Ok, so we have the results of the Day-1 contest. For anyone who backed us, you will receive One Free Box Set or $45 to be used as credit for add-ons to your pledge.

(Important Note: Winners can not drop their pledge with their prize and run….LOL).

Ready? Please give a round of applause to:
1. pillager187
2. PBunny
3. beach
4. Jordan Sanderson
5. Natascha Helbling

But wait! We still have something else to announce. For Day-1, we’ll also be rewarding backers who backed within 24 hours of our campaign, an Exclusive Location Landmark card called “Nauticus” from Steampunk Edition. This is the famed airship of Captain Nemo (Prince Dakkar).

As for the Kickstarter Exclusive Day-1 Character card? If ANYONE can answer this, EVERY backer will receive this character card (with player card). This is an easy one ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. I’m super fast… well at least that’s what I tell everyone!
2. I do not have red hair or freckles.
3. People say I’m so sweet. I hate that. So go bite me!

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