Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign Officially Launches!

We’re finally here! After a large number of requests to do a minis campaign follow-up, and with the help of the awesome Greenbrier Games and crew, we’ve launched!


There may be a few questions you have at first glance, but rest assured we’ll be bouncing back and forth between comment threads from this campaign and that one as well. So be sure to ask away!

To keep things interesting, we’ll be doing something special for our Day-1 Launch. So please check out our Website (www.thefairytalegames.com) or our Facebook to see what we’re planning. And don’t worry, to keep things fair we will run our celebration a full 24 hours so that everyone can participate 🙂

As mentioned, anyone who backed the first campaign, will get a little something special for backing our newly launched one when funded. That’s right, you will receive “The Gears of Breman” Mini Figure! (For a refresher of what it looks like, see below).

And of course, you will all receive the recently added “Alex made an error on the launch date time” Kickstarter Exclusive card.

We actually have a lot of surprises in store for you all during the Minis Campaign and look forward to sharing the excitement with you. We really appreciate your support and excitement for this campaign. It really means a lot to us and we’ll make sure that we show you throughout this campaign and moving forward 🙂



3 comments on “Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign Officially Launches!

  1. As The Official Backer One (*GLEE*) I promise to fulfill my backer duties to the utmost and wear a sparkly tiara every time I post 🙂

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