September 16th Kickstarter Launch Party!

Hi everyone, as the title reads, we are officially announcing our upcoming Kickstarter campaign launch date to be September 16th! So on that morning, we will make our campaign link announcement on our main website and facebook and will do some fun things to kick off the campaign (like a contest with giveaways and maybe an exclusive or two?)

But wait! Since our last update quite a few things has changed. Based on current backer feedback, our upcoming campaign will now be focused almost completely on miniatures. The mention of a Hero Questing Campaign and a Fairytale Escape will be temporarily on hold until after you all receive the main game. That way, you wouldn’t be piled up with games and expansions and not know what to play first… LOL. in all seriousness, though we have a lot of exciting things planned for the Fairytale Universe and want to make sure it all gets to you in good, healthy portions. Given that, our campaign will have….

•  Minis! Beautifully sculpted and crafted 30mm and 40mm figures by the VERY awesome Greenbrier Games!

•  More Fairytale Fighters! Per Backer request, we’ve added a few new characters to our roster that you can get as add-ons

•  A New Artbook with the Horror, Steampunk, and Zombie Artwork!

•  Art Prints of any character card we have (or are posting) on our website!

•  Retro stuff! Yes, for those who wanted an extra copy or weren’t able to originally back Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale, you can get the main game, expansions, or special editions as add-ons in this campaign. Even Super Fairytale Fighters 2 (with the exception of your Kickstarter Exclusive Belle vs The Little Mermaid) makes a re-appearance, joining the new roster.

•  And 3 Pretty interesting, yet oddball surprise Add-Ons that I had a hand in developing with the team (which is why I’ll probably promote these few add-ons like crazy….!)

The campaign will be very straight forward and the stretch goals will be cluttered with Kickstarter exclusives that you don’t want to miss. One thing in particular that I have to mention about this campaign, is that the minis will not only be something really awesome to add to the ones you’ll be getting already, but besides also being used with our games, they will have a very exciting purpose come next year. It’s something we and Greenbrier Games have been working on that we cannot mention because of a non-disclosure agreement. But trust me on this, getting these minis now and even unlocking stretch goals for the exclusive minis will be something you will be VERY VERY happy about when we’re allowed to freely talk about it (possibly before the end of the year!)

That’s really cool! But, what do these minis look like?

Ok, I don’t want to blow the lid off of this before our launch but as you can see below, we did want to give you a quick sample of what to expect. Presenting … the Nutcracker Prince (from our Fairytale Expansion set)! This is probably the first place you’ll ever get this version of the holiday prince. And as mentioned last time, for the characters that will be in the Kickstarter campaign, just know that we listened to you all 😉

So do you know what previous backers will get going into the next campaign?

One thing for sure will be an exclusive mini that will not be available through the kickstarter campaign. So if funded, this exclusive is ONLY for previous backers, meaning you! Another thing we’re trying to work out is to give previous international backers a discount on shipping. We’re doing some final details with this since we will be working with Greenbrier Games with this aspect. But either way, we will let you all know before our launch party on September 16th (Central Standard Time).

I noticed something different on your website!

Yes! For those of you who haven’t checked it out, we’ve been uploading new artwork in the “Artist” tab. We have a few artists yet to populate but once we upload all of those pieces, we’ll start uploading more that we’ve received just recently.

We also have a section called the “Character List” on our website. This makes it easier for you to see which characters made the cut in all of our sets, editions, and expansions as well as have the ability to click on them to see the actual character cards. Once the artists are fully populated, we’ll post the list of characters for Horror, Steampunk, and Zombie Editions as well as trickle in some of the card art as we get them in.

Please note that although you’ll see some really nice artwork in the character list section, the artist pages are more complete as it will also include other card types such as Items, Action, Event, Locations, and Tactic Cards. So you’ll really need to check back often! If it will help, we can make a “Newly Updated” section so you can check out just the ones you’ve missed each time you frequent our site. One more important note…. the cards you see on our website have not yet gone through proofreading or text edits. Just letting you know ahead of time 🙂

Also, we’ve just barely started working on the Gameplay section. As we post more of the instructions, we will make those respective links live for you to click through. Our video examples will also be added to that section.

Slamfist Media Battle Scenario #2

For those who missed it, Slamfist Media has posted their second battle scenario, Alice vs Hatter on their website here:

Be sure to check it out and vote at the bottom of their story to help them create the direction of their next story…. Snow White vs the Huntsman!

For those who asked or were curious, the moves in their stories will mostly correlate to the characters’ trademark moves from our game, which you will also see on their tactic cards. We’ve given Slamfist Media a bit of a preview of some of our characters’ backstories and movelists to help them make their storytelling experience to you even more authentic.

Create a Card!

By the end of this week, we’ll start working with backers who pledged for the option to create their own card for the game. We will make an an official announcement on this with instructions to make things a bit easier and more organized for everyone. Looking forward to see what you all have come up with 🙂


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