One Week to Go! Woo!

Hi Everyone,

Just looking at our countdown and as of now we have about 7 days left of this campaign! Now is the time to help get friends that are on the fence to come take a second look as we now have 73 minis available in this campaign, and if you’re at Big Bad Wolf tier or higher (excluding the Mad Hatter tier) 23 of these minis are yours FOR FREE! And by the looks of things, we are just about to do the next Double Unlock and score two more minis!

This is going to be a smaller update but a very nice follow-up from the last one. Are you ready?

Web Updates!

We’re almost finished with our next massive card art update (waiting on a few more before we do the next huge release) but in the meantime we’ve released a revised Snow White in the Minis Section of our website (, as well as King Arthur and Mowgli. Pinocchio just came in so we’ll make that post sometime tomorrow night. Please note once again that the sculpts are a work in progress so you will see different versions or tweaks to some of them as we progress forward through more sculpts.

As for the Demo Kits, we have begun the selection process of which cards will go with what for the demo. In one of our next updates, we’ll list all the cards that will be in the demo before we start creating the PNP version. The selection process is a bit slow since we’re trying to set them up to make sense as a tutorial besides just a sample of the game. But as mentioned before, we’re determined to have it done way before we attend BGG in November.

Digital Art Book Pricing!

We’ll update the graphics for the add-ons tomorrow, but here is what you will be expecting:

  • Fairytale Games Artbook Volume 1: $30
  • Fairytale Games Artbook Volume 2: $30
  • Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes: $15
  • Fairytale Games Storybook: $25
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Artbook: $15
  • PARTY OF FIVE: $95

Another thing to note is that the Digital Art Books are only Kickstarter Exclusive for backers. This is not something we’ll offer outside of Kickstarter or on our website.

Cross Promotion with Ninja Dice

Give us one more day for this announcement. There’s something pretty important I’m waiting on that will make the announcement that much more sweeter. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this, especially if you are an international backer that’s on the fence of either project!

Did Somebody Say Cheesecake …. in a minis campaign?

Though there isn’t much we planned on offering in the Cheesecake Minis combination, we might surprise you before the end of this campaign. It will definitely be an add-on, but will not affect any gameplay or any of the games or future games if you are not interested in cheesecake items. So keep checking back at our campaign!

7 Days of Kickstarter

So… anyone who has been in our comment threads have probably heard me drop a hint at something somewhat exciting for the last week of this campaign in lieu of exclusives. I promised that during the campaign there will be at least something of interest, right? How about….

Every Day, starting tomorrow, for every new character we unlock in our stretch goals, we will give everyone (of all tiers) 1 free EXCLUSIVE character card with their Player Boards. If we get that double unlock coming up, that’s right…. 2 New Character Cards!

And just for grins…. let’s have another “Event”, this time hosted by Slamfist Media! The rules of this Event will be on our website, facebook, and an official link will be also included in our next update very soon! Don’t miss out as it’ll be a great way for you to possibly snag something extra for supporting our campaign!

Speaking of Slamfist Media

For anyone who hasn’t seen their newest Fan Fiction, please check it out and see the Nutcracker Prince take on Pinocchio in a battle of the birch! (Ok, that was a bad joke… I have to admit.)

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