The 11th Hour (Now less than 8 hours to go!)

Hi Everyone! Wow, at the 11th hour we have REALLY come a long way. At almost another character unlock at $205k we are speeding towards breaking Kicktraq again! Can you believe that just today alone, we have unlocked a total of 8 Characters? Here’s some statistics for you:

(Note: We just unlocked Lu Bu! So we now have 40 Free Minis…. deja vu in a good way! This makes our total miniatures available in this campaign at 95 and growing. VERY AWESOME!)

TRINITY! We unlocked Trinity! That is definitely pretty cool, especially since you can play as them or against them in the Dungeon Crawl game to be introduced next year, among other things 🙂

Seven Days of Kickstarter Tally:

  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  •  The Voodoo Doll
  •  Cao Cao (Boss Card)
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  •  La Llorona
  •  Wendigo (Boss Card)
  • Zombie Peter the Pumpkin Eater
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card)
  • Mr. Sandman
  • The Nightengale
  • Lilith
  • Watson
  • Steampunk Emperor with New Clothes
  • Frost Queen (Boss Card)
  • Evil Queen (Boss Card)
  • Queen of Hearts…. Character Card!
  • Frost Queen…. Character Card!
  • Evil Queen…. Character Card! <– New! For unlocking Lu Bu

Backer Voted Miniature (From Box Set#7)

So with the help of Slamfist Media and TheHatter, we have compiled a list of your TOP 5 characters that you’d like to see take this slot. We’ll be giving you all 48 hours to vote and will announce who will be your Backer Voted Mini! Please follow this link and vote here:

Day-1 Exclusives Redeux!

For those who missed out on the Day-1 Exclusive Cards, we really do want you to be able to get them. But, you will have to do something to get them. Here are 3 things you can do that will not only help this campaign reach more people, but also make things super easy for you to get the cards. Ready? You can do one or all of the following:

  • Facebook Like this Campaign on the Kickstarter Main Page
  • Share this campaign through
  • Give us a Tweet on Twitter
  • Go to BGG and give our game a “Thumb” or post some great comments
  • Go to our Facebook and “Like” our page
  • Go to the Comments Section of this campaign and say “Hi” to some of the really awesome people there!
  • Add to the Mystery Box (and get a Mystery Box Reward!)

Because we have the all-seeing crystal ball from Trinity, we can check! Well, not really. It’s by honor system but remember, if you do these things, it will help this campaign during the last 11 hours and will essentially get you all some stretch goal unlocks going pretty quickly!

So it’s the last half a day! Don’t you have ANYTHING else for us?

Well, we definitely can’t go nuts like the last campaign. But there were some talks in the comment threads that made me smile. I brought it to the attention of the team and they thought it to be pretty fun as well. So…..

Can you imagine? A bunch of items randomly appearing that are basically fairytale character heads! And these two will have to mad dash for them to gain that character’s special abilities or powers! This will be a fast and frantic new edition to the Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battle Packs…. FREE for the Big Bad Wolf tier and up!

And with that, the team and I are very excited to be here with you all during the final 11 hours! (Wow! I think we just unlocked Lu Bu!) Congratulations everyone…Time to edit the graphics!

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