And Finally….The Last Exclusive Card !

Since we already reached out $35K Funding Milestone, let’s present you with the last Exclusive Character card. The last milestone took you all about 2 minutes to guess correct. This one is a little harder, making you think about 3 minutes at the very least. Just read all the clues carefully 😉

So just like always, if ANY one of you guess this, ALL BACKERS will receive this card!


  1. I’m a fixer, I fix things. Pots, kettles, things like that? Good as new!
  2. I’m VERY single minded. Not that I can help it…. when I’m happy, I’m happy. When I’m pissed, I AM PISSED.
  3. If you’re with me, I’ll make you light on your toes.
  4. Don’t blink your eyes or you’ll lose me in a crowd.
  5. Whenever I speak, it’s like a mouthful of Season’s Greetings

Who am I?



8 comments on “And Finally….The Last Exclusive Card !

  1. Tinkerbell:
    1.- She is a fairy who mends pots and kettles.
    2.- Since fairy’s are so small they can only hold one feeling at a time.
    3.-Fairies can make others fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust.
    4.- Because she is so small…
    5.- When she speaks it sounds like a bell tinkling.

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