Large Minis Update!

Hi Everyone,

Today’s update is a pretty hefty and exciting one. As you know, the awesome sculpting team lead by Jed Wahl has been slaving away at sculpting, editing, tweaking, editing, tweaking, and more editing these past couple of months to bring the Sacred 40 to life. During the while, we had posted the WIPs on our website and were excited to hear your response and suggestions. We definitely kept everything to heart and made many revisions to them. For the Sacred 40, we’re now ready to get our assets sent over for our Master Proofs. Though they’ll be in batches, we’re looking as receiving all sacred 40 masters in the next couple of months so they will be ready for mass production when it’s time!

While files are getting prepped and the magic happens, we are moving forward in great speed to bring you more WIPs for the current campaign minis. Currently, the team has most of the character sketches and illustrations ready for initial sculpts.

So who was that Backer Character?

Ah yes! In the Sacred40 Box Set#3 (The Dark Ones), we had a mysterious Backer Character from the original campaign’s King Midas Tier. Though his character’s storyline is in the works, may we proudly present….. Professor Leland Thorn! He’s an intellect, a mage of sorts, and has the power to protrude a thorn from his thumb, which he uses to inject poison or numbing agents into his victims’ bloodstream. Definitely a deadly adversary or a remarkable ally! And of course, as a scholar, our professor comes with his faithful stalwart companion, “Lancet”.

Wait, so we have a new logo too?

Yes! Actually from the first campaign, our plan was to revise our game logo from a mere parody to a real logo. Because we didn’t want any confusion, we kept the old logo during our minis campaign. But now with the help of our awesome artist Rio, we have a logo for each edition of our game! Check them out:

OK, Show me the Minis Already!

Sure thing! Check out our website and see what the finals for the Sacred 40 +1 (Gears of Bremen) look like here:

Wait….! What about the Pledge Manager!

Ok, on that you have good and bad news. Both are that I personally broke it while updating images to it. The good news is that this is a major but that we caught early that we are fixing right now. The bad news is that until we fix this issue, we will have to push back the Pledge Manager one last time. Everything is ready except for this bug fix so we do not foresee it being too much longer. Once ready, we’ll make sure to let you all know. The great news is that it will be well worth it, especially with some special requests we put in just for you 🙂

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