WOW! We already hit our $30K Milestone!!!

Great news everyone! We have just broken through thee $30K mark! In commemoration of this milestone, we are going to give you another EXCLUSIVE Card! If you’re new to this, basically we’re listing out a few clues and if ANYONE guesses it correctly, EVERYONE will receive this character card! Ready? (This one is a bit harder, but still not the hardest yet)…

1.) Not alone, not a pair but legends from another time

2.) We see London, we see France, please my lady, don’t shoot my underpants!

3.) In another place, we’re told we have a hard exterior (but we’re really soft on the inside!) Sigh… Why do people say we’re just too sweet at times?

Enjoy! LOL (And if you need bonus clues…. examine the card carefully and it should be in plane sight 😉



3 comments on “WOW! We already hit our $30K Milestone!!!

  1. The Three Musketeers…or Four

    They got a bit Ocean’s Eleveny with that, didn’t they?

    Happy 30K! (Although you should be hitting 50K in my opinion! Spread the word people!)

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