Winners of the Fairytale Games Slamfist Media Contest!

With the help of Slamfist Media, we would like to proudly announce the winners of the contest. Winners will also be notified via Kickstarter. Congratulations to all our winners and even more, to all of you for making our campaign a success!

BANTAM TIER GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Sacred 40 1st Campaign Exclusive Set (Donated by a previous Backer)

  • Timothy Devery

BANTAM TIER 1st RUNNER UP WINNER: A Box Set of your Choice

  • Ryan Bombard

BANTAM TIER 2nd RUNNER UP WINNER: A Box Set of your Choice

  • Denis Maddalena


HEAVYWEIGHT TIER GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Big Bad Wolf Tier + Custom Fairytale Games Chess Board + Frank from Slamfist Media will put you in your very own Fairytale Battle + One Copy of “Dwarven Miner” from Rather Dashing Games

  • Ira Mayers

HEAVYWEIGHT TIER 1st RUNNER UP WINNER: Set of 3 Cheesecake Minis

  • Sam Smit

HEAVYWEIGHT TIER 2nd RUNNER UP WINNER: Set of 3 Cheesecake Minis

  • Christian Bremer

SLAMFIST MEDIA BONUS WINNERS : 1 Random Minis Box Set (donated and selected by Slamfist Media)

  • Jesse Cotton
  • Chris Fleming
  • Kary Williams

You are the Backers Royale!

Hi Everyone! Woo…. what an exciting finish to what seemed like a long, yet epic campaign!  Thinking about how I could make this a shorter update, since I know a lot of you who stayed up late, stumbled out of bed still sick from the flu, snuck out of work, or were glued to your monitor during our last 12 hours could use a condensed version, I decided to just go with my heart, and represent the team with all our sincerest thanks no matter how long-winded this update may be!

Where Do I Even Begin?

This campaign has become a part of me personally, as well as the team. A lot of you were part of our first campaign and saw the Fairytale Games magic happen first hand. Those of you who joined us in this one, have made our family grow. From our first campaign, we have grown into a Fairytale Games Universe, and it isn’t even about the cards, the minis, or dare I even say… exclusives? (Ok, no I don’t.) It’s about all of you, the Backers Royale.

During these 30+ days, you helped us rally, became the warm and welcoming help desk for new backers, did roadtrips to promote the heck out of this campaign, entered the very scary reddit territory, and more importantly we became brothers and sisters who stood by each other, ended up sincerely caring for each other and have now become a part of each other’s lives.

Think about what we all accomplished during this campaign. What began with, um…. me personally messing up the time of the launch date, became an AMAZING bolt out of the gate with us getting funded in just less than TWO HOURS! By the 4th hour the Card Soldier and Flying Monkey were out and about, confusing new backers with the terrible wording in our reward tiers. (Sorry AJG team, but even I agree that it was REALLY bad…LOL).

Then there was the whole Sacred40 and Exclusive content week which almost created a rift between our first campaign and current. But because of our first time campaigners opening their hearts out and letting new backers enjoy some of the exclusives within our campaign, we created a compromise that benefited everyone. Thank you very much for everyone’s patience and understanding during that ordeal!

We continued to pick up great momentum and as all potentially great Kickstarter campaigns would expect, the Trolls came storming in. But this time, you were all ready, with swords, shields and even a Wikipedia YOU created, to fight them with. This was a very proud moment for me, as this passion you all had to rally against doubts, mudslinging, and “interesting” personalities made me even more thankful that I was never alone. We won each battle because we believe not only in the Fairytale Games Universe, but in each other. Even when what looked like a great storm overhead raining bones would wash away our campaign, you were all here proud and strong, rallying even more backers to help us walk through it and help us all realize that both campaigns were both just as good; brushing the fears off for the sun on the other side.

Then from a lot of pushing and with the green light from the team, we finally let the cat out of the bag, briefly giving you some insight that your minis WILL go beyond just replacement player tokens and will get a lot of mileage in a Dungeon Crawler, Prison Escape and Mini Skirmish Game that will somehow link together with our main card games. Then there’s Pantheon 😉

Quicker than we realized, it already became the last 7 Days of Kickstarter and we had racked over 30 unlocked miniatures! More add-ons started popping up as well as the much demanded intro to the Cheesecake line. Our pledges skyrocketed and we made 8 unlocks in one day! It was a rush to the finish line at the very exciting last few hours. In fact we came right down to the wire and barely unlocked Spartacus just within 3 minutes of the campaign end. It was so intense that the speed of my computer and photoshop skills couldn’t out-quickdraw Kickstarter, leaving the final graphic updates incomplete as the countdown reached zero. (Special thanks to Greenbrier Games, Jeff Gracia, and Jed Wahl for helping us push through a lot of initial Sacred40 Miniatures in such a short period of time for everyone to see!)

Looking back, I don’t see just a successfully funded campaign that once again proudly broke Kicktraq. Instead I see holiday packs +1’s, Night Courts, Mystery Box backer genius, and cheesecake Cthulhu. I see FAMILY here who share video game/painting tips/horror stories of work/school experiences with each other, family who are working hard to graduate this year, family who had unfortunate news but had the support of everyone here to lend an ear and shoulder, and family who even became a FATHER during the craziness of our campaign (shoutout to Frank77)! This is what I’ve seen. I see our Fairytale Games Universe come alive in each and every one of you. And with this, as the humble and sleep deprived representative of Artistic Justice Games, I sincerely and whole-heartedly thank you for letting us also be a part of your Family 🙂

The Exclusives!

Some of you may not realize but we are giving away A LOT of exclusives! Here’s a list of what you should be receiving these exclusive CARDS:

  • Nauticus Landmark Location (Day-1)
  • Horror Edition Gingerbread Man (Day-1)
  • Special Backer Card (it’s something to commemorate me slightly messing up the launch date of this campaign for the team) LOL.
  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • La Llorona Wendigo (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Zombie Peter the Pumpkin Eater
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Mr. Sandman
  • The Nightengale
  • Lilith
  • Watson
  • Steampunk Emperor with New Clothes
  • Frost Queen (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Evil Queen (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Queen of Hearts…. Character Card!
  • Frost Queen…. Character Card!
  • Evil Queen…. Character Card!
  • The Three Blind Mice
  • ZPocalypse Guest Star (We’ll announce who soon!)
  • Princess Badroulbadour
  • Paul Bunyan (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Steampunk Billy the Kid
  • Bell Witch
  • The Hookah Caterpillar (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • AND…. for Big Bad Wolf tiers and Higher…. You will get a Mombi vs The Headless Horseman Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battle Pack!

Of course, for those of you who also backed Ninja Dice, you’ll be receiving the Undead Viking Miniature (for Fairytale Games) and Undead Battlefield Challenge Card (for Ninja Dice)! If you haven’t done so, you can still back them and qualify as their campaign still has about 6 days to go. Hurry!

What about the “Backer Created Character” from Box Set# 7?

Slamfist Media is just about to wrap up tallying the final votes for the top 5 characters you’ve chosen. Once this is done, we will announce, in a much shorter update, which character this will be! Please give special thanks to Slamfist Media for helping us with all the polls and contests during the campaign. Speaking of which…..

What were the Results of the “Event?”

Slamfist will be revealing the results within the next few days. For anyone who misses the announcement, we’ll give a shoutout to the winners on our Facebook and Website!

The Pledge Manager

In case anyone missed it, in about 3 weeks, we’ll announce and make available our pledge manager system. From there you can add to your pledges, upgrade, and even add new pledges through the system. We’ll keep you informed when we’re ready to go as well as how long we will have it open. We understand that the holidays will be near when we release the Pledge Manager so we’ll see what we can do to open it long enough for anyone who wants to add gifts for friends and family.

Back to Work

Yep, no rest for the weary! We know that during this time there were a lot of things we intended to do with updates, create a cards, cheesecake/tarot likenesses that dramatically slowed down during the campaign. We intend to make up for lost time and push forward expediently during the next couple of weeks until we’re back on track. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

So what will happen to Box Set# 9?

Well, as it stands it is considered incomplete so you can not add it into the pledge manager. Instead, if you’re interested in these characters, you’ll just add them on individually. For the missing characters, teased following what has been unlocked, you’ll definitely see them appear soon enough in one way shape or form. They are all important characters to future games!

Box Set Scramble

So…. one lingering question has been if we could box characters together in a more thematic way, like all steampunk in one box for example. Now that we have the final tally of characters we’ll be producing, we can do the Character Shuffle for you. You’ll see the updated grouping in a future update, before the pledge manager is available. So if you see them boxed differently in the Pledge Manager, please feel free to rejoice when necessary. LOL.

Authors of the Living Storybook

By tomorrow, I will send you all a confirmation e-mail to make sure you are on our list of authors. Following, I’ll give you all instructions on how to begin. This will be A LOT of fun for all of us! Just think the story of the Sausage Man is in YOUR hands 🙂

Attention Old Reward Tier Owners!!!

During the campaign, there were a few reward tiers that we were trying to phase out because we created better tiers for the campaign itself. These tiers are:

  • THE HATTER TIER (different from The Mad Hatter Tier)

We have tried many times during the campaign to reach out to you if you belong in these tiers. If you are, please contact us immediately so we can adjust you to the correct tier. Thank you so much for your help!

Is The Excitement Really Over?

Of course not! We will frequently both campaign threads, continuing updates, website updates and are in the process of creating a Fairytale Games Universe official forum for us all to gather and keep our connections with each other strong. We’ll let you know once it’s available and anyone can join! So with this, I’m about to pass out again for finally a full night’s sleep in order to begin bright-eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow to start getting some work done! We do, after all have just a bit of Miniatures to do 😉

The 11th Hour (Now less than 8 hours to go!)

Hi Everyone! Wow, at the 11th hour we have REALLY come a long way. At almost another character unlock at $205k we are speeding towards breaking Kicktraq again! Can you believe that just today alone, we have unlocked a total of 8 Characters? Here’s some statistics for you:

(Note: We just unlocked Lu Bu! So we now have 40 Free Minis…. deja vu in a good way! This makes our total miniatures available in this campaign at 95 and growing. VERY AWESOME!)

TRINITY! We unlocked Trinity! That is definitely pretty cool, especially since you can play as them or against them in the Dungeon Crawl game to be introduced next year, among other things 🙂

Seven Days of Kickstarter Tally:

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  •  The Voodoo Doll
  •  Cao Cao (Boss Card)
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  •  La Llorona
  •  Wendigo (Boss Card)
  • Zombie Peter the Pumpkin Eater
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card)
  • Mr. Sandman
  • The Nightengale
  • Lilith
  • Watson
  • Steampunk Emperor with New Clothes
  • Frost Queen (Boss Card)
  • Evil Queen (Boss Card)
  • Queen of Hearts…. Character Card!
  • Frost Queen…. Character Card!
  • Evil Queen…. Character Card! <– New! For unlocking Lu Bu

Backer Voted Miniature (From Box Set#7)

So with the help of Slamfist Media and TheHatter, we have compiled a list of your TOP 5 characters that you’d like to see take this slot. We’ll be giving you all 48 hours to vote and will announce who will be your Backer Voted Mini! Please follow this link and vote here:

Day-1 Exclusives Redeux!

For those who missed out on the Day-1 Exclusive Cards, we really do want you to be able to get them. But, you will have to do something to get them. Here are 3 things you can do that will not only help this campaign reach more people, but also make things super easy for you to get the cards. Ready? You can do one or all of the following:

  • Facebook Like this Campaign on the Kickstarter Main Page
  • Share this campaign through
  • Give us a Tweet on Twitter
  • Go to BGG and give our game a “Thumb” or post some great comments
  • Go to our Facebook and “Like” our page
  • Go to the Comments Section of this campaign and say “Hi” to some of the really awesome people there!
  • Add to the Mystery Box (and get a Mystery Box Reward!)

Because we have the all-seeing crystal ball from Trinity, we can check! Well, not really. It’s by honor system but remember, if you do these things, it will help this campaign during the last 11 hours and will essentially get you all some stretch goal unlocks going pretty quickly!

So it’s the last half a day! Don’t you have ANYTHING else for us?

Well, we definitely can’t go nuts like the last campaign. But there were some talks in the comment threads that made me smile. I brought it to the attention of the team and they thought it to be pretty fun as well. So…..

Can you imagine? A bunch of items randomly appearing that are basically fairytale character heads! And these two will have to mad dash for them to gain that character’s special abilities or powers! This will be a fast and frantic new edition to the Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battle Packs…. FREE for the Big Bad Wolf tier and up!

And with that, the team and I are very excited to be here with you all during the final 11 hours! (Wow! I think we just unlocked Lu Bu!) Congratulations everyone…Time to edit the graphics!

48 Hours to Go!

Hi Everyone,

First off congratulations on unlocking Guan Yu and Zombie Cthulhu! We are now onto the Backer Voted mini then will push forward to page 3 where we’ll see all three of the Trinity, ready for you as minis! For the “7 Days of Kickstarter”, here are the cards you’ve unlocked so far:

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card)
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • La Llorona
  • Wendigo (Boss Card)
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card) – New!

Post Pledge Manager?

Yes, this time around we will be utilizing a pledge manager system similar to ZPocalypse: Aftermath. We will probably have this ready for you about 3 weeks after this campaign ends, putting the Pledge Manager live sometime in November. You will still be able to receive stretch goals at that time, though no new stretch goals will be unlocked since we need to cap off our minis production as soon as this campaign is over, and solidify the production schedule.

An “Event” for our Backers!

Please visit Slamfist Media’s website at:

Please read the rules carefully or else you would end up participating in the wrong one and cause your submission to be voided. Enjoy the event and good luck 🙂

Cheesecake Minis Followup :)

Hi Everyone,

Just a followup from the last update, the 3 Cheesecake minis are not exclusive to this campaign per se, but there will be a limited production run of them. This means, we’ll probably have extras that we will be offering at conventions or in a future campaign until the supply runs out. After, we’ll begin planning and designing a actual Cheesecake line which will most likely be offered in Boxed Sets. During that time, we’ll probably have replaced versions of these 3 characters. But as to when the cheesecake minis line will begin work, that will be a question for next year after after we ship the original campaign items to you 🙂

To answer a few quick questions we noticed, the cheesecake minis will be the same size and material as the current minis. Also, unfortunately because of our mold/casting layout, we don’t have enough space to run a full Cheesecake Box Set for this campaign. Though we aren’t able to bundle the 3 Cheesecake Minis together, we will offer their respective Character Cards and a special Cheesecake Player Board with each of them for you.

Be an Author!

Right now we already have 10 Authors. If you’d like to be an author as well, PLEASE REMEMBER to send an e-mail to with the subject title line “LIVING STORYBOOK” so we can reserve your spot. If not, we might not see it an might not reserve your space before it gets taken up.

A question we had from a few backers were that there were doubts that they had the writing ability to create a storybook chapter. Don’t worry, we will be there to guide you through it and will have proofreaders to help you polish and make your chapter look the best it will be 🙂

Wow, already unlocked Steampunk Merlin and the “7 Days of Kickstarter” Exclusive Character Card….. ZOMBIE PETER, THE PUMPKIN EATER!

Last 3 Days!

Hi Everyone, we’re now at the home stretch and these last 3 days are going to be amazing! Let’s quickly recap what’s happened this last week in case you missed it:

  • We’ve unlocked a total of 26 FREE miniatures!!! (For Big Bad Wolf tiers or higher, excluding Mad Hatter)
  • Through Cross Campaigning with Ninja Dice, you can now get a FREE Undead Viking Miniature for Fairytale Games as well as an Undead Battlefield Challenge Card for Ninja Dice… AND up to $40 towards international shipping on our campaign for backing both!
  • We’ve finally established a European Distributor, eliminating VAT and Duty charges for Europe.
  • And a big one…. WE SURPASSED OUR LAST CAMPAIGN and are still going!

So what are these new Add-Ons?

Ok, so here are the last few add-ons for this campaign. Because you asked for it, we are offering up 3 Cheesecake Minis! Rapunzel, Diao Chan, and Robin Hood make their debut as the first 3 variants for a future miniature line. Pick them up now and be the first to bring your cheesecake to the table!

The second add-on, is something nobody asked for. LOL. This is something I really wanted to try and finally convinced the team to let me present to you. This is our first ever “Living Storybook”! Backers who add-on to participate will develop one chapter in this book starring our loveable Sausage Man (from the Brother Grim’s story, “A mouse, a bird, and a sausage). The chapters will continue the story along where you will create scenarios and tell a story which will create his “official” lore. This will be a true backer created tale which will also have your name in the credits as the Author. The book will be illustrated as well and all backers who add this on will receive a book!

For those who are interested in the book but do not want to be an author, we’re also offering the same 100 page Hardcover Book as an add-on by itself as well as its digital version. So check out the Add-ons and see if you want to be a part of this sandbox!

What about the “Seven Days of Kickstarter”?

Since then, you’ve unlocked Spring Heeled Jack, Steampunk Tik Tok, Dracula, and Zombie Prince Charming. That means you will be receiving FOUR Kickstarter exclusive character cards with their Player Boards for EVERY reward tier or… a Boss Card with a Quest Card that leads to fighting them! Which cards have you unlocked so far?

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card)

With 3 days left who knows how many more Kickstarter Exclusive Cards you’ll end up with! (Check out below for a sample of Cao Cao’s Boss Card!)

Any New “Sacred 40” Minis yet?

Yes! Our sculptors have been making heavy progress and as of today, we have 10 of the 40 on our website and will have more these next few days. To check them out, please visit

Yesterday we released Scarecrow and today Hua Mulan. Enjoy!

The Looking Glass

Looking at our pledges so far, we have beat our last campaign and are now in the final stretch! For those of you from the first campaign, you can understand why we must commemorate this accomplishment with a little bit of Fairytale Love. It should be fitting that we will be rewarding all backers of this campaign an ITEM CARD called, you guessed it “The Looking Glass”. Once our artist completes the artwork for it, we’ll post it up for you to see. Thank you very much everyone for promoting and supporting this campaign! This moment of grand achievement couldn’t have happened without all of you!

Cross Promotion and International Goodness!

Fairytale and Ninja Dice Cross Promotion!

We are now offering a bonus gift to all Backers who back both the Fairytales Games Miniatures project and Ninja Dice.  We are giving away a special Fairytale themed location card for Ninja Dice, and a special Frost Viking Guest Miniature of Lance the Undead Viking.  You may know him from his board game reviews, in fact any day now he will be posting a review of Ninja Dice.  You will get both give-aways for FREE, by just supporting 2 projects you may already love!

Below you can see the fantastic art from Fairytale games depicting a concept of the artwork of Lance as the Undead (Frost) Viking!

BUT WAIT.. that’s not all – International Shipping Deal!

In a nutshell how you would like to pay at least just $5 more for another game or maybe even get it for free and save money on shipping?

We have heard over and over again how shipping is royally expensive. For those international backers backing both projects we are going to reduce the shipping cost.  This will result in a delay shipment of Ninja Dice as they will be packed together with your FairyTale project but the cost savings will be well worth it.

To take advantage of the savings simply back at Big Bad wolf or higher on the Fairytale Project & the Flying Dragon Level on Ninja Dice.

Fairytale Games Campaign: You no longer have to add extra to your Pledge for Shipping! (Meaning, FREE SHIPPING UP TO $40)!!!

Exciting News For International Backers!!!

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with a UK shipping company, thus all EU based shipments will be shipped from within the EU avoiding VAT and Duty fees.

We think this offers a great incentive to back and support both projects so don’t wait!


One Week to Go! Woo!

Hi Everyone,

Just looking at our countdown and as of now we have about 7 days left of this campaign! Now is the time to help get friends that are on the fence to come take a second look as we now have 73 minis available in this campaign, and if you’re at Big Bad Wolf tier or higher (excluding the Mad Hatter tier) 23 of these minis are yours FOR FREE! And by the looks of things, we are just about to do the next Double Unlock and score two more minis!

This is going to be a smaller update but a very nice follow-up from the last one. Are you ready?

Web Updates!

We’re almost finished with our next massive card art update (waiting on a few more before we do the next huge release) but in the meantime we’ve released a revised Snow White in the Minis Section of our website (, as well as King Arthur and Mowgli. Pinocchio just came in so we’ll make that post sometime tomorrow night. Please note once again that the sculpts are a work in progress so you will see different versions or tweaks to some of them as we progress forward through more sculpts.

As for the Demo Kits, we have begun the selection process of which cards will go with what for the demo. In one of our next updates, we’ll list all the cards that will be in the demo before we start creating the PNP version. The selection process is a bit slow since we’re trying to set them up to make sense as a tutorial besides just a sample of the game. But as mentioned before, we’re determined to have it done way before we attend BGG in November.

Digital Art Book Pricing!

We’ll update the graphics for the add-ons tomorrow, but here is what you will be expecting:

  • Fairytale Games Artbook Volume 1: $30
  • Fairytale Games Artbook Volume 2: $30
  • Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes: $15
  • Fairytale Games Storybook: $25
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Artbook: $15
  • PARTY OF FIVE: $95

Another thing to note is that the Digital Art Books are only Kickstarter Exclusive for backers. This is not something we’ll offer outside of Kickstarter or on our website.

Cross Promotion with Ninja Dice

Give us one more day for this announcement. There’s something pretty important I’m waiting on that will make the announcement that much more sweeter. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this, especially if you are an international backer that’s on the fence of either project!

Did Somebody Say Cheesecake …. in a minis campaign?

Though there isn’t much we planned on offering in the Cheesecake Minis combination, we might surprise you before the end of this campaign. It will definitely be an add-on, but will not affect any gameplay or any of the games or future games if you are not interested in cheesecake items. So keep checking back at our campaign!

7 Days of Kickstarter

So… anyone who has been in our comment threads have probably heard me drop a hint at something somewhat exciting for the last week of this campaign in lieu of exclusives. I promised that during the campaign there will be at least something of interest, right? How about….

Every Day, starting tomorrow, for every new character we unlock in our stretch goals, we will give everyone (of all tiers) 1 free EXCLUSIVE character card with their Player Boards. If we get that double unlock coming up, that’s right…. 2 New Character Cards!

And just for grins…. let’s have another “Event”, this time hosted by Slamfist Media! The rules of this Event will be on our website, facebook, and an official link will be also included in our next update very soon! Don’t miss out as it’ll be a great way for you to possibly snag something extra for supporting our campaign!

Speaking of Slamfist Media

For anyone who hasn’t seen their newest Fan Fiction, please check it out and see the Nutcracker Prince take on Pinocchio in a battle of the birch! (Ok, that was a bad joke… I have to admit.)

Kind of a Meaty Update?

Hi Everyone! We’ve blown past the halfway mark of our campaign and we’ve currently unlocked 21 FREE miniatures! For those who’ve asked, that means starting at the Big Bad Wolf tier and up (excluding the Mad Hatter Tier) you will receive at least 31 miniatures as of today! Having about 12 days to go, be sure to tell your friends and gaming groups about the great value they’ll be receiving now, and even more as the days keep unlocking stretch goals!

So what new updates can you reveal?

Between now and next Friday, we have a lot of updates for our website that we’re planning on posting in waves.


Currently, we added Snow White, Rumplestiltskin and a revised Frog Prince (the head now matches more like the artwork) and Cinderella (with a pumpkin patch base rather than generic cobblestones). By Tuesday or sooner, you’ll also see these characters from the Sacred 40:

  • Captain Hook
  • Headless Horseman
  • Huntsman
  • Mowgli
  • Pinocchio

And of course we’ll also add the Esmeralda, Zombie Jack and Jill, and Jabberwock of which you’ve already seen through this campaign.

The great news is that we’ve already finished the “Miniature Figure Sketches” of every Sacred 40 for Greenbrier Games to use as blueprints for their sculpts. And we have already started submitting sketches of characters from this campaign to get a head start.

So as mentioned, October is definitely going to be the month of the Minis for us to reveal to you!

And another note, it’s very possible you will also see the minis updated several times as Jed and his team are constantly fine-tuning details of the minis to make them even better (like Frog Prince’s head and soon to be slightly revised Snow White which we just posted!)

I really want to see the actual figures!

We’ve covered this in an update before, but we know that this is something that keeps being brought up. To tell you our process here is the order in which the minis are created:

  • Artwork is Illustrated for the cards by one of our 40 artistis
  • A Black and White Blueprint of the Front and Back is illustrated and sent to Greenbrier Games.
  • Greenbrier Games begins their initial sculpts with their team of experienced 3D Sculptors.
  • Jed Wahl, lead sculptor goes over everything and adds details to the sculpts until everything is approved also by Jeff Gracia, founder of Greenbrier Games
  • In batches, these sculpts are printed in a very rough and crude physical version just to adjust size ratios and dimensions. (This might happen several times). As a rough, there is almost no detail to them and are only used for size comparison.
  • Once every miniature has gone through this treatment, the final files are put in our “completed” folder and sits there until all the other minis files are ready.
  • When we have all the files, we will start producing the molds and casting in one very large batch. At this time, we will receive a proof. Once we have this, we will take photos of them and share with you all the progress of the minis.
  • Once greenlit, it’s production time!
  • After, it’s all about packaging and getting orders ready to be shipped.

So it won’t really be until near production will we be able to receive any physical proofs to show you. Instead, we will continue to introduce these completed minis files to you through posts on our website as we get them in so you’re never missing a step. But once we have physical copies, you better believe that we’ll be keen on showing them off to you right away!

Now if you’re really interested in seeing the details and quality of the actual minis, you can look at ZPocalypse: Aftermath on Kickstarter (Greenbrier Game’s previous campaign) and at the bottom, you can see some great ZPoc physical minis. What we have in materials will be equivalent to that, but even more detailed as we have individual character bases with their own themes! (Note: This material is not the same as Zpocalypse’s first edition.)


During this week, we will fill the website with Horror and Steampunk Edition card art so expect a lot of updates on our website with stuff you haven’t seen yet! We’ve already finished gathering a large portion, but will post them all at the same time so you can see one huge update rather than several small ones.


During this week, we will complete most if not all of the text gameplay on our website. We are also set to film our gameplay videos on Friday and will edit them and post on the Monday. That way, a lot of the basic aspects of the game can be demystified with visual examples. Which brings me to….

What is this Demo Kit I’ve heard about?

The Demo Kit is something we’re working on to give to tabletop game reviewers to get the basic idea of how to play the game. It will be very limited (probably about 2-4 playable characters) and a small number of quests and the other cards. Instead of a 30 day Event limit, the Demo Kit will be 15 days.

So what does this have to do beyond reviewers? We are planning on making a PNP version of this and post it for all backers of both Fairytale Games campaign to have access to. We are trying to have this complete way before BGG in November which we might also attend!

I’m afraid to ask, but are their any more add-ons?

Well…… we are working on one last idea that not everyone will want. It’s just a fanfare that would be a fun addition to your minis but not necessary as it will not affect gameplay with Fairytale Games or any future minis-specific game. We’ll know if we have the greenlight to do this by Friday. So…what is it? Well…. think cheesecake 😉

I love the Artbooks but it’s just a bit too much for me. Is there any alternative option?

Yes. We will have 2 options for you….

We will offer the Digital E-Book Versions as a “Complete Artbook Set” which will include Volume 1, Volume 2, Strawberry Cheesecake Artbook, Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, and the Fairytale Games Storybook all bundled in one pack.

The second option will be to offer a discount of sorts in the add-on for if you pledged for all or partially all of the Hardcover Art Books. We will be announcing these add-on price points very shortly.

Any Announcement About The Cross-Promotion with Ninja Dice?

Yes! We will officially announce something simultaneously with Ninja Dice on Friday. This will cover exactly what you’ll be receiving for backing both campaigns. One thing that will be big that I can only leave you to speculate until Friday, is that Greenbrier Games and Artistic Justice Games have found a very beneficial solution for those who want to back both to get the exclusives, yet aren’t able to get past the international shipping fees associated with Ninja Dice. Believe me, if that’s your worry, we’ve got you covered 😉

Can we double up and pledge twice (by adding on the second pledge) to save on fees?

Well, yes sort of? You can definitely do so but the larger your box, the more shipping it will be. Shipping is something we have the least amount of leeway with, but we can offer a $10 pledge discount for shipping on your added-on tier. So let’s say you want the Mad Hatter Tier ($125) and you’re in Europe (+$30 Shipping). But then you decide to add-on the Nutcracker Prince tier ($240). We would then add (+$20) shipping for the second order, giving you a total of $415 for everything including shipping.

If I backed the First Campaign, can I combine it with this one and not pay any shipping?

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible. We tried various ways to calculate this, but since we ate most of the shipping ourselves in the first campaign, we can not afford to absorb both campaigns together. At first we thought there was a chance to do so, but it just ended up that this was not an option.

I’m a bit confused as to what all the new items are for this campaign versus the last one.

  •  1. Super Fairytale Fighters 2 (Round 2 Battlepacks) – There are 4 new battlepacks
  •  2. 200 Page Art Book (Volume 2) – Covers art from Horror, Steampunk and Zombie
  •  3. Fairytale Games Playing Cards
  •  4. Fairytale Games Storybook (200 page hardcover)
  •  5. Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes (50 page hardcover)
  •  6. Pulp Fantasy Character Packs

For things that might be of interest:

  •  1. Gingerbread Pack – If you didn’t get the Teaser Pack during the last campaign
  •  2. Strawberry Cheesecake Pack/Artbook – If you missed the Cheesecake Pack last time. (If you did get the pack, you will automatically receive the 45 new cards from the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack).


  • Day-1 Nauticus Landmark Location Card
  • Day-1 Horror Edition Gingerbread Man Character Card
  • Special Backer Card (it’s something I’m creating as a Kickstarter bonus to commemorate me slightly messing up the launch date of this campaign for the team) LOL.

So will there be anymore cool card exclusive giveaways?

Check facebook and our website on Friday and maybe they’ll be a little Magic in the air 🙂

The Mystery Box

Ok, we briefly mentioned this in our previous update and this is something that is open for anyone yet not mandatory. Just something fun for anyone who wants to participate.

Basically, here is the premise…. We will be adding an add-on called “The Mystery Box”. The minimum pledge is $5 and you can stay at that or go as high as you’d like. No one will know what you put into the box. Basically, by the conclusion of this campaign, when all the backer surveys are given out, we will as if you put anything in the Mystery Box and the amount. When we tally up all the Mystery Box funds, we will use it to give you a surprise. The more the funds, the bigger or more exciting the surprise. Now keep in mind, this is something based on extreme trust and only partake in it if you believe in it. This was created and is currently guided by our Backer Community who is participating actively in our comment threads. This was their idea (shoutout to HaiKulture) and is something to add a bit of added bonus to the campaign.

So what will the surprise be? Well, it’s kind of up to you! Anything you’d like to see themed, just stop by the comment thread and say something like “+1 Cthulhu in a Bikini” and if it turns out that a lot of people like that idea and +1 it, the surprise will be themed that way. It might be an exclusive character card, a T-Shirt, or if the box expands high enough, maybe even a mini. So if you participate, keep the ideas coming!

Once this campaign is over, we’ll announce what the theme is, though the surprise will stay a surprise until you receive your minis (and it will be certified as authentic by us!)

Rally Rally Rally!

Ok, with only 12 days left, please make sure that you spread the word so your friends or gaming group can be a part of our growing and very awesome Fairytale Games Community. A few of you have asked if there were anything in this campaign that is exclusive (like the teaser pack from the previous campaign). The ONLY thing that IS EXCLUSIVE is the “Pulp Fantasy Character Pack.” So please don’t forget to pick up your copy today since we are not offering this again in another campaign since this was fanfare that we did for this campaign only.

Looking forward to see you on Friday during our next smaller update!


New Art Updates!

Updated Artwork

Frog Prince (Artist: Shane)
Hatter (Artist: Shane)
Nutcracker Prince (Artist: Banu)
Rapunzel (Artist: Banu)
D’Artagnan (Artist: Banu)
Sinbad (Artist: Banu)
Zombie Jack and Jill (Artist: Banu)
William Tell (Artist: Kiki)
Snow (Artist: Kiki)
Steampunk Belle (Artist: Ricky)

UPDATED MINIS (Section Added!)
Hatter (Sacred 40)

Also, the BGG contest has ended! To see if you won, please check out the link below!: