Our First Bi-Weekly Schedule!

Hi Everyone, just a quick note that we’re progressing pretty well into the artwork. Here is our current schedule for the next two weeks:

  • Advanced Battle Mode Video on our Website
  • Revised Easy Battle Mode Video on our Website
  • We will revise our gallery to start introducing our artists on our website
  • Minis Official Announcement
  • We will clear our Rules section on our website and start a NEW gameplay mechanics section from scratch (making the rules easier to understand). We will update this in several segments to cover everything about the game and all special edition gameplay mechanics.
  • Tarot Card Likeness selection will begin
  • More ways to show off our new artwork with Card Highlights 🙂

As of now, we are starting the artwork for the Cheesecake cards (and the likenesses of backers on them.) We are also continuing to produce artwork at a great pace with now 20 artists!!! You’ll start seeing more of them as we move forward as we showcase the card art we hand-picked for them. Be prepared!

Card Highlight

Today’s card highlight is from our Steampunk Edition. There were a lot of backers curious about if there were any differences on the cards themselves. If you notice, there is a new trait (identified by the “Gear” icon). This is called the “Machina” trait which will be applied towards Engineering or the controlling of certain items, abilities, or ….. vehicles???

Also, on the bottom right by the artist name and our company name, there is a “wrench” icon which represents the Steampunk Edition. All editions and expansions will have their own icon to help you differentiate the cards, though for the most part you can pretty much look at the cards and figure out where they belong. Tinker Bell in a mech suit? nope, I guess that’s not Zombie Edition 😉

Anyway, let me present to you another awesome illustration from Kiki. Introducing …. our Steampunk version of the Town Musicians of Bremen. Enjoy!



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