You’ve Unlocked 15 Free Miniatures So Far!

 Wow, can you believe it? It’s only a week into the campaign and you’ve already unlocked Steampunk Moriarty (before his artwork was complete… coming within the next 3 days per our artist Kiki!) The next unlock will be Zombie Snow White … AND Shin Kitsune (Boss)! And it looks like the campaign has been going in a steady pace. Who knows how many minis will be unlocked by the end of the campaign?!

New Add-Ons!

Ok, so I mentioned a couple of “pet” projects of mine that the team gave me the green light to do and offer in this campaign. It’s a bit of a hit or miss, so they might not live up to the build-up. But here goes 🙂

FAIRYTALE GAMES PLAYING CARDS: That’s right! Since the last campaign we offered Tarot Cards, this time around, you’ll get your standard fare of a beautifully illustrated deck of 52 playing cards (plus 2 jokers). It will be Bicycle Brand quality and will feature 54 new pieces of artwork! – $13

MOTHER GOOSE’S NURSERY RHYMES: This was my favorite surprise project. If you didn’t know, per our game’s storyline Mother Goose is a serial killer. The nursery rhymes that we read and know now, were clues to how she killed her Fairytale victims. With that, I bring you this 50 Page Hardcover Book that has the original rhymes by Mother Goose, but illustrated to what really happened. Rhymes like the gruesome death of Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Candle Stick, Jack and Jill, The Crooked Man, etc…. Warning: Please don’t mix this up with your regular children’s books! – $25

FAIRYTALE GAMES: BATTLE ROYALE STORYBOOK: This is a 200 page, partially illustrated hardcover book that covers the rich, complicated storylines of each character from the first game. See how each character overlap and how they are significant in the overall plot and possible defeat of the three queens known as Trinity! If you love Once Upon a Time, Fairytale Lore and the Fairytale Games theme … this is definitely for you! -$50

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE PACK: Because of the High Demand for the cheesecake pack from the previous campaign, as well as our decision to not re-issue it because of backer likenesses…. We are removing all the backer likenesses and completely re-illustrating the same characters of the cards (not just a head swap), and creating a brand new 100 cheesecake card set. That’s right, now you can get your cake and cheese it too! (Note, the non-backer cheesecake cards from the previous campaign will be in this set as well.) – $15

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE PACK: This is the 100 Page Hardcover Artbook for the art of the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack in 8.5″x11″! – $30

So do you have new tiers that include these items as well?

Yes! We actually have a couple of new reward tiers, on top of our minis only one from the last update, that we will update tomorrow afternoon on the campaign page (with pledge amounts). For now, here’s a preview!

THE HATTER: (For those who just want the cards for the main game and no minis) All 4 Editions of the game, 2 Expansion Sets, Pulp Fantasy Pack, Gingerbread Pack and the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: (For previous backers who want only new items of this campaign including the minis) Big Bad Wolf Tier, Pulp Fantasy Pack, Artbook Volume 2, Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, Fairytale Games Playing Cards, and the Fairytale Games Storybook.


We would also like to proudly present our brand new, backer created Wiki! That’s right, a group of passionate and dedicated “Loremasters” (Courtney, Slamfist Media, and Jared) took every tidbit they could find from our Fairytale Games Universe (website, facebook, BGG, campaign updates, and the massive comment threads) and created a very informative and super creative Wiki that has info on the cards, games, and even some slang that have become household terms in our comment threads.

This Wiki is very special to us as it reflects just how great our community is. So please check it out and check often as our Loremasters will grow it as more information becomes available! They made this specially for you all, their new family. (Please give them a standing ovation!)

The Mystery Box

Ok, at 4am this is going to be a bit of a trick to tell you about so I’m just going to tease you with it for now. The Mystery Box is something our backers created, we had nothing to do with the idea but thought it was pretty awesome. Think of this as a surprise gift to anyone who participates in The Mystery Box. Your gift can be awesome, it can be silly… the ideas and themes of what’s in this box, will be up to you. You will determine if it’s something big or small. Curious? Find out more in our next update!

Just a Reminder!

Don’t forget to check out our event going on. For more info, please check our website or facebook. Also, for backer in the BEAST, GOLEM, or CAPTAIN NEMO tiers, please review the upgraded tiers that might be more attractive to you!

Aren’t you forgetting something???

Ah yes…… as promised, because of our recent unlocking of Steampunk Moriarty, here is a sneak peek at Page 2 of our stretches! There’s definitely a bit of something for everyone 🙂



BGG “Double Feature” Contest Begins Today!

For those waiting for the BGG Contest, it’s finally here! Fairytale Games and Greenbrier Games’s Ninja Dice does a double feature with a total of 5 Grand Prizes and 10 Runner Ups…. Don’t miss out! This link will take you right there 🙂

BGG Contest Begins This Friday!



Yep! In collaboration with Greenbrier Games’s newest campaign, we’ll have a JOINT contest with Ninja Dice on the Board Game Geek Forums ( this Friday, the 27th. Definitely check it out as there WILL BE PRIZES! Lots of winners this time around and a lot of fun!

So don’t miss your chance to snag some cool stuff and be ready for even more exciting things to come!

+1 Time Machine. Big Update!

Hi Everyone and thank you for waiting for our very late update! As you know, there has been a mountain of requests for various items from our previous campaigns, some dubbed exclusives, some not. The past few days, we opened the doors for comments and discussions about this to see which direction we wanted to head. Our goal has always been to not only create and awesome game, storyline, theme and product, but also give you, our backers an experience during our campaigns that you’d remember. We’re not trying to change how Kickstarter Campaigning works, rather create a Fairytale Universe that respects and takes care of our family.

With this said, let’s get this show on the road!

The Exclusives! Yikes!

Since this is a Minis Campaign, let’s talk about this first. In the previous campaign, we reached the highest Stretch Goal and ended up giving away FREE and EXCLUSIVE minis to our backers. That was definitely a big deal! During our last campaign, as many of you who were with us from the beginning, know that it was an uphill battle until just right after we hit our first Fairytale Edition Stretch Goal Giveaway that we shot up very quickly. That was during the last 3-5 days of the campaign. Right before then, we were thinking that if we did reach that goal, we’d be giving away minis as decorative pieces to your games and that would be it. Thus, the word Exclusive. Honestly though, we never thought we would hit that based on the campaign trend until almost the end.

Given that, we began looking for Sculptors and a company that knew how to produce them. We eventually had the great opportunity to meet Greenbrier Games. This changed things completely. Instead of just simple playing pieces, we were talking to a company with highly experienced sculptors with impressive resumes; A company that has produced successful games and miniatures. It was like we ended up in a different realm! Based on this, our goal became clear…. We wanted to give you all the BEST mileage you can get with these minis. With the beautiful artwork and the ability for Greenbrier Games to translate them so closely to these miniatures, it would be a shame to just stop at our first campaign. Why not make our Fairytale Games universe come alive? So we started developing several different game concepts to use with these minis. During this process, we also had a great opportunity to be involved into something much bigger, giving us a plan next year to make the Fairytale Games and the minis something even more grand…. like the overarching storyline of all of our editions combined…. (um, for those of you who don’t know there is a storyline for each edition/expansion as well as one that combines them together.)

But this leaves us with the dilemma. Since all of the minis from the original campaign were the characters from Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale and were main characters, how can we justify our integrity to the original backers while also letting the new backers of this campaign have a shot at them?

When going through all the comments we saw many pros and cons and weighed all of them seriously. We had an idea that would be the best of both worlds since this wasn’t just about minis, but ALL the exclusives from the first campaign. It was a bit reassuring seeing our idea actually pop up a few times by backers on the same page as us. I think one of our backers said something that was REALLY profound. He said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Sometimes you have to upset both sides a LITTLE to make things work”. And I personally agree. We have looked at this in EVERY angle possible and here is the Official Decision:

SACRED 40: We wanted to see if we could separate 10 of the 40 minis or try various combinations to offer some to the new backers. Unfortunately semi-large production does not allow you a lot of flexibility. Given that, it was all or nothing (that’s including the backer character too!) The cost would kill us to do alternate molds as well. So…. to make this work, we are doing a limited production run of the first 40 characters in SACRED GREEN, representing Kickstarter. This is EXCLUSIVE to original campaign backers at Lion King tier and above for FREE, of course. We will not produce any more after this run in green. You are it. (NOTE THAT THE COLOR GREEN IS NOT A FINAL DECISION. WE WOULD LIKE TO OFFER A POLL OF AVAILIBLE COLORS FOR ORIGINAL BACKERS TO DECIDE. SO IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE GREEN.)

“To make something more valuable, you copy it, change it up, and produce the heck out of the copy. Therefore, you saturate the market and your item is now a rare item or commodity.” ~ Lee Iacocca

With that, we will continue to produce these minis in ETERNAL GRAY and offer them to backers for this campaign as BOXED SETS (6 boxes in all) at the price of $35 per Box or $50 per every 2 you pledge for. We will not sell these at retail stores, although you can order them directly from our website in the future…. only in gray and at MSRP price per Box Set. Though now we’re going to say we reserve the right to also offer these Eternal Gray Sacred 40 in future campaigns, shows, or events that are specific to Fairytale Games or ….. uh, the big thing I was hinting at. But NEVER in “sacred green”.

SUPER FAIRYTALE FIGHTERS 2: LITTLE MERMAID VS BELLE: No, this will stay EXCLUSIVE to our original backers because I honestly wanted to give it away personally as a thank you for pushing through a major lull we had in the last campaign. It was my sincere gratitude and this shall remain yours (the original backers.) Of course, down the line we might re-create the Little Mermaid or Belle in different decks with completely different moves and artwork, but that won’t be for awhile since we have a lot on our plate at the moment and into next year.

TEASER PACK, FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE CARDS, and PROMO CARDS: No, this will remain EXCLUSIVE to the original backers. I know that means some character cards will not be available, but I think the balance of the minis outweigh this. PLUS the solution we’ve come up with is that we will offer a “GINGERBREAD PACK” in our add-ons for just the character cards that have minis associated with them. So characters like Zombie Humpty Dumpty, Grandma Red, Donkey Skin, The Tooth Fairy, The 3 Musketeers and even Belle will not be available in the Gingerbread Pack (There are 12 characters from these that are EXCLUSIVE to original backers). Information on this will be in the FAQ tomorrow.

CHEESECAKE PACK: No, and not because it’s cheesecake but because we’ve had several requests by backers who have likenesses in cheesecake mode, and are not comfortable extending it to this campaign. We respect that. Coming from a videography background, I completely understand. I know people can argue that if the first group of backers can see it, then it’s out in the public. True, but this is a bit more sensitive since it is somewhat Cheesecake and is something that certain backers feel uncomfortable about personally and psychologically. So no budging here. This ALSO means that the Artbooks that contained any likenesses (Tarot Cards, Tarot Artbook, “Spicy” and “Sweet and Spicy” artbook will not be offered in this campaign.) So these items stay EXCLUSIVE to our original backers by default. Still, this doesn’t mean that an alternative wouldn’t pop up in this campaign with completely different artwork. But that may just be me rambling at 3AM here 😉

OK, so did anything change in the campaign add-ons?

Yes! As the title of this update expresses, we’re going back in time to revisit a lot of suggestions you all had. First off, you can see that all the add-on categories are a bit more organized. For this campaign, we are also offering:

  • The 200 page volume 1 artbook! Sacred 40 Minis in Boxed Sets (Some have 8 and some have 5 + 1 larger character… Grendel for example, is a larger character)!
  • Rumplestiltskin!
  • PNP for all Editions and Expansions

We’ve also heard a shoutout to do a physical book or illustrated book with the storyline of all the characters (or major characters) in the Games. We are definitely considering it but you’ll hear more later as there’s still a couple of my own pet projects I’ll be offering you all as add-ons later in this campaign 😉

What about the Reward Tiers?

Yes. A lot has changed in the later tiers. But first, one thing I’ve been forgetting to mention is that the INTERNATIONAL LITTLE BOY BLUE TIER only pays $15 Canada / $25 Europe / $35 Other Countries because that tier cannot pledge for Miniatures. Please make a note of this because I keep forgetting to mention this 😛

Ok, for the new reward tiers. Since we are not able to alter or edit tiers that have backers currently pledging in them, we are creating new tiers that you can switch to. If something zeroes out, then we’ll just delete it. SO PLEASE READ THESE NEW TIERS AS IT MIGHT BE A BETTER OPTION FOR YOU THAN YOUR CURRENT ONE!!!!!!!!! (I bolded what made it different)

 MORGAN LA FAY ($60) – (To replace RASPUTIN Tier). You will get your choice of 2 Fairytale Game Editions (not expansions) and 1 mini character of your choice. IRON

JOHN ($150) – (To replace THE BEAST Tier). Get Both Fairytale Games Miniatures Boxed Sets with TEN Characters + 1 Boss Character AND All 4 Editions of Fairytale Games (Battle Royale, Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, and Zombie Edition) PLUS An Illustrated E-Book with Bios/Storylines of each Miniature Character and an EXCLUSIVE Queen of Hearts Boss + Quest Card Variant. This tier ALSO RECEIVES ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS (Please add your area Shipping amount manually to your Pledge)

CINDERELLA ($150) – NEW REWARD TIER! Get Both Fairytale Games Miniatures Boxed Sets with TEN Characters + 1 Boss Character AND a Volume 2 Artbook PLUS An Illustrated E-Book with Bios/Storylines of each Miniature Character and an EXCLUSIVE Queen of Hearts Boss + Quest Card Variant. This tier ALSO RECEIVES ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS (Please add your area Shipping amount manually to your Pledge)

JABBERWOCK ($250) – (Removing the GOLEM tier). Get Both Fairytale Games Miniatures Boxed Sets with TEN Characters + 1 Boss Character AND All 4 Editions of Fairytale Games (Battle Royale, Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, or Zombie Edition) AND Both Expansions (Fairytale Expansion and Legends of Time Expansions.) You will also receive a beautifully illustrated 200 page Hardcover Art Book, an 20″x17″ Art Print of your choice, PLUS an Illustrated E-Book with Bios/Storylines of each Miniature Character and an EXCLUSIVE Queen of Hearts Boss + Quest Card Variant. This tier ALSO RECEIVES ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS (Please add your area Shipping amount manually to your Pledge)

PRINCE DAKKAR ($500) (To replace CAPTAIN NEMO) ~ Bring the entire Fairytale Games Universe to you! Receive Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale, Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, Zombie Edition, Fairytale Expansion Pack, Legends of Time Expansion Pack, Minis Box Set 1 and 2, a 200 Page Hardcover Artbook (Volume 1), a 200 Page Hardcover Art Book (Volume 2), Rumplestiltskin, and Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battle Set 1 and 2 AND all “Sacred 40” Minis (in Eternal Gray only) PLUS an Illustrated E-Book with Bios/Storylines of each Miniature Character and an EXCLUSIVE Queen of Hearts Boss + Quest Card Variant. This tier ALSO RECEIVES ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS (Please add your area Shipping amount manually to your Pledge)

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE ($1,500) LIMIT 4 – (To Replace KING ARTHUR). Create your own character with your likeness and be immortalized in RESIN, designed personally by the sculptor of the 3D models in the hit video game BioShock! Not only that, we will include your Player Card and Character Card compatible with Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale. We will also give you a 20″x17″ Art Print of your character and a signed certification of authenticity by the sculptor! AND Receive EVERYTHING in the Prince Dakkar Reward Tier!

The Cupid Shuffle

Ok once all the graphics are up, you will all see a huge shifting of backers hopping from one tier to the one that best fits them. That’s exactly what we want! So don’t worry if you see numbers go up and down these next couple of days. If you have any questions about these changes, edits, or additions, please don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

Oh by the way…..

So on September 27th, there’s something going on. But because of restrictions on Kickstarter we can’t mention it here per se. But it’s something we’re doing with Ninja Dice in regards to BGG (Board Game Geek) Forums. So check out our website or facebook tomorrow to find out more. If you can’t access either, just go on September 27th (central standard time) and you’ll see. If by then you don’t see, then send us a message and we’ll send you a direct link to what it is.

Ok everyone, looking forward to seeing the rants, raves and possible scramble to unlock the rest of PAGE 1 of our Stretch Goals. More exciting things to come during this campaign and in the Unlockables!

Once again, thank you everyone for being there for each other and us and growing the Fairytale Games community/universe into something with real heart 🙂


Avatars Now Available!

Hi everyone, just a very quick note that’s unrelated to most the topics going on now. Per your request, we now have Avatars for you 🙂

As the campaign blazes through the stretch goals, we’ll update the avatars with each of the unlocked characters/bosses. We’ll also add a few “miniatures” avatars tomorrow as well.

Just check out the “Avatars” tab on this website. Enjoy them and thank you all again your support for this campaign!



Ok, so we have the results of the Day-1 contest. For anyone who backed us, you will receive One Free Box Set or $45 to be used as credit for add-ons to your pledge.

(Important Note: Winners can not drop their pledge with their prize and run….LOL).

Ready? Please give a round of applause to:
1. pillager187
2. PBunny
3. beach
4. Jordan Sanderson
5. Natascha Helbling

But wait! We still have something else to announce. For Day-1, we’ll also be rewarding backers who backed within 24 hours of our campaign, an Exclusive Location Landmark card called “Nauticus” from Steampunk Edition. This is the famed airship of Captain Nemo (Prince Dakkar).

As for the Kickstarter Exclusive Day-1 Character card? If ANYONE can answer this, EVERY backer will receive this character card (with player card). This is an easy one 😉

1. I’m super fast… well at least that’s what I tell everyone!
2. I do not have red hair or freckles.
3. People say I’m so sweet. I hate that. So go bite me!

Only 24 Hours and almost the 5th Stretch Goal!

First of all, on behalf of our team and the entirety of all backers, we thank each and every one of you in making our first 24 hours extremely monumental! In just the first 2 hours, not only were we funded, but we were rapidly going into our stretch goals. A few hours later, and we had already knocked out the first boss, the Steampunk version of the Sorcerer from Aladdin. And overnight, Prince Charming and Steampunk John Henry Steel became yours. This was no easy feat and it is only Day 2.

Great job everyone and looking forward where this campaign takes us in the next 30+ days! I have a feeling, we’ll be going through those unlocks very quickly and making your tiers a lot more exciting!

Looking at the threads this morning, a few important questions came about. Let’s answer these right now 🙂

First off, why is Prince Charming a … Boxer?

Ok, the funny thing about this was that we didn’t expect to hit his unlockable that quickly. Currently our artist, Dimas (you can see his work on our website in the artist tab) is working on the illustration. So what you see on the Kickstarter Campaign Page is just a placeholder until the artwork comes in. That is actually the only artwork we don’t have among the offered minis because we decided to redo his image a bit to fit his storyline. So look for it soon!

I’m a new backer and see exclusives from the last campaign. I really want them, especially the 40 minis…

Ok, this one is a question Artistic Justice Games wants to ask you, the backers of the previous campaign. From the previous campaign, we had these exclusives:

  • 40 Minis of the Original Game and voted character + backer character
  • 5 Promo Cards (Headless Horseman, Monkey King, Beowulf, King Arthur, Zorro)
  • 5 Facebook Promos (Hatter, Little Mermaid, Belle, 3 Musketees, and Tinker Bell)
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battlepack: Little Mermaid vs Belle
  • Teaser Pack
  • Cheesecake Pack

Wow, actually I didn’t realize there were that many exclusives. LOL. Ok in all seriousness, we were asked by SEVERAL backers if we can offer these again, but with the compromise of pledging for them as add-ons to also help this campaign go even further. We, obviously are ok with it because we want everyone to be extremely happy and completists to be complete.

BUT….. to respect you, our original backers, we want to hear your thoughts since this is also your campaign. If we were to do this for our new backers, I would say that this would be the last campaign we would offer these items (including the minis). We could say that based on technicality we only mentioned kickstarter exclusive and not a campaign exclusive, but we refuse to do it that way. That would be dishonorable and kind of “cheating the system” which we do not want. So please keep an open mind and let us hear your ideas. We’ve already been flamed by a few people who have just read the comments and assumed we made a decision, though we have not.

The logic about this questions is that later next year, we will be announcing something that you can use these minis for as well. Something we originally hadn’t even thought of doing. So if you could, give us the green light to help these backers get some of the goodness. And of course, paving the way for more unlockables in the process 🙂

Of course if the final decision is to not, at least we can say we brought this topic out in the open on behalf of new backers to see what the majority says.

I like a lot of the new stuff and don’t mind pledging higher, but I already have the original game coming

Just like with the last campaign, this campaign will offer a lot of exciting changes as we adapt to your wants and needs. We do have a few reward tiers planned in the next week or so, but we aren’t able to post them yet since we have some things we haven’t shown you yet that would be included in them. It’s very exciting but we kind of want to spread out our ideas throughout the campaign for you. But rest assured, we are completely listening and already have plans for it. This also includes someone who wants just everything Super Fairytale Fighters 2 ONLY.

I’m a bit confused about shipping rates for the Little Boy Blue Tier?

Because we added the Little Boy Blue tier as a window for International Backers to get non-mini related items, we forgot to mention shipping. Unfortunately, we did the calculations and it will end up being $5 less….. so $10 Canada / $25 Europe / $35 Other Countries. Originally we didn’t offer that tier internationally because of the high shipping rates but for now, this is what we can offer you for this tier. We’ll keep trying to see what other options are availble.

Does the Big Bad Wolf Tier get EVERY stretch goal or do I have to pay for them as add-ons?

The Big Bad Wolf Tier and Higher will receive EVERY stretch goal for free. Of course you may add-on an number of extra characters (like a swarm of flying monkeys) if you’d like. But for Big Bad, you will end up receiving all the minis at no extra cost.

Are these minis painted or unpainted?

The minis will come unpainted 🙂

If you had 40 minis in the previous campaign, where can I see them? Where’s the final product?

That’s a good question! As mentioned in a few comment threads, from the last campaign, we scheduled our minis development to begin in September. So as we speak, the sculpts for the first campaign are being created by the awesome talents at Greenbrier Games! Once we approve the samples, we will create a Minis tab on our website ( so you can follow along with the progress. After we create these sculpts, we will do a 3D print for scale/ratio which are physical rough drafts of these minis to make sure Snow isn’t double the size of Jabberwock. But for an update, we’ll take photos and post them once we’ve gotten there.

Our previous campaign, as massive as it became is divided into several parts because there are so many segments to deal with. Each Edition’s artwork, Minis, Cheesecake Art, Tarot Cards, Artbook, Super Fairytale Fighters 2, and Rumplestiltskin are their own individual projects that we’ve sectioned off different artists for. That’s one of the reasons why we ended up with 30+ awesome artists now!

So we really have to follow a strict structure and schedule since we want you to receive everything in a timely manner. Of course, there are a lot of concerns from new backers about taking on this campaign while the other one isn’t produced (minis). Which brings me to….

So is there logic as to why you’re doing a Minis Campaign now? So soon???

Yes. And I see a lot of you already figured it out and answered a lot of our backers’ concerns. Thank you! But just in case anyone missed it, in a nutshell, the reason we launched this campaign was because of backers filling our inbox for request for a follow-up campaign that focused on minis. At first we were on the fence about it, but it turns out that by doing so would be VERY efficient for us as we can do this all at once and save a little bit as well on production costs. Plus, it would make production a lot more smoother and put our minis as a priority since there are now much more of them. So by having this campaign, we not only can offer you even more awesome minis for your collection or game, but also you’re helping our production transition a lot smoother.

Day 1 Promotions

There are a few things we aren’t allowed to discuss here because of Kickstarter rules (previous backers will know what I’m talking about). So if I seem vague on some things, please visit our website or facebook and I’ll make sure to address them there.

Day 1 was really awesome and because of this we offered the following:

  • An “Event Thing” (vague)
  • An EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Promo character card for Fairytale Games
  • A Day-1 EXCLUSIVE Location Landmark Card for Fairytale Games

Following this post, I will be on our website and facebook to work on posting what these are. See you there soon!

And one more thing….

Actually I know there were a couple more items to address but seeing how this update is about 1 hour later than expected, I’ll first send this and address a consolidation of more questions and concerns in the next one.

Once again, thank you so much for giving this campaign an awesome boost, one that will continue to bring value to backers until the 30+ days are up!

  • Image-328531-full Image-328532-full
  • Image-328533-full Image-328534-full
  • Image-328535-full

WE ARE FUNDED… and First Stretch Unlocked!

Congratulations everyone! In an unbelievable amount of time (just two hours) we made funding and everything after this is a lot of miniature icing on the cake! We have a lot of things in store for you throughout the campaign so don’t think to come back in a month. In fact, to keep with tradition of our first campaign, we’ll be shaking things up every week with something or another. We’re very excited and are extremely thankful for you all. Since the last campaign, we’ve become a family of every type of personality and are growing by the second with great new people. Welcome all to the Fairytale Games Universe 🙂

So let’s start off with a few questions we’ve noticed in the comment threads…

What’s new with this campaign versus the last one, besides minis?

For one thing, the minis from the last campaign will not appear here. Everything here is completely new and a lot of these miniature choices were inspired by all of you!

Besides the minis, the artbook in the add-ons/reward tier is Volume Two. It will cover the art for our Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, and Zombie Edition. The previous campaign offered Volume One which included Battle Royale, Fairytale Expansion, and Legends of Time artwork (give or take 100 pieces of cheesecake art). We also offered a Tarot Card artbook which we are considering to add-on in the Retro Section of this campaign.

Super Fairytale Fighters 2 welcomes some New Challengers! Rounding off the roster with 8 more contenders, we have some of the more storydriven battle packs. I guess you can say one of the focuses of this campaign is the storyline and theme. So you’ll see Cinderella Vs Big Bad Wolf and Mulan vs Robin Hood and by the end of this campaign, you’ll know why. Horror Edition Holmes vs Steampunk Moriarty is a big storyline segment that was really fun to incorporate as Super Fairytale Fighters 2. Looking forward to having you all play a few rounds drenched in heavy strategy and control.

We now have Art Prints you can pledge for which will let you add-on any number of characters in our whole line for your wall. It will be poster size and just right for framing. We’ll continue to update our website with more artwork so you can see what you have to choose from.

And of course we have the Pulp Fantasy character pack. As mentioned, these are non-cannon cards that don’t have anything to do with the storyline but can be played with the game as an alternate version of your favorite character. We put some thought into their spoofed up versions to try to have them make sense.

And as a question we heard earlier, we are not crossing too many lines here with our spoofs because they are still the original Fairytale Character. So even though Alice is sporting a pseudo Kill Bill look, it’s still the same tracksuit that Bruce Lee used in Game of Death and since it’s Alice, it isn’t plagiarizing Kill Bill, rather “tributing” it. Plus we try to add some subtle hints that it is still the original character (Alice’s ribbon, her collar, having her fight against card soldiers in the Queen’s Castle,etc.)

(Sidenote: To answer a previous question about why we chose Alice for this card, was a joke on the fact that in our fairytale lore, she was kept in captivity by the Queen of Hearts as a maid. Thus, making the card “The Bridesmaid”.

Snow tier and below are US only? Why is that and is there a way around it?

Ok this one is a really good question. Shipping this time around is a bit different since our production/distributors are different. To ship a Box Set (6 figures) overseas will cost about as much as the minis themselves. Weirdly enough it will cost almost that amount to ship just 1 mini from the Puss in Boots set. BUT….. don’t let this discourage you. We are working with Greenbrier Games to see what we can do. An option we have would be to let international backers who backed the previous campaign pay a very reduced shipping cost so production can ship the minis from this campaign to us. Then, we can include it in your overall package to ship out to you. Doing it this way will also allow us to include lower tiers to your box to ship internationally. Still, let us officially announce it so we’ll all be 100% sure. Of course, the plus side of going for Big Bad and up is that since we are currently already funded, everything now goes towards stretch goals and will add onto the value of your pledge!

What about if I’m not here for the minis and would like something else, like the Art Book, Pulp Fantasy, etc. Can I still get this internationally?

Hmmm…. Ok we have a solution. Since we have 8 backers at the ToTo tier, we can’t edit it. Instead, we just made a duplicate one, BUT allowed international backing for it. The only thing will be that Minis are not available to be added to that tier as add-ons. Since the cards/art books are coming from our original distributors, this will make the most sense and ensure you get the option to get all the other fairytale items internationally.

What’s this Sausage thing everyone seems to be talking about?

During our last campaign, some backers were curious if the story of The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage (by Brothers Grimm) were going to be in the game. Since the Sausage was the character that kind of stood out (and was the one that got the raw end of the deal among his friends), backers really wanted to see the card be included in our game….. well some backers. Others, not so much. And with that, a really hilarious debate happened and eventually with due time, and 30+ votes in favor of, by the end of the campaign, the Sausage card became a reality. Our project manager and a few of our other team members still hate the idea whereas a few of us haven’t stopped laughing since.

It seems that the Sausage has come up again, this time with backers wanting him to be immortalized in plastic. We’ll see….. LOL

To find out more about the Sausage story, please check out this link:,_the_Bird,_and_the_Sausage

(As a new update on the comment thread….. Bainus, one of our many awesome backers takes full credit for the Sausage Phenomenon. LOL)

How do I add “add-ons” to my backer tier?

When you place your pledge, there is a section (up top) to enter a manual amount. You will need to figure out how much you need to add (and include the appropriate amount for shipping to your order) and manually input it in. When the campaign is complete, we’ll send out “Backer Surveys” where we’ll ask you to list all the items you pledged for so we’ll ensure you receive everything in your shipment.

Day-1 Promotions

In just a bit, we’ll start updating our Facebook and Website with a few things that will be fun for you to check out. Because of Kickstarter rules, there are certain things we aren’t able to announce here. But believe us when we say, the fun’s just beginning!

And just as I finish typing this…

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WE JUST UNLOCKED OUR FIRST STRETCH GOAL!!! You have all just unlocked “The Card Soldier”! He is now available to be selected for add-ons and the Puss in Boots and Three Little Pig tiers. As an add-on you can even have an army of them if you’d like 🙂

We’ll update the graphic for that shortly as well!

    • Image-328127-full

Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign Officially Launches!

We’re finally here! After a large number of requests to do a minis campaign follow-up, and with the help of the awesome Greenbrier Games and crew, we’ve launched!

There may be a few questions you have at first glance, but rest assured we’ll be bouncing back and forth between comment threads from this campaign and that one as well. So be sure to ask away!

To keep things interesting, we’ll be doing something special for our Day-1 Launch. So please check out our Website ( or our Facebook to see what we’re planning. And don’t worry, to keep things fair we will run our celebration a full 24 hours so that everyone can participate 🙂

As mentioned, anyone who backed the first campaign, will get a little something special for backing our newly launched one when funded. That’s right, you will receive “The Gears of Breman” Mini Figure! (For a refresher of what it looks like, see below).

And of course, you will all receive the recently added “Alex made an error on the launch date time” Kickstarter Exclusive card.

We actually have a lot of surprises in store for you all during the Minis Campaign and look forward to sharing the excitement with you. We really appreciate your support and excitement for this campaign. It really means a lot to us and we’ll make sure that we show you throughout this campaign and moving forward 🙂