Battle Scenarios with Slamfist Media

Hi everyone, just a really quick note for those who missed it, that Slamfist Media will be doing awesome short story Battle Scenarios of possible match-ups between our fairytale games characters.

Though the stories are 100% written by the creative geniuses at Slamfist Media, they are working together with us for the authenticity of the character moves and personas. In other words, if you follow along with their storylines, don’t be surprised to see some of the moves in the actual game when you play them!

Introducing Slamfist Media’s first Matchup: The Frog Prince vs Tinker Bell!

Also in other news, we’ll be announcing some things about our August campaign in a few days, namely dates and a little teaser on tiers, add-ons, and stretch goals. Stay tuned!


4 comments on “Battle Scenarios with Slamfist Media

  1. Very nice…can you guys tell us what company is going to be making the miniatures for the game? I’m a backer through the website so I can’t post on the kickstarter sadly…

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