Zombie Edition and Tarot Cards!

Hi Everyone.

I know this is a bit off tangent since we still haven’t fully discussed the core gameplay mechanics in its entirety, but we’ve had several questions about Zombie Edition specifically.

What’s different in Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition?

In comparison to Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, the main focus isn’t just to kill off the other players. Instead, there’s a slight zombie infestation going on in the Fairytale Universe, and you have an alternative choice to try to stop it with other players or try to escape (though you can still very freely kill off other players/characters). Event cards will not be about the Trinity losing patience and observing how the players interact with each other, rather a countdown until the entire universe is infested. A lot of the action cards will be themed on the new way of thinking and different kind of survival.

Characters, Locations, and even items from the first game have infected versions in Zombie Edition. If you play by combining both Zombie Edition and Battle Royale, these cards get get infected and alter the pace and the momentum of gameplay.

Are the characters just art swaps of the Battle Royale characters or do they have different abilities?

Well, one thing, Zombies are pretty simple as a whole. So, after “turning”, your Battle Royale characters will fall under one of the 5 categories of zombies that roam Fairytale Games.

INFECTION. These types of Zombies have the ability to turn any character into a fellow zombie after killing them.

BUTCHER. These Zombies are beasts… they are all about doing overkill damage. So if a Butcher does at least 50% damage to your character in combat, they get more bloodlust and do double damage thereon after.

ASSIMILATION. Think of these types, as the patchwork zombies. If they kill a character, they can immediately spend some pestilence and start cutting and sewing on that character so that they can acquire their character ability. If you’re an aggressive zombie, you can assimilate up to 3 abilities onto your character! Yikes!

DEFILE. This is the recruiter zombie. When on an infected location, it can kind of dig up dead characters that weren’t “turned” and raise them as if they were freshly grown zombies. Your enemy, my friend…. your carcass, my faction 🙂

SPLIT. These are the worst kind in my opinion. If you kill Zombie Splitter me, I become two generic zombies. No abilities, sure….. but there are two of me roaming around. And for survivalists, that’s never a good thing.

So what are “generic” zombies?

For those who are playing with characters not in Battle Royale and are “turned” by the Zombie characters, you’ll have generic zombies that have no abilities represent you. Likewise, as a Splitter, you will turn into generic Zombies. There are also various situations that will use this stockpile of zombies (like when a Horde of Zombies appear and flank your party.)

There are a lot of other new mechanics and scenarios in Zombie Edition (like if you were to play it as a standalone) that we’ll cover at a later time. Just wanted to answer some immediate questions and give you a quick intro about Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition.

If you missed it in our Battle Royale campaign, you can get it in our Pledge Manager going on now!


About the Tarot Cards…

The very talented Artist on our team, Rio, has been working hard and producing some beautiful Art Nouveau inspired illustrations for our Tarot Deck. Here are only a couple samples for you to preview. We are still adjusting boarder colors so don’t be surprised if it changes slightly. As for the illustrations themselves, it’s really amazing how creative they resemble the original Tarot cards, but with a Fairytale Games and art style twist 🙂


A Fairytale Update!

Hi Everyone!

The long overdue update is here! First of all, please let me apologize for the delay. We’ve had a few things that have stalled us that is much of my own fault recently. Last month I personally was sick for 3 weeks with Pneumonia, then at the tail-end, bronchitis, then a pretty nasty Sinus Infection. It was a simple case of round-robin sickness at the household and office that put out a lot of us. During this time, a few things got mismanaged, namely communication. Once back at the office, it was brought to my attention that responsibilities regarding answering messages via Kickstarter Inbox and 2 of our 4 e-mail accounts had gone unattended. That is something that can NOT happen. So the situation has been rectified with hardened measures. Anyways, we are back up and running in the communication department and will try to reassure everyone that any previous unanswered messages will be attended to soon.

Because of our Pledge Manager system having opened on the Minis campaign, our inboxes for both campaigns and e-mail accounts have been slammed. We now have 3 people working on e-mails alone this week, so please continue your generosity of patience through this moment of hectic scrambling.

So today, let’s get started on several key updates. I have about 3 weeks of catching up to do and will make sure that we stay on top of things with the team to ensure you are all kept in the loop.


Since the beginning of March, we have updated the website with new card art. Of these are:

  • 1. Briar Rose
  • 2. Tatterhood
  • 3. Horror Edition: Mother Goose
  • 4. Steampunk: Peter Pan
  • 5. Steampunk: The Dwarvn
  • 6: Steampunk: Robin Hood
  • 7. Steampunk: Goldilocks
  • 8. Steampunk: Hook
  • 9. Zombie Juniper Boy
  • 10. Zombie Prince Charming
  • 11. Zombie 3 Army Surgeons
  • 12. Zombie Bastinda
  • 13. Zombie Snow
  • 14. Zombie Robin Hood
  • 15. Zombie Big Bad Wolf
  • 16. Zombie Rapunzel
  • 17. Zombie Red
  • 18. Zombie Piper
  • 19. Zombie Mowgli
  • 20. Zombie Dorothy
  • 21. Zombie Beast
  • 22. Zombie Hook

You can find them here: http://thefairytalegames.com/character-list/

For the Card Quota Artwork Play by Play….

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE 🙂

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 123 Illustrations complete (Deadline: April 15th)

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 151 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 80 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 30th)

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = 97 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = 93 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 30th)

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE 🙂

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = 40 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 70 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 30 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 15th)

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE! 🙂

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (Snow is at 90% / Red is 100% Complete)
  • Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (Thumbling is at 5% / Tinker Bell is at 20%)
  • John Henry Steel vs Iron John (Artwork to begin in March)
  • Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (Artwork to begin in March)
  • Little Mermaid vs Belle (Artwork to begin in March)

As you can tell from above, a few things shifted in the dates because of the loss of time. While I was out of the office, the team guided our artists to the fulfillment of art in general, giving them the freedom to produce more artwork for the various sets, instead of going in order as planned. Now that we’re all on the same page, this is the current schedule we’re shooting for.



As we get further into the set of 78 cards, we’ll add a section to our website for Tarot Cards, so you can see what some of them look like. Any backer created one will need approvals from the individual backers. In the meantime, the non-backer Tarots will be updated in the coming weeks.


We are finally nearing the end of the backer likeness cards. And with that, this week we’ll post some of the backer approved cards to make our existing gallery more robust. For those who have revisions for your backer likenesses, we haven’t forgotten you! We are trying to go through all of you one through, then go back in order for all requested revisions. Thank you for your patience!


So besides the few pieces of artwork you’ve seen, we will put some of the actual cards up on our website for you to see samples of. The layout is different than our regular cards since we want more of the artwork to show. We have several artists working on those cards so there are some art styles you might really like and some that might be even better for others. Our cheesecake varies from style to style so some might be work safe and others not so much.

Here’s an example of Cheesecake Mulan: May not be work safe in some countries. And yes, she is fully clothed (it’s the lighting and shadows, the artist tells us.)


We have been moving through these slowly but surely. We’ve had a great success in the results for these. Our backer ideas are REALLY AWESOME and we want to make sure the artwork matches their creativity. We’ll get some approvals from backers and add a section in our website to post some of what we’ve been working on thus far. You’ll be amazed at the thought that went into their creation 🙂

For those who are still waiting, we are on our last 2 rounds. Each round has about 3-5 people on it so we are definitely about to get in touch with you soon!


We’ve been asked this quite a few times, so we’d thought we’d share this with you. Currently, we have about 70 artists working with us on our spread of games. Each one works at their own speed and are usually assigned 5 illustrations at a time. Some give us card art after each one is complete whereas some artists wait until all 5 are sketched out, approved, colored, then approved again as a group. Since our artists are from around the world, it can sometimes be tough to guide them into creating a perfect piece. Because of the different cultures, artists imagine a design based on how they perceive the description means or what they think of when they see a key word.

We’ve had to reject a LOT of artwork because of the style used, or the disconnect. It’s not that the artist is bad or slacking off, rather it might be that one character we assign them that proves to be very challenging or just didn’t click. So the filtering, guiding, and approval process is very extensive over here.

One of the most difficult characters to get right the first time was Tatterhood. This is basically the story of an ugly, loud, and oddly strong sister of her beautiful sibling, who eventually because of a few things that happen, becomes an even more beautiful woman at the end of her story. She has a pet goat and fights with a giant wooden spoon (ok, don’t blame us for that… blame Brother’s Grimm!). Here are 4 attempts (from different artists), the 4th being the final one we used. This took 4 tries and about 1 month each since the assignment was passed between artists during their round of assignments.


Woo…. this is the topic you’ve probably scrolled down to see. And completely understandable. As you saw from our Progress Report up top, we have completed all the artwork for Fairytale Games: Battle Royale! (Yay!) So with this, we can finally get our Demo Kit in order and get a local printer to print us out a rough copy of the game so we can use it on the much overdue and anticipated gameplay video. Keep in mind everyone on our team including myself look like idiots on camera, so please please please don’t judge based on presentation, rather on content 🙂

As for the timeline for the Demo Kit, it will not be this week. We had scheduled for this to be ready weeks ago, but after 3 weeks out of commission, I have to get everyone back on it and me on top of it, which means continuing the proofreading, and making sure all the stat numbers match our most updated excel sheet. Once we have it ready, we’ll put it on a PDF sheet with fronts and backs and a separate one for the character boards and player tokens. The Demo Kit has around 100-150 cards in total and the most current artwork. It will allow for up to 2-4 players to play. Because of the missing cards being that this is a Demo Kit only, solo play is probably not as fun since there’s not much to interact with. The Demo Kit is only used as a Tutorial and Guide for the various gameplay mechanics.


Simply, they have been “pre-casted” and are being shipped off for Moulding/Casting. This means, we are prepping the first batch of minis that Lion King tiers and above will receive, for our first real proofs. Once we have those, pictures, pictures, and more pictures! For those who want the details, check out our website or our Minis Campaign update thread.



Some of you have seen that the Pledge Manager from the Minis Campaign is up and running. Because of this, there has been some question as to whether there was a Pledge Manager for this campaign.

After this campaign ended, we took 2 weeks to recoup and build out our online store on our main website. We allowed for Backers and New Backers to pledge for items from our Battle Royale campaign, as if the campaign was extended. So at that time all the stretch goals and items were available for almost 2 months. In August, we shut down the store and that concluded our “Extended Pledging”. There was no Pledge Management system like the one we’re currently using. We made several announcements in updates during that time so if you missed it, though you won’t be able to get the same stretches and a couple of items, you can check out our Pledge Manager as a new backer and get most of the items on the list, as well as great minis and even a couple spin-off games such as Trinity Ball and Fairyale Lores!

Miniatures Campaign Pledge Manager: https://secure.greenbriergames.com/gms/

Keep in mind that if you are an existing backer of the second campaign, you are only able to see what you have pledged for in the Minis campaign and NOT the Battle Royale campaign. This is because we did not use the Pledge Manager for the first campaign.


We’ll keep progressing forward with game updates now that I’m back from the dead and we had a cleaning up internally of responsibilities and whatnot. Thanks again for your patience! We want to proactively keep discussion going to also help answer any game related questions so you’ll already have a good idea how to play before the Demo Kits come around. So in the next couple of days, we’ll start the Gameplay Updates back up again. See you then!


DISCLAIMER: If you are not interested in an introduction of an awesome game concept by Greenbrier Games, the company that brought you Ninja Dice and Zpocalypse, then please don’t read any further!

If you LOVE MINIS or just having a really fresh game concept, our great friends atGreenbrier Games have brought to you something new on Kickstarter, Heavy Steam!

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  •  Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  •  Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  •  The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  •  Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.
  • The Minis are designed by their awesome team, so you KNOW the quality will be very detailed and that of Fairytale Games. Check out Heavy Steam Here!

Also, they just started a poll on BGG for any Fairytale Games fan who would like to see a character from our game make it into Heavy Steam as a Mech Themed Miniature! Feel free to post your favorites on BGG and they will pick the best ideas and create some sketches based on your ideas 🙂


Pledge Manager Notes and More!

Hi Everyone,

By now the Pledge Manager has gone live to everyone. First off, please excuse the timeliness of our replies. We are trying really hard to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but we’ve been getting several hundred e-mails of questions almost every other day since the Pledge Manager has become live. Some of you have been very patient for weeks and we truly appreciate it, more than you’ll even know.

Right now, we have questions in our comment threads of both campaigns, e-mails to 5 of our e-mail addresses, forums, pledge manager admin, and even some for Greenbrier Games. To make things easier on everyone, we’d like to address a few things and try to streamline how we answer questions so we can get to you even quicker.

If you are an EXISTING BACKER and still have not received the pledge manager link please e-mail this address only:newpledgyacct168@gmail.com

If you are a NEW BACKER, the pledge manager link can be found here:



During the minis campaign, we made it possible during a limited period of time for anyone to pledge for the Teaser Pack of the first campaign. Because we didn’t foresee the usage of the Pledge Manager system now, we had previously wanted to manually make notes of this. But, this is causing a lot of issues since most of you pledged up during the campaign to get the teaser pack.

So…. our solution is that we have added the Teaser Pack to the Pledge Manager. For those who were looking for it before, please login and it should be there for you to complete your pledge with. Now….. we’re going by a somewhat loose honor system in that you would know whether or not you pledged during the time we suggested. So if you didn’t and are still going to add it in your cart, our system can’t tell the difference so it’s completely at your own discretion.


If for some reason you had spoken with anyone during the campaign in regards to special arrangements for the Minis Campaign, please only contact: alex@artisticjustice.com


During the campaign, we allowed backers to add one extra tier to your pledge (if you were approved for multiple and have questions, please use the e-mail above in the “special arrangements” paragraph). Previously, we had a confusion on the Pledge Manager and have since added an equivalent to the Nutcracker Tier and the Mad Hatter tier in the add-ons to help you manage your existing pledge better. For new backers, we sold out of the Big Bad Wolf tiers, but we are arranging with production to see if we have allowance to increase the number.


There are some of you who have asked if this was the Pledge Manager for the previous campaign, Fairytale Games: Battle Royale. This is actually the pledge manager ONLY for the Minis campaign.

About 2 weeks after the first campaign, we opened an online store and allowed anyone to continue their pledge via PayPal for about one and a half months. After, we closed the online store. So if you’re missing anything from the first campaign, be sure to check out the current Pledge Manager and pick up anything you missed, with the exception of the original Cheesecake Cards, Backer Tarot Cards, and their respective artbooks.


The Pledge Manager system has the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack available, which are the same 100 cards as the original Cheesecake Pack, but with 45 new artwork to replace the backer likeness from the original cheesecake pack. We are not offering the original cheesecake pack in the pledge manager system.

If you were from the original campaign and we approved your pledge for the cheesecake pack during this campaign, please contact us through the e-mail in the Special Arrangement paragraph above. If you were not approved during the minis campaign, we are unfortunately not offering any more pledges towards the original cheesecake pack.


That’s right! We have more WIPs for you all to see. Here are just a couple. For the rest of the new WIPs, please check them out here: http://thefairytalegames.com/the-minis/


Last time, we introduced to you a card and dice game called Capes and Villains, which Shingo Game will be launching on APRIL 28th. 

This time, if you LOVE MINIS or just having a really fresh game concept, our great friends at Greenbrier Games have brought to you something new on Kickstarter, Heavy Steam!

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  • Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  • Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  • The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  • Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.

The Minis are designed by their awesome team, so you KNOW the quality will be very detailed and that of Fairytale Games. Check out Heavy Steam Here!