Only 24 Hours and almost the 5th Stretch Goal!

First of all, on behalf of our team and the entirety of all backers, we thank each and every one of you in making our first 24 hours extremely monumental! In just the first 2 hours, not only were we funded, but we were rapidly going into our stretch goals. A few hours later, and we had already knocked out the first boss, the Steampunk version of the Sorcerer from Aladdin. And overnight, Prince Charming and Steampunk John Henry Steel became yours. This was no easy feat and it is only Day 2.

Great job everyone and looking forward where this campaign takes us in the next 30+ days! I have a feeling, we’ll be going through those unlocks very quickly and making your tiers a lot more exciting!

Looking at the threads this morning, a few important questions came about. Let’s answer these right now 🙂

First off, why is Prince Charming a … Boxer?

Ok, the funny thing about this was that we didn’t expect to hit his unlockable that quickly. Currently our artist, Dimas (you can see his work on our website in the artist tab) is working on the illustration. So what you see on the Kickstarter Campaign Page is just a placeholder until the artwork comes in. That is actually the only artwork we don’t have among the offered minis because we decided to redo his image a bit to fit his storyline. So look for it soon!

I’m a new backer and see exclusives from the last campaign. I really want them, especially the 40 minis…

Ok, this one is a question Artistic Justice Games wants to ask you, the backers of the previous campaign. From the previous campaign, we had these exclusives:

  • 40 Minis of the Original Game and voted character + backer character
  • 5 Promo Cards (Headless Horseman, Monkey King, Beowulf, King Arthur, Zorro)
  • 5 Facebook Promos (Hatter, Little Mermaid, Belle, 3 Musketees, and Tinker Bell)
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battlepack: Little Mermaid vs Belle
  • Teaser Pack
  • Cheesecake Pack

Wow, actually I didn’t realize there were that many exclusives. LOL. Ok in all seriousness, we were asked by SEVERAL backers if we can offer these again, but with the compromise of pledging for them as add-ons to also help this campaign go even further. We, obviously are ok with it because we want everyone to be extremely happy and completists to be complete.

BUT….. to respect you, our original backers, we want to hear your thoughts since this is also your campaign. If we were to do this for our new backers, I would say that this would be the last campaign we would offer these items (including the minis). We could say that based on technicality we only mentioned kickstarter exclusive and not a campaign exclusive, but we refuse to do it that way. That would be dishonorable and kind of “cheating the system” which we do not want. So please keep an open mind and let us hear your ideas. We’ve already been flamed by a few people who have just read the comments and assumed we made a decision, though we have not.

The logic about this questions is that later next year, we will be announcing something that you can use these minis for as well. Something we originally hadn’t even thought of doing. So if you could, give us the green light to help these backers get some of the goodness. And of course, paving the way for more unlockables in the process 🙂

Of course if the final decision is to not, at least we can say we brought this topic out in the open on behalf of new backers to see what the majority says.

I like a lot of the new stuff and don’t mind pledging higher, but I already have the original game coming

Just like with the last campaign, this campaign will offer a lot of exciting changes as we adapt to your wants and needs. We do have a few reward tiers planned in the next week or so, but we aren’t able to post them yet since we have some things we haven’t shown you yet that would be included in them. It’s very exciting but we kind of want to spread out our ideas throughout the campaign for you. But rest assured, we are completely listening and already have plans for it. This also includes someone who wants just everything Super Fairytale Fighters 2 ONLY.

I’m a bit confused about shipping rates for the Little Boy Blue Tier?

Because we added the Little Boy Blue tier as a window for International Backers to get non-mini related items, we forgot to mention shipping. Unfortunately, we did the calculations and it will end up being $5 less….. so $10 Canada / $25 Europe / $35 Other Countries. Originally we didn’t offer that tier internationally because of the high shipping rates but for now, this is what we can offer you for this tier. We’ll keep trying to see what other options are availble.

Does the Big Bad Wolf Tier get EVERY stretch goal or do I have to pay for them as add-ons?

The Big Bad Wolf Tier and Higher will receive EVERY stretch goal for free. Of course you may add-on an number of extra characters (like a swarm of flying monkeys) if you’d like. But for Big Bad, you will end up receiving all the minis at no extra cost.

Are these minis painted or unpainted?

The minis will come unpainted 🙂

If you had 40 minis in the previous campaign, where can I see them? Where’s the final product?

That’s a good question! As mentioned in a few comment threads, from the last campaign, we scheduled our minis development to begin in September. So as we speak, the sculpts for the first campaign are being created by the awesome talents at Greenbrier Games! Once we approve the samples, we will create a Minis tab on our website ( so you can follow along with the progress. After we create these sculpts, we will do a 3D print for scale/ratio which are physical rough drafts of these minis to make sure Snow isn’t double the size of Jabberwock. But for an update, we’ll take photos and post them once we’ve gotten there.

Our previous campaign, as massive as it became is divided into several parts because there are so many segments to deal with. Each Edition’s artwork, Minis, Cheesecake Art, Tarot Cards, Artbook, Super Fairytale Fighters 2, and Rumplestiltskin are their own individual projects that we’ve sectioned off different artists for. That’s one of the reasons why we ended up with 30+ awesome artists now!

So we really have to follow a strict structure and schedule since we want you to receive everything in a timely manner. Of course, there are a lot of concerns from new backers about taking on this campaign while the other one isn’t produced (minis). Which brings me to….

So is there logic as to why you’re doing a Minis Campaign now? So soon???

Yes. And I see a lot of you already figured it out and answered a lot of our backers’ concerns. Thank you! But just in case anyone missed it, in a nutshell, the reason we launched this campaign was because of backers filling our inbox for request for a follow-up campaign that focused on minis. At first we were on the fence about it, but it turns out that by doing so would be VERY efficient for us as we can do this all at once and save a little bit as well on production costs. Plus, it would make production a lot more smoother and put our minis as a priority since there are now much more of them. So by having this campaign, we not only can offer you even more awesome minis for your collection or game, but also you’re helping our production transition a lot smoother.

Day 1 Promotions

There are a few things we aren’t allowed to discuss here because of Kickstarter rules (previous backers will know what I’m talking about). So if I seem vague on some things, please visit our website or facebook and I’ll make sure to address them there.

Day 1 was really awesome and because of this we offered the following:

  • An “Event Thing” (vague)
  • An EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Promo character card for Fairytale Games
  • A Day-1 EXCLUSIVE Location Landmark Card for Fairytale Games

Following this post, I will be on our website and facebook to work on posting what these are. See you there soon!

And one more thing….

Actually I know there were a couple more items to address but seeing how this update is about 1 hour later than expected, I’ll first send this and address a consolidation of more questions and concerns in the next one.

Once again, thank you so much for giving this campaign an awesome boost, one that will continue to bring value to backers until the 30+ days are up!

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  • Image-328533-full Image-328534-full
  • Image-328535-full

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