“Create a Card” gates are now open!

That’s right! We’re finally ready for you 🙂

This update is targeted specifically towards anyone who is creating an Action Card, Quest Card, or Item Card.


I’m sure you’ve already started brainstorming your card design and maybe even went further and thought up some visual images for our artists to create for you. If not, that’s still very much ok, because no matter what level of card creation you’re at, we’re here to assist you 100% of the way! To get started, send us an e-mail with the following info:

  • Your Kickstarter Name (what your username is on Kickstarter)
  • The name that you want to use on your created card
  • The type of card you want to create: Action, Item, or Quest card
  • Title of the card (if you already have it)
  • Brief description of the idea of the card (if you already have it)
  • Brief description of what how you want it illustrated (if you already have it)
  • Brief description of what you want the card to do (if you already know)
  • BONUS: You can tell us what EDITION or EXPANSION you’d like to see your card in (First come first slot open).

No matter how far along you are in the card development, we will guide you though it and give you suggestions and help you shape your card. It also very well may be that you have everything completely designed out (with the exception of the artwork)! Either way, we’re really looking forward to hear your ideas.

As we get ideas in, we will create a new tab on our website (www.thefairytalegames.com or www.fairytalegames.wordpress.com). On our site we will show the Name of the Card, What Edition/Expansion it is, as well as the Type of Card it will be. There’s a limited amount of Action, Item, and Quest cards available per each so once we reach our limit, we’ll close that edition/expansion out.

What’s the process in creating a card with you?

Well, it will basically be up to how developed your card idea is. What we plan on doing is going back and forth with you at least twice (sometimes more) for the following ares:

  • Card Establishment (what kind of card are you creating?)
  • Card Ability
  • Art Direction/Illustration (initial sketch for changes and a final approval run after)
  • Card Balance
  • Your name on the card to complete the creation!

Also, think about if you would like us to post your completed cards on our website as well or are you wanting it to be a surprise? The choice is up to you! As for the waiting period, there’s only a handful of us assigned to help with this process so we’ll be going by the order we receive them. Plus, keep in mind that our artists will be working on these in between their existing schedules. But rest assured we have plenty of artists (plus 5 new ones) to work with.

What if I want to have a specific artist working on my card?

Absolutely! You can request for this and we’ll be more than happy to accomodate. Of course, certain artists work in different speeds so we will tell you what you can expect and be put on that artists’ art schedule. If you decide to just go with whichever artist is available, the illustration process will be a lot quicker. But ideally, it’s up to you as well. But if 100 backers gang up on one artist, we reserve the right to put a limit cap 😉

VERY IMPORTANT! To make things easy for us, please e-mail us at:theteam@artisticjustice.com

All right…. We’re ready when you are!

Wait! I’m a Cheesecake Backer and/or Magic Mirror Backer and Haven’t Sent you my Photo!

Don’t worry, you still have time to do it. The artists assigned for the Cheesecake are separate from the Tarot which are also separate from the ones working on today’s update. This was our best solution for making sure the efficiency of the custom cards and likenesses. So if you haven’t sent over your photo, please do so as soon as you can! I think we’re almost complete on photos for Cheesecake but have only a handful of you send in your Tarot Card likeness. If we don’t hear anything new by Monday, we’ll start pestering you via e-mail. LOL.

Also, some of you have asked how the progress is with these cards…. well, we’re about 1/3 of the way through. We’ll officially start e-mailing the completed ones to you next week, after our new campaign launch. Which brings me to….

So for the Miniatures Campaign Launch, have you figured out what we might get for backing it as well?

We’ve decided to give anyone who also backs our upcoming campaign an EXCLUSIVE miniature as a gesture of sincere thanks. Which character? Well, it’s one that you’ve all voted on that has NOT caused controversy. Yep! We give you… The “Gears of Bremen” (Steampunk version of the Musicians of Bremen)! Now for completists who might not be able to back the upcoming campaign, don’t worry. We promise to offer this character in the future, but as a variant version. This said, we really want to do this as a special thanks to you all, our fans and supporters.

Also, we’re leaning towards letting international backers have the option to instead, wait for the upcoming campaign minis to be ready for shipping before receiving their current campaign game/goodies so we can ship them all at once to them. There still will be a slight shipping cost for the new campaign minis even though you choose this method, but it still will be a great discount. And of course this option will not change our schedule for shipping out our games or minis for everyone else.

Any new website updates?

By this weekend, we should finally be up to date with our artist gallery as well as releasing the character lists for Horror, Steampunk, and Zombie Edition. We will also start populating more of the gameplay section. Come next week (after our new campaign launch) we’ll get back on the videos for you as well. Also, as we move forward with the mini production with Greenbrier Games, we’ll start posting sculpts and progress reports on a new tab on our website just for Minis. Simultaneously, there will be a Kickstarter tab that will have information on the characters we’ll be offering in our campaign, with brief storyline info and why they’re significant in the Fairytale Games world 🙂

3 comments on ““Create a Card” gates are now open!

  1. Are the people such as myself that backed through the website getting the “EXCLUSIVE miniature Gears of Bremen” if we back the next KS….or is that only for the people that backed on the KS site?

    • Hi Rob, great question! Once our upcoming campaign is funded, Gears of Bremen will be an exclusive for those ANYONE who backed our campaign (Kickstarter or our Website). Basically, it’s our personal thanks for you all for growing our Fairytale Games universe!

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