Pledge Manager goes Live Today!

Hi Everyone,

We are finally live! Thank you so much for your patience. As I type this, backers will be receiving invites (through your Kickstarter e-mails) to our Pledge Management system. Because of the number of backers we have for our Minis Campaign, e-mails will be sent out in increments of tiers. So if you haven’t gotten your invite yet, don’t worry, it might be on its way. Now if by Friday you haven’t received it yet, then please contact us immediately and we will see what we need to do to get you back into the system.

Important notes about the Pledge Manager:

When you first login, you should see both Ninja Dice and Fairytale Games. You can access either of the campaigns if you’d like (especially if anyone wanted to still get a chance to get the Undead Viking/Ninja Location Cards/Free International Shipping bonus associated by backing both projects).

If you have any questions about any of the items, selections, or menu options, please please please contact us. Because once you finalize your entry, it will close out your pledge and you will not have the ability to edit your items, though you can always login to edit your address.

As well, for those who want to increase your tier to any of the higher tiers, please contact the admin. At this moment, we have to do it manually though we are working on a fix for that for the near future. So if you’re a Big Bad Wolf and want to go to Iron John, let the admin know and we’ll work with you to make the adjustment before you finalize.

Also, please note that while we feel very proud to have had Greenbrier Games and Artistic Justice Games collaborate in the creation of the Pledge Manager for the Fairytale Games Minis Campaign, there will likely be minor bugs and boo boos. That’s to be expected. Fortunately, we took care of the worst of them, even having me personally break the system for a while. But regardless, we are looking forward to your input after the experience as well, as we proactively want to keep improving the system for future campaigns.

Questions about Posters!

For those who are receiving or would like to get posters…. If you notice there is an item for posters. You can increase the quantity if you’d like, but you will have to send us an e-mail of which posters you would like. The reason being, is that you have not seen all the possible artwork yet and it would be unfair for you to have to decide right now, which character you’d like immortalized on your wall. Since we are using a different shipping method for posters, there is no time limit for when you want to finalize your poster decision. So if you even want to wait until next year when you can see every card in the game in front of you, it’s still ok. And to make things easier, as we get more artwork in, we will make a Poster Gallery on our website to make searching for your favorite a lot less work.

Trinity Ball and Fairytale Lore!

Yep, both of these add-ons are in the Pledge Manager system. Be sure to keep your eye out for them! For those who missed the last update, you can check out the rules for these spin-off games on our website at under the “spinoff games” tab.

And one more thing….!

We also got a few more 3D renders in! Please let me introduce you to the WIP of the Flying Monkey, Card Soldier, and Steampunk Belle 🙂


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