Unofficial But Almost There!

So after yesterday’s morning launch mishap, we’re back on track… sort of! We are scheduled to launch our campaign officially tomorrow at noon. That way, we would hit the US backer during their lunch times and it wouldn’t be overly late for International backers. Because of our (well my own) flub yesterday, we are going to increase the number of possible winners for our Day-1 contest to 3 and to commemorate yesterday’s antics, I added a Kickstarter Exclusive card for you, all poking fun of the delayed launch. This is a personal gift from me that I’ve already reserved in one of our artist’s schedule to you.

Ok so noon is the solid time?

As fate would have it, we were going to post this update earlier tonight and give everyone a heads up to do an evening launch. Surprisingly, we received an e-mail from KS this late afternoon about adding a paragraph in our new campaign about this past one. They wanted us to have a mini-status report in the “Risk and Challenges” section of our new campaign and get their approval again tomorrow morning before launching. We already made the changes and let them know it has been changed. So we are now waiting for their re-approval (they mentioned by the morning). Kickstarter is in NYC so they will have a head start on us here to review the changes. Once they do, we’ll give you one more mini-update before the official launch. So if anyone needed more time, you definitely received it 🙂

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale News!

We’re progressing very well with Greenbriar Games in regards with the minis. They have added a few more sculptors to help with our project workload so we can get you some Minis updates soon. Sculpting has already begun and the work I’ve seen so far during approvals have been very awesome.

Card Art wise, our artists have been moving into the tactic cards of each character as well as the Steampunk and Horror edition characters. As mentioned, we have a few new artists on board with us so you will see their names pop up in our Artist tabs within the next couple of weeks with samples of their style of art. Meanwhile, we’ve divided a small group of artists to continue working on the Cheesecake and Tarot Cards. This week, some of you will be seeing your likeness art for the first time 🙂

For “Create a Card” designs, we will start working with you on Wednesday (it was supposed to be tomorrow but since our campaign launch shifted, so did our weekly schedule). We’ll have a quick card art chart available online on Wednesday as well!

And now for something completely unrelated…

At the very least, I should offer you some kind of teaser of the campaign. Totally non-cannon but very playable with the Fairytale Games, and a fun add-on inspired by a few of our backers after the last campaign…. I present to you… Alice as the “Bridesmaid” (parody of “The Bride” in Kill Bill). So what does this have to do with the campaign???KS permitting, you’ll find out by noon tomorrow (central standard time).

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