Small Update for the Week :)

Hi Everyone,

Just a super quick update. First up, two new character art on our website, Baba Yaga and Diao Chan. (Note: in Diao Chan’s storyline she defected to Japan though she is Chinese, so please don’t be surprised to see her in a Kimono.)

Also, we have 3 new work in progress of Goldilocks, Zorro, and Monkey King. Remember, these are WIPs only so there are a lot of things that will be tweaked and edited during out next sculpt run on them (Zorro will indeed have his hat). To find these, just go to the minis tab and scroll to the bottom link for WIPs.

This week is going to be a great week of art and miniature reveals. So get ready for some great eye candy 🙂

And if you hadn’t done so already, go check out the King’s Armory for a unique tower defense game that’s starting to get some great reviews and attention. They’ve already unlocked the Devastation of Indines character stretch goal and are pushing forward during these last 24 hours! Plus there’s a few playable Fairytale Games characters in their game as well.

Given what’s in store for this week, the next update should feel like you just gobbled an entire Thanksgiving feast. See you then!

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