It’s All in the Cards…

Today’s update is a quick one just to let Magic Mirror tiers and White Rabbit tiers, that are receiving their likeness on a Tarot Card, know that we are starting the “first dibs” process right now. We’ve made a spreadsheet that has all the Tarot Cards available for your likeness to be on. Based on info from the Backer Surveys, anyone who has already requested a certain card will already be on the spreadsheet (if multiple backers requested the same card, we gave it to the first in line.) If you need to change anything, please send me a message.

For the list, please visit:

When you get there, please “Make a comment” on the card you’d like your likeness on. Please be aware that you can not edit any of the fields in the spreadsheet so you will need to leave a comment and put your Kickstarter name on it.

I know this is kind of a weird comment but I feel I must make this disclaimer (since this kind of happened already), but if, for example, you are choosing a King card or a Queen card, please make sure that you (or the person you are doing this for) matches the gender of the card. It helps keep our artists from freaking out 😉

Wait, but I’m a cheesecake backer and still haven’t gotten to pick my card likeness!

Don’t worry, we’re simultaneously doing this and have different artists doing the Tarot Cards and Cheesecake Cards. If you haven’t already given us your photo via e-mail, you still have time. But please try to get it to us soon so we can schedule it in with our artists. If you haven’t yet selected which character you want your likeness on, please see our list here:

So it is August …. any news on the new campaign?

Yes! Our next official update will be all about the new campaign with dates and a teaser of things to come. Stay tuned!

Slamfist Media in the heat of the action!

While the year of waiting for the release of Fairytale Games will be spread out with news, card/gameplay highlights, and some other exciting stuff, Slamfist Media will be introducing something a bit different that you all can look forward to. Starting very soon, they will be releasing “Battle Scenarios”, short stories that take you into a possible battle between characters forced to participate in the Fairytale Games. We’ll be giving Slamfist Media a bit of inside info on some of the character backstories as well as certain trademark moves that we’ve incorporated in the game. All of which you might get a good sample of during epic face-offs. Who would win between the likes of The Beast versus The Cowardly Lion, Pinocchio vs the Nutcracker Prince? The possibilities are exciting! So think of some characters you’d like hear battle replays of and make a comment here or directly to Slamfist Media!

Card Highlight

Today’s highlight is another great piece by J.Ang, the talented artist that brought you Trinity and Hook. Once again, he gives us another beautiful illustration, this time of one not so beautiful….. Rumplestiltskin! This devious imp has a very high persuasion value and is one of the few characters that offer you none. Everything about him is about exchanges that give him the advantage and seeing other fairytale characters suffer in some complex scheme. Looking forward to expand on his story with you! (By the way, check out the Gold Thread he uses as a choke wire in the artwork!)



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