Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday season with your loved ones, friends, all while having time to play your favorite games. We’ve been hard at work through the holidays, though we DO have to give some break for our artists.

To keep you updated, we’re almost done with the artwork for the Fairytale Games: Battle Royale (the first core edition). This is including Battle Cards, Action Cards, Event Cards, Location Cards, Item Cards, Character Cards, and Tactic Cards. Following, we’ll continue through the Fairytale Expansion, Legends of Time, Horror, Steampunk, and Zombie Editions. Since our last update, we’ve been posting a lot of character artwork from each edition. For December, here’s what we’ve updated on our website:

  • 1. Diao Chan
  • 2. Baba Yaga
  • 3. Lu Bu
  • 4. Hyde
  • 5. Banshee
  • 6. Golem
  • 7. Invisible Man
  • 8. Ugly Duckling
  • 9. Dr. Faust
  • 10. Zombie Little John
  • 11. Horror Edition: Huntsman
  • 12. Horror Edition: Pinocchio
  • 13. Horror Edition: Big Bad Wolf
  • 14: Horror Edition: Piper
  • 15. Horror Edition: Scarecrow
  • 16. Horror Edition: Red
  • 17. Steampunk Lady Marian
  • 18. Steampunk Midas
  • 19. Steampunk Wendy

Minis Update!

We’ve also updated more Miniature Figure Sculpts, though Work In Progress only:

  • 1. Robin Hood
  • 2. Huntsman
  • 3. Mother Goose (we are fixing the fire effect that holds the flying pages together)
  • 4. Pocahontas (we are fixing the size of the bone weapon)
  • 5. Cowardly Lion (Did you notice his medal? Instead of Courage is now Rage!)
  • 6. Big Bad Wolf

With that, we are ahead of schedule and are almost complete with the first WIP rough drafts of the full sacred 40 sculpts! That means, we will do our rounds of tweaking, editing, and changing certain features of these WIPs based on a lot of feedback from you all as well as our own teams. Following, we will be working on sculpts for the Minis Campaign and will do another 3D print run to compare the scale of all 40 characters as a whole before doing one final minor tweaks and edits round. This is SUPER exciting!


More Stuff!

The ruleset of RUMPLESTILTSKIN! has been updated as well. We now show the additional roles and special Trait and Spell cards we are adding to the game as optional components. Check them out here:

And for those who want to see one more Strawberry Cheesecake art, please go to the respective section on our website to meet Tatterhood, illustrated by our very talented artist Canor (18+ age advisory warning…LOL)

The Pledge Manager:

Ok, we are very behind on this, but the light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. There’s just a few more fixes we need to make to the system as well as update a few product identifiers and we will be good to go. We completely understand that we were planning on having this ready around Thanksgiving, so we will not end this in January. Instead, whatever day we launch the pledge manager (most likely the beginning of January) we will keep things open for one month in total, so you have the time you need to make additions or edits to your pledges. Also, you might be surprised to find a couple of things in the Pledge Manager that you haven’t seen before. But we will be sure to make an official announcement giving everyone the green light and the link.

Demo Kit:

Yes! We are just 5 art pieces away from finalizing it and setting it up for PNP. The artists working on these pieces are away for the holidays but will be back to work after the weekend. With a little push, we might be able to get these ready about the same time, if not earlier, than the Pledge Manager launch. At the same time, we’ll have the gameplay videos ready since we will be using the Demo Kit to do these demos. Definitely going to start 2014 in a very positive start 🙂

We also have a few pretty awesome updates coming up soon, but we’ll wait until we have some visuals to show you before we make it official. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Artistic Justice Games team!


Holiday Cards!

Though we are making an official update tomorrow, the team at Artistic Justice Games as well as Greenbrier Games would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!

In your honor, we’ve created a few E-Cards you can send to your friends and family or just collect them as some cool artwork by: Marcus Sinclair, Rio Taylor, and Kiki (@Jobofun Studios).

Please stay safe and enjoy the Holiday Season 🙂