100% Funded and with 7 days still left for Stretch Goals!

Congratulations everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that because of your support and passion for this campaign, we are funded and moving forward towards the Stretch Goals! We have about 7 days left so the sky’s the limit…. Campaign trend says that $50k is very possible. Meaning, $10 international shipping, one very awesome expansion and Fairytale Games: Horror Edition, a completely standalone or combinable game! And just around that corner is steam punk and Zombie editions!

We couldn’t do this without you all and we look forward to what the rest of this campaign will bring you!

Also, because we have hit the $30k milestone, please check out our Facebook and Website tonight (maybe even earlier) for clues of another Exclusive character for you all to claim! We’ll make an announcement when it’s posted with one more card highlight tonight.

And as for add-ons, if you haven’t already checked out the newest add-ons from the other day, they are up and look great! We even have another spinoff game called “Rumplestiltskin”. Check it out!

Which leaves the question of those add-on surprises we mentioned. Wait for in in two days 

Lastly, if you hadn’t seen it yet, there is one new reward tier called “The White Rabbit”.
If you love cheesecake and want something special for yourself or a friend as a gift (or gag) take a look! It’ll make you smile 

One comment on “100% Funded and with 7 days still left for Stretch Goals!

  1. One word: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second word followed by a bunch of words: Zombies!!!!!!! Go! Go! Go! GO!!!!!!!

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