The Update From Last Night

Hi Everyone, first off, let me say that seeing our progress thus far has been very exciting! And not because we’ve already unlocked so many miniatures and are still going (we just unlocked Blackbeard on page 2), but we’ve been seeing a lot of you proactively spreading the word and sharing our passion for the Fairytale Games Universe.

I know there is one and maybe more campaigns out there that some of you have showed concern that their presence will shake up our campaign. It probably will, but not because people like what we have less. So don’t worry, what we’ve grown here in this community is something that can’t be unpledged or replaced. We have built strong friendships and together, a universe that combines Fairytales, Gaming, and now minis. This is something to be very proud of. Plus, we have about 19 days left of this campaign. So together,  let’s keep spreading the word and see just how far we can take this 🙂

So there seems to be a small stir on the website?

Yes! Now that the beginning dust of the campaign launch has settled, along with any initial exclusive debates, we’ve begun focusing back into what we intentionally wanted to do…. updating you all on integral parts of the games!

We’re working on the gameplay mechanics and updating the website. We know that this is something that is top priority, so we are doing this quickly.

New artwork will be posted and once we have a good chunk uploaded, we’ll do a website update of what exactly was updated so you don’t have to keep digging through the same material just to see the new stuff.

That’s great! Now can we see the all the Sacred 40?

For those who weren’t with us in our initial campaign, the Sacred 40 was just established during the end of that campaign. So we did not begin concept artwork for the minis until the beginning of August. Once we had all the artwork submitted and approved, we passed them over the Greenbrier Games where their lead sculptor scheduled their team to begin conceptual sculpts, which they are continuing to fine-tune as we speak. We mentioned it briefly before but September was the conceptual stage and October is the beginning of the minis sculpting. So at this moment, we are not able to show you the entire cast of the Sacred 40, but we are making a lot of great progress with them. How good? Well…..

Today we posted our first character of the Sacred 40, “Hatter” (the Mad Hatter). Please go to our website and under the Minis tab you’ll see a list of all our minis expected to be produced (much like the list you’ve seen in our Character List). As we finalize more mini sculpts, we’ll post them up and there will be a link on the Minis List where you can click into the character’s page.

Hatter looks cool! When can we see more?

Next Wednesday, October the 9th, we will be receiving our first batch of about 8-9 new finalized Sacred 40 minis to post. It might take us the next day to post them (depending on when we receive them next Wednesday). We’ll also post the revised Frog Prince (face edit) and Cinderella (she now has a pumpkin patch base to follow her theme!) That should be a great start in the right direction.

Can you tell me a little more about what to expect for the exclusives of backing both this campaign and Ninja Dice?

Sure! For backing both campaigns, you will receive 2 special gifts. One will be a playable game piece for Ninja Dice which has a bit of our Fairytale Games touch to it, as well as you will be receiving a bonus mini of an NPC character from our Legends of Time Expansion Set. Wait, if it’s an NPC (non-playable character) for the Fairytale Games, why make a mini of it? Well, it may not be a playable character in the card game, but why can’t it be for the minis based one?

Ok, you’ve been teasing us with these 3 games that the minis are also used for. Can’t you tell us ANY details?

Yes. Right now 🙂

Fairytale Escape!

The first game is temporarily called Fairytale Escape. Weirdly enough, one of our backers also suggested a game idea to us that’s very similar (props to Ira!)

The premise of Fairytale Escape is that when the Trinity (Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen, and the Frost Queen) began gathering heroes and villains, they didn’t just throw them into the Fairytale Games. Instead, they go into confinement. As a character in this game, you will try to escape imprisonment with or without the help of your fellow players. There will be a lot of obstacles in your way as well as more exploration Fairytale Games style.

So what makes this unique? Different than our main game, we will be using tiles instead of location cards. The tiles will allow you to move a little more traditionally from room to room and offer a lot of surprises along the way. Also, players will be taking their turns simultaneously. That way, you can help or hurt each other on the fly or stay back and watch another player take a beating while you sneak past it all and find a shiv in the corner of a room. Well, not a shiv but you get the point.

You will also be able to use most cards from the card game in this game as well to offer more dynamic play. Of course some of their uses and rulings will be different, but this pretty much gives you a chance to not only extend your mileage on the minis, but also the cards as well!

Can I play this with the main game too? Actually if you really want to have a large game night, you can start the game here and try to escape with other players. Once you do, the story actually takes you into the Fairytale Games. The point of Fairytale Escape, from the Trinity’s perspective is to give all characters a small test of survival before even being allowed to participate in the Fairytale Games. That’s right… Fairytale Escape is your pre-requisite. If you chose to play this way, any ally or item you acquire in this game will carry on into the main game!

Is this also solo-player? Yes. And this gameplay mechanic has been tested under a different theme. But since that game system never moved forward in that game, we were given the green light by the developer to use it to build Fairytale Escape off of.

Fairytale Quests!

Definitely not the actual name. LOL.

So what kind of game is this? Think Dungeon Crawler. This game idea was actually planted in our minds during the last campaign by one of our backers as well (props to SaucyJack!)

This one will be in the style of team/group play where you explore the inner dungeons of Atlantis, Dragon’s Den, Bog of the Jabberwock and the like. Find treasure, upgrade your characters and battle against ferocious bosses! And what’s that? Yes… minions, minions, and more minions!

Traditionally, one player will be controlling the Boss, minions, and rouge characters to go up against the “heroes/heroines” of the quest. The Boss will have its own tactical deck for battle while the minions will use ability dice and tactic cards to try to eliminate the invaders. And yes, there will be traps.

The “heroes/heroines” will have their own tactical deck and Utility Boards that will allow them to keep track of items, stats, and health as they wade through the dungeon and fight off minions.

Now, here’s where things get different…. You can still backstab your teammates. You might not want to, but if you do, you’ll definitely have to take responsibility of your actions. During the dungeon crawl, there will be events that happen, which will keep the unpredictability of the game high and there will be NPCs that will offer side-quests for you to do for them, giving you great rewards or more ways to perish. One other thing that makes this special is that there are character combo moves that when a certain pair are together and the right opportunity is available, you can unleash team special moves!

So um… can you use this with the main game as well?

Yes. If you want to extend your play in Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale (or other editions), these dungeons are based off of actual quests from the main game. So instead of completing objectives and fighting a boss via cards, you can move directly into the corresponding dungeon and battle it out for real.

So if you want a SUPER long gaming night, try combing Fairytale Escape, a Standalone Fairytale Games Edition, then add the right Fairytale Quest when needed. Talk about LEGEN…………DARY!

I know you can’t talk about the third game. But… a hint? Something?

The only thing I can give you is one word. SKIRMISH.

Super Fairytale Fighters 2

So there was a couple questions about where the name came from and if there was Super Fairytale Fighters 1. If you missed it from the first campaign, basically it’s a play off of Super Street Fighter 2. Starting it off at 2 was an inside joke because we liked the initial idea Kill Bill had when it was released. Kill Bill 1 and 2 was originally supposed to be one long, uncut movie and was titled Kill Bill Volume 2. Reason being, it implied the events of the movie happens after the “rebirth” of The Bride’s life after she technically kind of died and woke up with a thirst for revenge. (Hollywood kind of messed things up, cut the movie in half, and made it Kill Bill 1 and 2, confusing the heck out of a lot of people.)

Another reason why the name of this spin-off game fell into place was that nobody really remembers Street Fighter 1. For those who want a flashback moment, I remember when I first played it in the arcades, it was a terrible game with these huge rubber buttons the size of someone’s head that you would have to literally punch with your fist. The game had Ryu and red Ryu (later becoming Ken). And you fought the most sterotypical racial types they could think of until you fought the last boss, Thai Boxer, Sagat. (Not Bob Saget).

Funny story, but let’s talk about the actual card game you have. Are the decks really that different?

Yes, with the combination of both Round 1 and Round 2, there are a total of 16 character decks available in this campaign. Each character will have their own style of play that matches their personality. After more updates have been completed, we’ll update our Super Fairytale Fighters 2 page on our website to give you a bit more insight of each deck.

Now for something completely different….

I know we just made it into page 2 of our stretch goal unlockables. But just for fun, let’s say we hit the “Backers Vote” mini (thanks for the suggestion Roger!). I know we’ve joked about Sausage, VooDoo Dolls, Bikini Clad Cthulhu and such, but what about your other ideas? Let’s start thinking ahead of time because before you know it, Slamfist Media will have to start up another voting poll for us before the 19 days are up. Share your ideas with us today!



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