You’ve Unlocked 15 Free Miniatures So Far!

 Wow, can you believe it? It’s only a week into the campaign and you’ve already unlocked Steampunk Moriarty (before his artwork was complete… coming within the next 3 days per our artist Kiki!) The next unlock will be Zombie Snow White … AND Shin Kitsune (Boss)! And it looks like the campaign has been going in a steady pace. Who knows how many minis will be unlocked by the end of the campaign?!

New Add-Ons!

Ok, so I mentioned a couple of “pet” projects of mine that the team gave me the green light to do and offer in this campaign. It’s a bit of a hit or miss, so they might not live up to the build-up. But here goes 🙂

FAIRYTALE GAMES PLAYING CARDS: That’s right! Since the last campaign we offered Tarot Cards, this time around, you’ll get your standard fare of a beautifully illustrated deck of 52 playing cards (plus 2 jokers). It will be Bicycle Brand quality and will feature 54 new pieces of artwork! – $13

MOTHER GOOSE’S NURSERY RHYMES: This was my favorite surprise project. If you didn’t know, per our game’s storyline Mother Goose is a serial killer. The nursery rhymes that we read and know now, were clues to how she killed her Fairytale victims. With that, I bring you this 50 Page Hardcover Book that has the original rhymes by Mother Goose, but illustrated to what really happened. Rhymes like the gruesome death of Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Candle Stick, Jack and Jill, The Crooked Man, etc…. Warning: Please don’t mix this up with your regular children’s books! – $25

FAIRYTALE GAMES: BATTLE ROYALE STORYBOOK: This is a 200 page, partially illustrated hardcover book that covers the rich, complicated storylines of each character from the first game. See how each character overlap and how they are significant in the overall plot and possible defeat of the three queens known as Trinity! If you love Once Upon a Time, Fairytale Lore and the Fairytale Games theme … this is definitely for you! -$50

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE PACK: Because of the High Demand for the cheesecake pack from the previous campaign, as well as our decision to not re-issue it because of backer likenesses…. We are removing all the backer likenesses and completely re-illustrating the same characters of the cards (not just a head swap), and creating a brand new 100 cheesecake card set. That’s right, now you can get your cake and cheese it too! (Note, the non-backer cheesecake cards from the previous campaign will be in this set as well.) – $15

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE PACK: This is the 100 Page Hardcover Artbook for the art of the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack in 8.5″x11″! – $30

So do you have new tiers that include these items as well?

Yes! We actually have a couple of new reward tiers, on top of our minis only one from the last update, that we will update tomorrow afternoon on the campaign page (with pledge amounts). For now, here’s a preview!

THE HATTER: (For those who just want the cards for the main game and no minis) All 4 Editions of the game, 2 Expansion Sets, Pulp Fantasy Pack, Gingerbread Pack and the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: (For previous backers who want only new items of this campaign including the minis) Big Bad Wolf Tier, Pulp Fantasy Pack, Artbook Volume 2, Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, Fairytale Games Playing Cards, and the Fairytale Games Storybook.


We would also like to proudly present our brand new, backer created Wiki! That’s right, a group of passionate and dedicated “Loremasters” (Courtney, Slamfist Media, and Jared) took every tidbit they could find from our Fairytale Games Universe (website, facebook, BGG, campaign updates, and the massive comment threads) and created a very informative and super creative Wiki that has info on the cards, games, and even some slang that have become household terms in our comment threads.

This Wiki is very special to us as it reflects just how great our community is. So please check it out and check often as our Loremasters will grow it as more information becomes available! They made this specially for you all, their new family. (Please give them a standing ovation!)

The Mystery Box

Ok, at 4am this is going to be a bit of a trick to tell you about so I’m just going to tease you with it for now. The Mystery Box is something our backers created, we had nothing to do with the idea but thought it was pretty awesome. Think of this as a surprise gift to anyone who participates in The Mystery Box. Your gift can be awesome, it can be silly… the ideas and themes of what’s in this box, will be up to you. You will determine if it’s something big or small. Curious? Find out more in our next update!

Just a Reminder!

Don’t forget to check out our event going on. For more info, please check our website or facebook. Also, for backer in the BEAST, GOLEM, or CAPTAIN NEMO tiers, please review the upgraded tiers that might be more attractive to you!

Aren’t you forgetting something???

Ah yes…… as promised, because of our recent unlocking of Steampunk Moriarty, here is a sneak peek at Page 2 of our stretches! There’s definitely a bit of something for everyone 🙂


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