Minis Update and More!

Hi Everyone, since the last time we updated, we completed the “Sacred 40” 3D renders. If any of you missed it, please refer to:

We have just started receiving mould and cast samples and will do a post in the next update with some actual footage of the samples! That is super exciting on our end as well. We hope to have that to you by next week. Following, we will send it to our manufacturer and get our first actual proofs. Believe me, once those are in, prepare to be force fed a plethora of photos!

Minis Moving Forward:

Great news is that we’re working on getting the new renders completed quickly. Having a larger and more streamlined sculpting team with Jed Wahl at the lead, will make the process for round 2 even quicker. We took a lot of your ideas from the Sacred 40 and will apply suggestions into these groups of new minis. Just like before, we’ll see the WIPs on our website first, before the more fine-tuned sculpts. Here are 2 new samples…. Carabosse and Iron John!


Ok, the Pledge Manager is finally ready! We are consolidating your accounts into the system and will send you e-mails to enter this Wednesday morning. This will give you all enough time to get ready for it. The Pledge Manager will be available up until April so there will be at least a month for you to add onto your pledges.


For taking so long to get this Pledge Manager up and running, we made an executive decision to COMPLETE BOX SET#9! For those who vaguely remember, that was the box set that had only 3 unlocked minis in it by the end of the campaign. Now, for anyone who backed us at the Big Bad Wolf tier and above, you will receive the following minis FOR FREE!

  • Sir Mordred
  • Briar Rose
  • Spartacus
  • Slit Mouth Woman
  • Backer Creation#1
  • Backer Creation#2
  • Lilith (40mm based, larger mini)

As for what the Backer Creations are, we don’t know just yet… but it’s currently under works with the backers of those tiers. We’ll update you as we know 🙂

As well, anyone can opt to pledge for these characters as add-ons. I mean, I’d like an army of Slit Mouth Women 😉


Besides the normal tiers and add-ons from the campaign, there are also 2 add-ons we made available in the Pledge Manager that you haven’t seen before. For a preview before Wednesday….

To find out more information on their Gameplay Rules, click the images or visit our website at:


If you’re wanting to seen more updates on the card game progress, be sure to check our other campaign updates or frequent our website this week, as we’ll be making a pretty massive update for you!


We don’t normally do this, but we would like to give a quick shoutout to a project that launches today by Shingo Games. One of our graphic designers from Fairytale Games decided it was the right time to further develop his own company in the tabletop gaming industry. This is a great opportunity for him as his ideas are very awesome. So if you get the chance, let’s support his company’s debut and take a look at what his Kickstarter is all about 🙂

Capes and Villains is a 1-5 player Dice and Card that pits you as a Hero or Villain (or Super Villain) in the middle of an epic and rapid battle. Unlike a lot of other superhero games, his characters, though have a parody element of your favorite comic book heroes/villains, stand strong with a solid storyline that you can actually believe to be a real comic series. And if you’re a hardcore comic book buff, there are A LOT of inside easter eggs for you to see.

Coincidentally, he has already inquired about Minis to us, if one of their stretch goals hits. With that, there’s a possibility that if enough people love his characters that there will be some collaboration down the line. Iron John vs Iron Anvil! (Check out their website as well to see their list of characters:

But don’t wait too long! His campaign starts today and he is offering a Day-1 exclusive card that will never be available again. Check it out here:


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