48 Hours to Go!

Hi Everyone,

First off congratulations on unlocking Guan Yu and Zombie Cthulhu! We are now onto the Backer Voted mini then will push forward to page 3 where we’ll see all three of the Trinity, ready for you as minis! For the “7 Days of Kickstarter”, here are the cards you’ve unlocked so far:

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card)
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • La Llorona
  • Wendigo (Boss Card)
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card) – New!

Post Pledge Manager?

Yes, this time around we will be utilizing a pledge manager system similar to ZPocalypse: Aftermath. We will probably have this ready for you about 3 weeks after this campaign ends, putting the Pledge Manager live sometime in November. You will still be able to receive stretch goals at that time, though no new stretch goals will be unlocked since we need to cap off our minis production as soon as this campaign is over, and solidify the production schedule.

An “Event” for our Backers!

Please visit Slamfist Media’s website at: www.slamfistmedia.com/miniature-contest/

Please read the rules carefully or else you would end up participating in the wrong one and cause your submission to be voided. Enjoy the event and good luck 🙂

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