Happy Lunar New Year and A Minis Update!

Hi Everyone,

For everyone celebrating today, Happy Lunar New Year! Galloping with full speed ahead in this year of the Horse, we’d like to give you a quick round of updates for the Sacred 40 minis!

Following tonight’s updates, we’re going to go through and finalize the sculpts. What’s been going on behind the scenes, is Jed Wahl and his team of awesome sculptors have been working extremely hard on tweaking and revising every detail of these minis. Once we have the final revisions, we’ll post them on our website’s main Minis Page so you’ll know what to expect the Sacred 40 to look like 🙂

But until then, check out the following WIPs and let’s have an awesome year and beyond!

LOL I thought it was pretty cool that if you put Bastinda, the Wicked Witch of the West in front of Dorothy, it looks like she just snatched Toto away from her and is holding it above her head. Thus, she is a bit upset!

For those who missed the past minis update or would like to see what the previous minis Work In Progress look like, you can always do so here:


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