my guess

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