Other News!

Although we were going to wait for the final 3 days to do this update, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to do it a couple days early.

First of all, we added the final two add-ons for the campaign. One was a backer request, an 80 Page Hardcover Art Book of just the Tarot Cards. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful illustrations on 8.5″x11″ glossy pages for your coffee table or to add to your collection!

The second add-on is an interesting one. Though the campaign still has 5 days left, we’re going to be offering a “Teaser Pack” of the Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, and Zombie Edition! So not matter how high we end up at the end of the campaign, you will be able to take home with you something from each set. BUT…… here’s the thing. These cards EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER cards and will not be in the other retail editions. So even if we hit the goal of Zombie Edition for example, the cards in this teaser will be new to add and not in that set. This pack will have a total of 50 Cards and will contain a couple of the new gameplay mechanics from each respective edition.

Last bit of interesting news! By the time most of you read this, the BGG (board game geek) contest is over and winners will be mentioned. That’s already pretty exciting. But…. keep looking at our Facebook and/or Website the next couple of days and you will see what looks like a contest by Slamfist Media that my land you some goodies just for answering a few questions. Seems like we have a few things left to give to you 😉


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