WE ARE FUNDED… and First Stretch Unlocked!

Congratulations everyone! In an unbelievable amount of time (just two hours) we made funding and everything after this is a lot of miniature icing on the cake! We have a lot of things in store for you throughout the campaign so don’t think to come back in a month. In fact, to keep with tradition of our first campaign, we’ll be shaking things up every week with something or another. We’re very excited and are extremely thankful for you all. Since the last campaign, we’ve become a family of every type of personality and are growing by the second with great new people. Welcome all to the Fairytale Games Universe 🙂

So let’s start off with a few questions we’ve noticed in the comment threads…

What’s new with this campaign versus the last one, besides minis?

For one thing, the minis from the last campaign will not appear here. Everything here is completely new and a lot of these miniature choices were inspired by all of you!

Besides the minis, the artbook in the add-ons/reward tier is Volume Two. It will cover the art for our Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, and Zombie Edition. The previous campaign offered Volume One which included Battle Royale, Fairytale Expansion, and Legends of Time artwork (give or take 100 pieces of cheesecake art). We also offered a Tarot Card artbook which we are considering to add-on in the Retro Section of this campaign.

Super Fairytale Fighters 2 welcomes some New Challengers! Rounding off the roster with 8 more contenders, we have some of the more storydriven battle packs. I guess you can say one of the focuses of this campaign is the storyline and theme. So you’ll see Cinderella Vs Big Bad Wolf and Mulan vs Robin Hood and by the end of this campaign, you’ll know why. Horror Edition Holmes vs Steampunk Moriarty is a big storyline segment that was really fun to incorporate as Super Fairytale Fighters 2. Looking forward to having you all play a few rounds drenched in heavy strategy and control.

We now have Art Prints you can pledge for which will let you add-on any number of characters in our whole line for your wall. It will be poster size and just right for framing. We’ll continue to update our website with more artwork so you can see what you have to choose from.

And of course we have the Pulp Fantasy character pack. As mentioned, these are non-cannon cards that don’t have anything to do with the storyline but can be played with the game as an alternate version of your favorite character. We put some thought into their spoofed up versions to try to have them make sense.

And as a question we heard earlier, we are not crossing too many lines here with our spoofs because they are still the original Fairytale Character. So even though Alice is sporting a pseudo Kill Bill look, it’s still the same tracksuit that Bruce Lee used in Game of Death and since it’s Alice, it isn’t plagiarizing Kill Bill, rather “tributing” it. Plus we try to add some subtle hints that it is still the original character (Alice’s ribbon, her collar, having her fight against card soldiers in the Queen’s Castle,etc.)

(Sidenote: To answer a previous question about why we chose Alice for this card, was a joke on the fact that in our fairytale lore, she was kept in captivity by the Queen of Hearts as a maid. Thus, making the card “The Bridesmaid”.

Snow tier and below are US only? Why is that and is there a way around it?

Ok this one is a really good question. Shipping this time around is a bit different since our production/distributors are different. To ship a Box Set (6 figures) overseas will cost about as much as the minis themselves. Weirdly enough it will cost almost that amount to ship just 1 mini from the Puss in Boots set. BUT….. don’t let this discourage you. We are working with Greenbrier Games to see what we can do. An option we have would be to let international backers who backed the previous campaign pay a very reduced shipping cost so production can ship the minis from this campaign to us. Then, we can include it in your overall package to ship out to you. Doing it this way will also allow us to include lower tiers to your box to ship internationally. Still, let us officially announce it so we’ll all be 100% sure. Of course, the plus side of going for Big Bad and up is that since we are currently already funded, everything now goes towards stretch goals and will add onto the value of your pledge!

What about if I’m not here for the minis and would like something else, like the Art Book, Pulp Fantasy, etc. Can I still get this internationally?

Hmmm…. Ok we have a solution. Since we have 8 backers at the ToTo tier, we can’t edit it. Instead, we just made a duplicate one, BUT allowed international backing for it. The only thing will be that Minis are not available to be added to that tier as add-ons. Since the cards/art books are coming from our original distributors, this will make the most sense and ensure you get the option to get all the other fairytale items internationally.

What’s this Sausage thing everyone seems to be talking about?

During our last campaign, some backers were curious if the story of The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage (by Brothers Grimm) were going to be in the game. Since the Sausage was the character that kind of stood out (and was the one that got the raw end of the deal among his friends), backers really wanted to see the card be included in our game….. well some backers. Others, not so much. And with that, a really hilarious debate happened and eventually with due time, and 30+ votes in favor of, by the end of the campaign, the Sausage card became a reality. Our project manager and a few of our other team members still hate the idea whereas a few of us haven’t stopped laughing since.

It seems that the Sausage has come up again, this time with backers wanting him to be immortalized in plastic. We’ll see….. LOL

To find out more about the Sausage story, please check out this link:


(As a new update on the comment thread….. Bainus, one of our many awesome backers takes full credit for the Sausage Phenomenon. LOL)

How do I add “add-ons” to my backer tier?

When you place your pledge, there is a section (up top) to enter a manual amount. You will need to figure out how much you need to add (and include the appropriate amount for shipping to your order) and manually input it in. When the campaign is complete, we’ll send out “Backer Surveys” where we’ll ask you to list all the items you pledged for so we’ll ensure you receive everything in your shipment.

Day-1 Promotions

In just a bit, we’ll start updating our Facebook and Website with a few things that will be fun for you to check out. Because of Kickstarter rules, there are certain things we aren’t able to announce here. But believe us when we say, the fun’s just beginning!

And just as I finish typing this…

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WE JUST UNLOCKED OUR FIRST STRETCH GOAL!!! You have all just unlocked “The Card Soldier”! He is now available to be selected for add-ons and the Puss in Boots and Three Little Pig tiers. As an add-on you can even have an army of them if you’d like 🙂

We’ll update the graphic for that shortly as well!

    • Image-328127-full

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