You are the Backers Royale!

Hi Everyone! Woo…. what an exciting finish to what seemed like a long, yet epic campaign!  Thinking about how I could make this a shorter update, since I know a lot of you who stayed up late, stumbled out of bed still sick from the flu, snuck out of work, or were glued to your monitor during our last 12 hours could use a condensed version, I decided to just go with my heart, and represent the team with all our sincerest thanks no matter how long-winded this update may be!

Where Do I Even Begin?

This campaign has become a part of me personally, as well as the team. A lot of you were part of our first campaign and saw the Fairytale Games magic happen first hand. Those of you who joined us in this one, have made our family grow. From our first campaign, we have grown into a Fairytale Games Universe, and it isn’t even about the cards, the minis, or dare I even say… exclusives? (Ok, no I don’t.) It’s about all of you, the Backers Royale.

During these 30+ days, you helped us rally, became the warm and welcoming help desk for new backers, did roadtrips to promote the heck out of this campaign, entered the very scary reddit territory, and more importantly we became brothers and sisters who stood by each other, ended up sincerely caring for each other and have now become a part of each other’s lives.

Think about what we all accomplished during this campaign. What began with, um…. me personally messing up the time of the launch date, became an AMAZING bolt out of the gate with us getting funded in just less than TWO HOURS! By the 4th hour the Card Soldier and Flying Monkey were out and about, confusing new backers with the terrible wording in our reward tiers. (Sorry AJG team, but even I agree that it was REALLY bad…LOL).

Then there was the whole Sacred40 and Exclusive content week which almost created a rift between our first campaign and current. But because of our first time campaigners opening their hearts out and letting new backers enjoy some of the exclusives within our campaign, we created a compromise that benefited everyone. Thank you very much for everyone’s patience and understanding during that ordeal!

We continued to pick up great momentum and as all potentially great Kickstarter campaigns would expect, the Trolls came storming in. But this time, you were all ready, with swords, shields and even a Wikipedia YOU created, to fight them with. This was a very proud moment for me, as this passion you all had to rally against doubts, mudslinging, and “interesting” personalities made me even more thankful that I was never alone. We won each battle because we believe not only in the Fairytale Games Universe, but in each other. Even when what looked like a great storm overhead raining bones would wash away our campaign, you were all here proud and strong, rallying even more backers to help us walk through it and help us all realize that both campaigns were both just as good; brushing the fears off for the sun on the other side.

Then from a lot of pushing and with the green light from the team, we finally let the cat out of the bag, briefly giving you some insight that your minis WILL go beyond just replacement player tokens and will get a lot of mileage in a Dungeon Crawler, Prison Escape and Mini Skirmish Game that will somehow link together with our main card games. Then there’s Pantheon 😉

Quicker than we realized, it already became the last 7 Days of Kickstarter and we had racked over 30 unlocked miniatures! More add-ons started popping up as well as the much demanded intro to the Cheesecake line. Our pledges skyrocketed and we made 8 unlocks in one day! It was a rush to the finish line at the very exciting last few hours. In fact we came right down to the wire and barely unlocked Spartacus just within 3 minutes of the campaign end. It was so intense that the speed of my computer and photoshop skills couldn’t out-quickdraw Kickstarter, leaving the final graphic updates incomplete as the countdown reached zero. (Special thanks to Greenbrier Games, Jeff Gracia, and Jed Wahl for helping us push through a lot of initial Sacred40 Miniatures in such a short period of time for everyone to see!)

Looking back, I don’t see just a successfully funded campaign that once again proudly broke Kicktraq. Instead I see holiday packs +1’s, Night Courts, Mystery Box backer genius, and cheesecake Cthulhu. I see FAMILY here who share video game/painting tips/horror stories of work/school experiences with each other, family who are working hard to graduate this year, family who had unfortunate news but had the support of everyone here to lend an ear and shoulder, and family who even became a FATHER during the craziness of our campaign (shoutout to Frank77)! This is what I’ve seen. I see our Fairytale Games Universe come alive in each and every one of you. And with this, as the humble and sleep deprived representative of Artistic Justice Games, I sincerely and whole-heartedly thank you for letting us also be a part of your Family 🙂

The Exclusives!

Some of you may not realize but we are giving away A LOT of exclusives! Here’s a list of what you should be receiving these exclusive CARDS:

  • Nauticus Landmark Location (Day-1)
  • Horror Edition Gingerbread Man (Day-1)
  • Special Backer Card (it’s something to commemorate me slightly messing up the launch date of this campaign for the team) LOL.
  • Undead Viking
  • Little Bo Peep
  • The Voodoo Doll
  • Cao Cao (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • La Llorona Wendigo (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Zombie Peter the Pumpkin Eater
  • Bandersnatch (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Mr. Sandman
  • The Nightengale
  • Lilith
  • Watson
  • Steampunk Emperor with New Clothes
  • Frost Queen (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Evil Queen (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Queen of Hearts…. Character Card!
  • Frost Queen…. Character Card!
  • Evil Queen…. Character Card!
  • The Three Blind Mice
  • ZPocalypse Guest Star (We’ll announce who soon!)
  • Princess Badroulbadour
  • Paul Bunyan (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • Steampunk Billy the Kid
  • Bell Witch
  • The Hookah Caterpillar (Boss Card) and Boss Quest Card
  • AND…. for Big Bad Wolf tiers and Higher…. You will get a Mombi vs The Headless Horseman Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Battle Pack!

Of course, for those of you who also backed Ninja Dice, you’ll be receiving the Undead Viking Miniature (for Fairytale Games) and Undead Battlefield Challenge Card (for Ninja Dice)! If you haven’t done so, you can still back them and qualify as their campaign still has about 6 days to go. Hurry!

What about the “Backer Created Character” from Box Set# 7?

Slamfist Media is just about to wrap up tallying the final votes for the top 5 characters you’ve chosen. Once this is done, we will announce, in a much shorter update, which character this will be! Please give special thanks to Slamfist Media for helping us with all the polls and contests during the campaign. Speaking of which…..

What were the Results of the “Event?”

Slamfist will be revealing the results within the next few days. For anyone who misses the announcement, we’ll give a shoutout to the winners on our Facebook and Website!

The Pledge Manager

In case anyone missed it, in about 3 weeks, we’ll announce and make available our pledge manager system. From there you can add to your pledges, upgrade, and even add new pledges through the system. We’ll keep you informed when we’re ready to go as well as how long we will have it open. We understand that the holidays will be near when we release the Pledge Manager so we’ll see what we can do to open it long enough for anyone who wants to add gifts for friends and family.

Back to Work

Yep, no rest for the weary! We know that during this time there were a lot of things we intended to do with updates, create a cards, cheesecake/tarot likenesses that dramatically slowed down during the campaign. We intend to make up for lost time and push forward expediently during the next couple of weeks until we’re back on track. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

So what will happen to Box Set# 9?

Well, as it stands it is considered incomplete so you can not add it into the pledge manager. Instead, if you’re interested in these characters, you’ll just add them on individually. For the missing characters, teased following what has been unlocked, you’ll definitely see them appear soon enough in one way shape or form. They are all important characters to future games!

Box Set Scramble

So…. one lingering question has been if we could box characters together in a more thematic way, like all steampunk in one box for example. Now that we have the final tally of characters we’ll be producing, we can do the Character Shuffle for you. You’ll see the updated grouping in a future update, before the pledge manager is available. So if you see them boxed differently in the Pledge Manager, please feel free to rejoice when necessary. LOL.

Authors of the Living Storybook

By tomorrow, I will send you all a confirmation e-mail to make sure you are on our list of authors. Following, I’ll give you all instructions on how to begin. This will be A LOT of fun for all of us! Just think the story of the Sausage Man is in YOUR hands 🙂

Attention Old Reward Tier Owners!!!

During the campaign, there were a few reward tiers that we were trying to phase out because we created better tiers for the campaign itself. These tiers are:

  • THE HATTER TIER (different from The Mad Hatter Tier)

We have tried many times during the campaign to reach out to you if you belong in these tiers. If you are, please contact us immediately so we can adjust you to the correct tier. Thank you so much for your help!

Is The Excitement Really Over?

Of course not! We will frequently both campaign threads, continuing updates, website updates and are in the process of creating a Fairytale Games Universe official forum for us all to gather and keep our connections with each other strong. We’ll let you know once it’s available and anyone can join! So with this, I’m about to pass out again for finally a full night’s sleep in order to begin bright-eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow to start getting some work done! We do, after all have just a bit of Miniatures to do 😉

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