The Fantastic Four!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, and 2 weeks of diligent voting and creative ideas. From our great friends at Slamfist Media, we proudly present the four characters whom you’ve chosen to fill the last slots for our stretch goal minis. In order…..

  • The Mad Hatter
  • Tinker Bell
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • The Little Mermaid

Congratulations to these characters as they will be immortalized within our 40 Exclusive Stretch Goal Minis!

But for those who didn’t make the cut, all is not lost because we’ll be making an announcement soon for a bit of a preview of what to expect late August! And you might be surprised what makes a comeback into our campaign! Also, some of you have been curious as to what material or process are these minis…. our next major update will answer just that.

So, I noticed that the online store is still up???

Yes! That is not a mistake. Since we’ve been taking a bit longer with confirmation e-mails (we’re finally seeing the home stretch tonight) we’ve extended the store until Wednesday at midnight (that’s tomorrow night Central Standard Time.) After that, our store will disappear and it will be more of an informative site until we’re ready to re-launch the store for all Artistic Justice Games products at retail prices (though we’ll give all previous kickstarter backers a VIP Coupon in case there’s something you’d like to add to your collection.)

But, in case you’re still not sure of the cutoff point, we’ll do a quick update at midnight tomorrow to let you all know, and to have another excuse to show off a new piece of card artwork!

So where are we now on the “Create A Card” news?

We’ve almost received all the information from White Rabbit backers so we’ll be moving quickly to Tarot Cards soon. So if you’re a White Rabbit backer and have not yet selected your character or have not sent us a photograph, please do so soon so we can get the info to our artists. Also, if there are a couple of specifications you’d like to see in your artwork, this is the time to let us know! Following the Tarot Cards will be the Wizard of Oz tier, then then Midas and Genie tiers.

Card Highlight:

To capture the vision of Pocahontas, we gave the direction to Rio Taylor, the artist who brought us Red and True Love’s Kiss.

Although the storyline of Pocahontas in the Fairytale Games begins the same, what transpires after her marriage with John Smith became the kidnapping of her husband who was disemboweled and set on display in the middle of a colonial campsite. It was said that John was tried by the colony and was found guilty of treason. His death was to be an example for anyone who sided with the natives.

Needless to say, when her heart broke something snapped within Pocahontas. Her eyes no longer sang the colors of the wind, rather rang out with only one color… red. With the help of her tribe’s war captain Mowgli, they snuck into the village at night and with the spirit of the wolf at their side, they slaughtered the entire village of men in one of history’s most visceral mass killings. (Since it was an early settlement, there were no women or children so don’t worry.)

From what legends retell, blood streamed out of the village for days while the wolves feast during the night. All that was left to identify the people, was something etched within the trees that looked like it spelled “Crotoan”.



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