Kind of a Meaty Update?

Hi Everyone! We’ve blown past the halfway mark of our campaign and we’ve currently unlocked 21 FREE miniatures! For those who’ve asked, that means starting at the Big Bad Wolf tier and up (excluding the Mad Hatter Tier) you will receive at least 31 miniatures as of today! Having about 12 days to go, be sure to tell your friends and gaming groups about the great value they’ll be receiving now, and even more as the days keep unlocking stretch goals!

So what new updates can you reveal?

Between now and next Friday, we have a lot of updates for our website that we’re planning on posting in waves.


Currently, we added Snow White, Rumplestiltskin and a revised Frog Prince (the head now matches more like the artwork) and Cinderella (with a pumpkin patch base rather than generic cobblestones). By Tuesday or sooner, you’ll also see these characters from the Sacred 40:

  • Captain Hook
  • Headless Horseman
  • Huntsman
  • Mowgli
  • Pinocchio

And of course we’ll also add the Esmeralda, Zombie Jack and Jill, and Jabberwock of which you’ve already seen through this campaign.

The great news is that we’ve already finished the “Miniature Figure Sketches” of every Sacred 40 for Greenbrier Games to use as blueprints for their sculpts. And we have already started submitting sketches of characters from this campaign to get a head start.

So as mentioned, October is definitely going to be the month of the Minis for us to reveal to you!

And another note, it’s very possible you will also see the minis updated several times as Jed and his team are constantly fine-tuning details of the minis to make them even better (like Frog Prince’s head and soon to be slightly revised Snow White which we just posted!)

I really want to see the actual figures!

We’ve covered this in an update before, but we know that this is something that keeps being brought up. To tell you our process here is the order in which the minis are created:

  • Artwork is Illustrated for the cards by one of our 40 artistis
  • A Black and White Blueprint of the Front and Back is illustrated and sent to Greenbrier Games.
  • Greenbrier Games begins their initial sculpts with their team of experienced 3D Sculptors.
  • Jed Wahl, lead sculptor goes over everything and adds details to the sculpts until everything is approved also by Jeff Gracia, founder of Greenbrier Games
  • In batches, these sculpts are printed in a very rough and crude physical version just to adjust size ratios and dimensions. (This might happen several times). As a rough, there is almost no detail to them and are only used for size comparison.
  • Once every miniature has gone through this treatment, the final files are put in our “completed” folder and sits there until all the other minis files are ready.
  • When we have all the files, we will start producing the molds and casting in one very large batch. At this time, we will receive a proof. Once we have this, we will take photos of them and share with you all the progress of the minis.
  • Once greenlit, it’s production time!
  • After, it’s all about packaging and getting orders ready to be shipped.

So it won’t really be until near production will we be able to receive any physical proofs to show you. Instead, we will continue to introduce these completed minis files to you through posts on our website as we get them in so you’re never missing a step. But once we have physical copies, you better believe that we’ll be keen on showing them off to you right away!

Now if you’re really interested in seeing the details and quality of the actual minis, you can look at ZPocalypse: Aftermath on Kickstarter (Greenbrier Game’s previous campaign) and at the bottom, you can see some great ZPoc physical minis. What we have in materials will be equivalent to that, but even more detailed as we have individual character bases with their own themes! (Note: This material is not the same as Zpocalypse’s first edition.)


During this week, we will fill the website with Horror and Steampunk Edition card art so expect a lot of updates on our website with stuff you haven’t seen yet! We’ve already finished gathering a large portion, but will post them all at the same time so you can see one huge update rather than several small ones.


During this week, we will complete most if not all of the text gameplay on our website. We are also set to film our gameplay videos on Friday and will edit them and post on the Monday. That way, a lot of the basic aspects of the game can be demystified with visual examples. Which brings me to….

What is this Demo Kit I’ve heard about?

The Demo Kit is something we’re working on to give to tabletop game reviewers to get the basic idea of how to play the game. It will be very limited (probably about 2-4 playable characters) and a small number of quests and the other cards. Instead of a 30 day Event limit, the Demo Kit will be 15 days.

So what does this have to do beyond reviewers? We are planning on making a PNP version of this and post it for all backers of both Fairytale Games campaign to have access to. We are trying to have this complete way before BGG in November which we might also attend!

I’m afraid to ask, but are their any more add-ons?

Well…… we are working on one last idea that not everyone will want. It’s just a fanfare that would be a fun addition to your minis but not necessary as it will not affect gameplay with Fairytale Games or any future minis-specific game. We’ll know if we have the greenlight to do this by Friday. So…what is it? Well…. think cheesecake 😉

I love the Artbooks but it’s just a bit too much for me. Is there any alternative option?

Yes. We will have 2 options for you….

We will offer the Digital E-Book Versions as a “Complete Artbook Set” which will include Volume 1, Volume 2, Strawberry Cheesecake Artbook, Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, and the Fairytale Games Storybook all bundled in one pack.

The second option will be to offer a discount of sorts in the add-on for if you pledged for all or partially all of the Hardcover Art Books. We will be announcing these add-on price points very shortly.

Any Announcement About The Cross-Promotion with Ninja Dice?

Yes! We will officially announce something simultaneously with Ninja Dice on Friday. This will cover exactly what you’ll be receiving for backing both campaigns. One thing that will be big that I can only leave you to speculate until Friday, is that Greenbrier Games and Artistic Justice Games have found a very beneficial solution for those who want to back both to get the exclusives, yet aren’t able to get past the international shipping fees associated with Ninja Dice. Believe me, if that’s your worry, we’ve got you covered 😉

Can we double up and pledge twice (by adding on the second pledge) to save on fees?

Well, yes sort of? You can definitely do so but the larger your box, the more shipping it will be. Shipping is something we have the least amount of leeway with, but we can offer a $10 pledge discount for shipping on your added-on tier. So let’s say you want the Mad Hatter Tier ($125) and you’re in Europe (+$30 Shipping). But then you decide to add-on the Nutcracker Prince tier ($240). We would then add (+$20) shipping for the second order, giving you a total of $415 for everything including shipping.

If I backed the First Campaign, can I combine it with this one and not pay any shipping?

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible. We tried various ways to calculate this, but since we ate most of the shipping ourselves in the first campaign, we can not afford to absorb both campaigns together. At first we thought there was a chance to do so, but it just ended up that this was not an option.

I’m a bit confused as to what all the new items are for this campaign versus the last one.

  •  1. Super Fairytale Fighters 2 (Round 2 Battlepacks) – There are 4 new battlepacks
  •  2. 200 Page Art Book (Volume 2) – Covers art from Horror, Steampunk and Zombie
  •  3. Fairytale Games Playing Cards
  •  4. Fairytale Games Storybook (200 page hardcover)
  •  5. Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes (50 page hardcover)
  •  6. Pulp Fantasy Character Packs

For things that might be of interest:

  •  1. Gingerbread Pack – If you didn’t get the Teaser Pack during the last campaign
  •  2. Strawberry Cheesecake Pack/Artbook – If you missed the Cheesecake Pack last time. (If you did get the pack, you will automatically receive the 45 new cards from the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack).


  • Day-1 Nauticus Landmark Location Card
  • Day-1 Horror Edition Gingerbread Man Character Card
  • Special Backer Card (it’s something I’m creating as a Kickstarter bonus to commemorate me slightly messing up the launch date of this campaign for the team) LOL.

So will there be anymore cool card exclusive giveaways?

Check facebook and our website on Friday and maybe they’ll be a little Magic in the air 🙂

The Mystery Box

Ok, we briefly mentioned this in our previous update and this is something that is open for anyone yet not mandatory. Just something fun for anyone who wants to participate.

Basically, here is the premise…. We will be adding an add-on called “The Mystery Box”. The minimum pledge is $5 and you can stay at that or go as high as you’d like. No one will know what you put into the box. Basically, by the conclusion of this campaign, when all the backer surveys are given out, we will as if you put anything in the Mystery Box and the amount. When we tally up all the Mystery Box funds, we will use it to give you a surprise. The more the funds, the bigger or more exciting the surprise. Now keep in mind, this is something based on extreme trust and only partake in it if you believe in it. This was created and is currently guided by our Backer Community who is participating actively in our comment threads. This was their idea (shoutout to HaiKulture) and is something to add a bit of added bonus to the campaign.

So what will the surprise be? Well, it’s kind of up to you! Anything you’d like to see themed, just stop by the comment thread and say something like “+1 Cthulhu in a Bikini” and if it turns out that a lot of people like that idea and +1 it, the surprise will be themed that way. It might be an exclusive character card, a T-Shirt, or if the box expands high enough, maybe even a mini. So if you participate, keep the ideas coming!

Once this campaign is over, we’ll announce what the theme is, though the surprise will stay a surprise until you receive your minis (and it will be certified as authentic by us!)

Rally Rally Rally!

Ok, with only 12 days left, please make sure that you spread the word so your friends or gaming group can be a part of our growing and very awesome Fairytale Games Community. A few of you have asked if there were anything in this campaign that is exclusive (like the teaser pack from the previous campaign). The ONLY thing that IS EXCLUSIVE is the “Pulp Fantasy Character Pack.” So please don’t forget to pick up your copy today since we are not offering this again in another campaign since this was fanfare that we did for this campaign only.

Looking forward to see you on Friday during our next smaller update!


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