75% Milestone Exclusive Character Giveaway!

Ok, let’s introduce our next free EXCLUSIVE card giveaway! So we’ve already collected The Hatter and the Little Mermaid… who’s next?

Just like last time, if ANYONE guesses who this is based on the clues, EVERY backer will receive this card. Ready?

1. Two Jealous sisters who want me dead
2. A persistent suitor I know, but have not yet seen
3. A Mirror that has no reflection
4. A ring that gives me direction

Who am I?


8 comments on “75% Milestone Exclusive Character Giveaway!

  1. Hmmmmm…some things point to Snow White (but she is already in the game I believe) and there is a hint of Brier Rose – but I am going to say: Beauty because of all of the roses and the mirror.

    I am also going to say that I have been excited over the game since Day One. Sometimes you stumble across a game on Kickstarter that just Must.Be. MADE!

    This game must-be-made-with-all-of-the-expansions!!! It must!!!!

    But why am I telling you – I’m off to tell other people.

  2. You all did REALLY well… but we’ll make the next one a bit harder. Look for it soon! But in the meantime, we’ll be launching a contest on BGG (www.boardgamegeek.com) this Friday. It’s a chance to win some really cool stuff just for answering questions you probably already know about the game! Look for it and good luck 🙂

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