Legends of Time Expansion UNLOCKED!!!

Just a quick note letting you all know that we’ve passed the $40K goal and are moving ahead with still 5 days left!

So what do you get? Legends of Time is a 125 Card Expansion that incorporates legendary characters/folklore from around the world into the mix. Expect new Characters, new Quests, new Items, new Action cards, new Tactics and new Locations! For those curious, here’s the exact numbers:

Characters: 20 / Quests: 20 / Items: 10 / Action Cards: 15 / Tactic Cards: 60

Now added to the previous cards, that means by hitting this stretch goal, you can expect at least 725 Cards! (And this isn’t including the Player Cards and Ally Cards as well).

Next up… It looks like we’ll be hitting $45K and getting reduced International Shipping soon. Then, let’s move directly to getting you all Fairytale Games: Horror Edition!

And, just for fun…. we’ll be posting something you don’t want to miss on Facebook and our Website within the hour 🙂


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