Last 3 Days!

Hi Everyone, we’re now at the home stretch and these last 3 days are going to be amazing! Let’s quickly recap what’s happened this last week in case you missed it:

  • We’ve unlocked a total of 26 FREE miniatures!!! (For Big Bad Wolf tiers or higher, excluding Mad Hatter)
  • Through Cross Campaigning with Ninja Dice, you can now get a FREE Undead Viking Miniature for Fairytale Games as well as an Undead Battlefield Challenge Card for Ninja Dice… AND up to $40 towards international shipping on our campaign for backing both!
  • We’ve finally established a European Distributor, eliminating VAT and Duty charges for Europe.
  • And a big one…. WE SURPASSED OUR LAST CAMPAIGN and are still going!

So what are these new Add-Ons?

Ok, so here are the last few add-ons for this campaign. Because you asked for it, we are offering up 3 Cheesecake Minis! Rapunzel, Diao Chan, and Robin Hood make their debut as the first 3 variants for a future miniature line. Pick them up now and be the first to bring your cheesecake to the table!

The second add-on, is something nobody asked for. LOL. This is something I really wanted to try and finally convinced the team to let me present to you. This is our first ever “Living Storybook”! Backers who add-on to participate will develop one chapter in this book starring our loveable Sausage Man (from the Brother Grim’s story, “A mouse, a bird, and a sausage). The chapters will continue the story along where you will create scenarios and tell a story which will create his “official” lore. This will be a true backer created tale which will also have your name in the credits as the Author. The book will be illustrated as well and all backers who add this on will receive a book!

For those who are interested in the book but do not want to be an author, we’re also offering the same 100 page Hardcover Book as an add-on by itself as well as its digital version. So check out the Add-ons and see if you want to be a part of this sandbox!

What about the “Seven Days of Kickstarter”?

Since then, you’ve unlocked Spring Heeled Jack, Steampunk Tik Tok, Dracula, and Zombie Prince Charming. That means you will be receiving FOUR Kickstarter exclusive character cards with their Player Boards for EVERY reward tier or… a Boss Card with a Quest Card that leads to fighting them! Which cards have you unlocked so far?

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card)

With 3 days left who knows how many more Kickstarter Exclusive Cards you’ll end up with! (Check out below for a sample of Cao Cao’s Boss Card!)

Any New “Sacred 40” Minis yet?

Yes! Our sculptors have been making heavy progress and as of today, we have 10 of the 40 on our website and will have more these next few days. To check them out, please visit

Yesterday we released Scarecrow and today Hua Mulan. Enjoy!

The Looking Glass

Looking at our pledges so far, we have beat our last campaign and are now in the final stretch! For those of you from the first campaign, you can understand why we must commemorate this accomplishment with a little bit of Fairytale Love. It should be fitting that we will be rewarding all backers of this campaign an ITEM CARD called, you guessed it “The Looking Glass”. Once our artist completes the artwork for it, we’ll post it up for you to see. Thank you very much everyone for promoting and supporting this campaign! This moment of grand achievement couldn’t have happened without all of you!

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