Cheesecake Minis Followup :)

Hi Everyone,

Just a followup from the last update, the 3 Cheesecake minis are not exclusive to this campaign per se, but there will be a limited production run of them. This means, we’ll probably have extras that we will be offering at conventions or in a future campaign until the supply runs out. After, we’ll begin planning and designing a actual Cheesecake line which will most likely be offered in Boxed Sets. During that time, we’ll probably have replaced versions of these 3 characters. But as to when the cheesecake minis line will begin work, that will be a question for next year after after we ship the original campaign items to you 🙂

To answer a few quick questions we noticed, the cheesecake minis will be the same size and material as the current minis. Also, unfortunately because of our mold/casting layout, we don’t have enough space to run a full Cheesecake Box Set for this campaign. Though we aren’t able to bundle the 3 Cheesecake Minis together, we will offer their respective Character Cards and a special Cheesecake Player Board with each of them for you.

Be an Author!

Right now we already have 10 Authors. If you’d like to be an author as well, PLEASE REMEMBER to send an e-mail to with the subject title line “LIVING STORYBOOK” so we can reserve your spot. If not, we might not see it an might not reserve your space before it gets taken up.

A question we had from a few backers were that there were doubts that they had the writing ability to create a storybook chapter. Don’t worry, we will be there to guide you through it and will have proofreaders to help you polish and make your chapter look the best it will be 🙂

Wow, already unlocked Steampunk Merlin and the “7 Days of Kickstarter” Exclusive Character Card….. ZOMBIE PETER, THE PUMPKIN EATER!

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