Cross Promotion and International Goodness!

Fairytale and Ninja Dice Cross Promotion!

We are now offering a bonus gift to all Backers who back both the Fairytales Games Miniatures project and Ninja Dice.  We are giving away a special Fairytale themed location card for Ninja Dice, and a special Frost Viking Guest Miniature of Lance the Undead Viking.  You may know him from his board game reviews, in fact any day now he will be posting a review of Ninja Dice.  You will get both give-aways for FREE, by just supporting 2 projects you may already love!

Below you can see the fantastic art from Fairytale games depicting a concept of the artwork of Lance as the Undead (Frost) Viking!

BUT WAIT.. that’s not all – International Shipping Deal!

In a nutshell how you would like to pay at least just $5 more for another game or maybe even get it for free and save money on shipping?

We have heard over and over again how shipping is royally expensive. For those international backers backing both projects we are going to reduce the shipping cost.  This will result in a delay shipment of Ninja Dice as they will be packed together with your FairyTale project but the cost savings will be well worth it.

To take advantage of the savings simply back at Big Bad wolf or higher on the Fairytale Project & the Flying Dragon Level on Ninja Dice.

Fairytale Games Campaign: You no longer have to add extra to your Pledge for Shipping! (Meaning, FREE SHIPPING UP TO $40)!!!

Exciting News For International Backers!!!

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with a UK shipping company, thus all EU based shipments will be shipped from within the EU avoiding VAT and Duty fees.

We think this offers a great incentive to back and support both projects so don’t wait!


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