Missing Exclusive Cards? Here’s how to get them!

Finally, for anyone who missed any of theses Exclusive Cards: Mad Hatter, The Little Mermaid, Belle, The Three Musketeers, and Tinker Bell

We tried to think of different ways such as facebook likes, twitter shares, BGG thumbs, etc… but in all honesty, most of you have already done that! We’re sincerely appreciative at you all for helping promote the campaign and game. We can’t expect more passionate or higher quality backers. You all are AWESOME! So….. let’s just do something fun.

Below is a card, “Definitely Not Kansas”. Whoever is missing a card, any card at all, your job is to create a caption for this card and message us (letting us also know what cards you’re missing.) And that’s it. You will get them all. We will post the funniest or craziest 3 on facebook just for fun. And….. Go!



11 comments on “Missing Exclusive Cards? Here’s how to get them!

  1. Definitely Not Kansas…

    Welcome to Innsmouth! Where the fish are always biting…

    Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Ia! Ia! Fhtagn!

    (You can’t have tentacles without an obscure Lovecraftian reference 😉 )

  2. Just when Dorothy thought it was all over. “You were crushed by my…ummm…my aunt and uncle’s house. I think they’re still in the storm cellar.” *mad cackling*

  3. “Who could have guessed I would prefer to be attacked by lions and tigers and bears?”

    As far as exclusive cards I’m missing; I don’t have any cards yet, shouldn’t they be sent with my Kickstarter backer exclusives, or is this something separate?

  4. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. Toto? Toto? Oh my gah…..

    And to follow what they advised I am missing all 5 of the exclusive backer cards, hope you guys like the caption.

  5. I wanted a cold one after work, not an *old* one.

    I am missing all the cards 🙂 Thanks! I cannot wait to play.

  6. Missouri, maybe. But definitely not Kansas.

    A little late to the party, but at least I made it!

    My tardiness means I have none of the exclusives.

    SO glad we hit Zombies!

  7. Lions, tigers and…. Massive praying mantra? What the hell!?

    I’m missin all the cards. Glad I could still use this route!

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