Pledge Manager Open to New Backers!


Great news everyone! For anyone who missed the campaign last September/October, here’s your chance to get in on some of the goodies! We’ve added a few new items on the list as well so be sure to check them out. All Big Bad Wolf tiers and above will still receive Stretch Goals so go wild!

Keep in mind our Pledge Manager system is still in its infancy stages so if you come across any questions or errors, please contact the admin through the pledge manager and we’ll do our best to quickly help you with it.

New Backers will need to sign in as a new user before you begin.

Also, Ninja Dice’s pledge manager is only open for 2 days! If you want to get the Undead Viking promo as well as the shipping bonus, please be sure to go through Ninja Dice’s pledge manager first before Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign.

——–| Admin Notes |———

Pledge Manager notes:

Note 1: All promotional pricing is tied into selecting the appropriate bundle during the addon step of your checkout. All bundle addons(groups of products) are limited to just 1/account. Individual products(not bundles), may be selected up to 8 times.

Note 2: Anyone who is purchasing a poster will need to send an additional email to with their specific choices, especially if you are ordering multiple posters. Since not all the artwork is not completed for the posters, you don’t have to send this email now to complete your pledge.

Note 3: All virtual products (PDF’s, Print and Play documents) are not yet completed, and place holders have been uploaded for the time being. It is expected they will be finished sometime in September 2014. Once completed, the placeholder documents will be replaced with their paid equivalents, and the links within your invoice email, or from your profile will allow you to download the files at your leisure.

Note 4: All additional payments will be handled via Paypal at the end of the pledge confirmation process. Once completed, the only information you will be able to change is your shipping address.

Note 5: Their is no ability to add multiple pledge levels via this pledge manager. If you wish to obtain multiple pledge levels, you will need to create an entirely new account for the website. However, most of the pledge level tiers have had the bundles associated with them added to the addons section for individual purchase.

Note 6: Mad Hatter & Nutcracker Prince Pledge Tier Equivalent bundles have been added to the addons section to facilitate those of you with a desire for multiple pledge levels under a single account.

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