Website Updates and More!

Hi Everyone,

This quick update is for both Fairytale Games campaigns to let you all know that things have been progressing very well. For those who haven’t been visiting our website, we’ve added quite a bit since the miniature campaign concluded. Of these additions are:

  • GAMEPLAY: We’ve updated and added “Each Card Type, Character Cards, Timing, Movement, Easy Battle Mode, Advanced Battle Mode, Questing, and the Win/Lose Conditions.” We’ll be updating the Advanced Gameplay Mechanics this week.
  • ARTISTS: We have added 4 New Artists to our team and will actually add 3 more before the end of the week. Be sure to check out their Fairytale Games illustrations!
  • NEW TABS: We added a Cheesecake Tab for backers who want to show off their Cheesecake Artwork as well as show off some of the other Cheesecake cards from the Strawberry Cheesecake Packs, FAQ section for questions that have come up during the course of both campaigns, and we consolidated the Super Fairytale Fighters 2 and Rumplestiltskin games into a tab a called Spinoff-Games.
  • CHARACTERS: We have updated a large cast of characters! All of the original character cards are uploaded and by the end of this week, we should have most of Horror and Steampunk completed. You can see a lot of the gameplay mechanics on these cards and better understand how the game works. Please keep in mind that these are not the proof-read and edited versions.

To see the new content, go to:

How are the Miniatures coming along?

From the duration of the campaign and following, we have released 12 from the Sacred 40. While still going to be tweaked for details a couple more times, they all look very close to the final versions. We are also going to add a section called the WIP section to our website so you can see some of them in the earlier stages. On hand, once we create that section, we will upload WIP of Zorro, Monkey King, Goldilocks, and Peter Pan. From what I see from our schedule, there should be a couple more in addition to those this week.

Greenbrier Games has been doing an awesome job with the sculpts and keeping their team ahead of schedule. We’re looking for a January mark to finish the Sacred 40 to send to our rough 3D printers for a full on scale ratio print before final detailing. Simultaneously, we are also working on the sculpts for the minis campaign so we won’t lose any time. Be prepared to see some of those sculpts on our website come January/February-ish (maybe even much sooner!) Once they’re all done, we’ll send them to molding/casting and will show you some photos along the way.

Here’s an example of a WIP compared to the more finalized sculpts on our website. For this one specifically, we are still working on the base and some of the details to the sculpt.

So when is the Pledge Manager and Backer Surveys going to be released?

The Pledge Manager is still being incorporated. We are hoping to get it out the door before Thanksgiving and have it run through the holidays until January. That will give you a chance to pick up some things for yourself or for others who might like something from our Fairytale Games Universe.

As for the Backer Surveys, we’re considering to wait until the Pledge Manager has ended so that the Backer Surveys will reflect on pledges as a whole instead of breaking it up between Minis Campaign and the Pledge Manager. If anything changes, we’ll update you right away.

Videos and Demo Kits

We are finalizing the demo kits right now. There’s still a little bit of artwork that we are doing for them. Our goal is to have this ready for the BGG Con this month. Once we’re ready, we’ll do a few short print runs of the kit to send out for reviews as well as take to BGG. After BGG Con is over, we’ll post the demo kits up for you all as a Backer Only PNP so you can use it as a tutorial to see how the game works. Since it’s only a small portion of the game, you’ll only be able to see some of the basic mechanics of the game, but still can get a good feel of it nevertheless. After these Demo Kits are complete, we’ll film and post our gameplay mechanic videos using these kits since it will be much easier and visually better to explain the gameplay this way.

What else can we expect this week?

We’ve already made some good headway with the Create a Card items. But, we know there are quite a few of you who have been waiting for us. Don’t worry, this week I am going to go through them where the team had left off and make sure to start your process immediately.

Living Storybook Authors have already begun so this will be an ongoing process until complete. From what I’ve seen so far, the Sausage character is going to be in for a really wild adventure. The authors have some really awesome and creative ideas. So for anyone who pledged for the Living Storybook, you’re definitely in for a treat!

As mentioned above, we’ll have more artwork posted for the character cards. Also, we have started working on the artwork for Rumplestiltskin and Super Fairytale Fighters 2. We’ll post a few samples of these cards this month so you can get a better feel for them.

Tarot Cards are still in the works and we’ll show off some of its stunning artwork as well as the upcoming Fairytale Games Playing Cards! So this month will be pretty exciting 🙂

Any Updates on some of the Future Games?

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