Zombie Edition and Tarot Cards!

Hi Everyone.

I know this is a bit off tangent since we still haven’t fully discussed the core gameplay mechanics in its entirety, but we’ve had several questions about Zombie Edition specifically.

What’s different in Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition?

In comparison to Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, the main focus isn’t just to kill off the other players. Instead, there’s a slight zombie infestation going on in the Fairytale Universe, and you have an alternative choice to try to stop it with other players or try to escape (though you can still very freely kill off other players/characters). Event cards will not be about the Trinity losing patience and observing how the players interact with each other, rather a countdown until the entire universe is infested. A lot of the action cards will be themed on the new way of thinking and different kind of survival.

Characters, Locations, and even items from the first game have infected versions in Zombie Edition. If you play by combining both Zombie Edition and Battle Royale, these cards get get infected and alter the pace and the momentum of gameplay.

Are the characters just art swaps of the Battle Royale characters or do they have different abilities?

Well, one thing, Zombies are pretty simple as a whole. So, after “turning”, your Battle Royale characters will fall under one of the 5 categories of zombies that roam Fairytale Games.

INFECTION. These types of Zombies have the ability to turn any character into a fellow zombie after killing them.

BUTCHER. These Zombies are beasts… they are all about doing overkill damage. So if a Butcher does at least 50% damage to your character in combat, they get more bloodlust and do double damage thereon after.

ASSIMILATION. Think of these types, as the patchwork zombies. If they kill a character, they can immediately spend some pestilence and start cutting and sewing on that character so that they can acquire their character ability. If you’re an aggressive zombie, you can assimilate up to 3 abilities onto your character! Yikes!

DEFILE. This is the recruiter zombie. When on an infected location, it can kind of dig up dead characters that weren’t “turned” and raise them as if they were freshly grown zombies. Your enemy, my friend…. your carcass, my faction 🙂

SPLIT. These are the worst kind in my opinion. If you kill Zombie Splitter me, I become two generic zombies. No abilities, sure….. but there are two of me roaming around. And for survivalists, that’s never a good thing.

So what are “generic” zombies?

For those who are playing with characters not in Battle Royale and are “turned” by the Zombie characters, you’ll have generic zombies that have no abilities represent you. Likewise, as a Splitter, you will turn into generic Zombies. There are also various situations that will use this stockpile of zombies (like when a Horde of Zombies appear and flank your party.)

There are a lot of other new mechanics and scenarios in Zombie Edition (like if you were to play it as a standalone) that we’ll cover at a later time. Just wanted to answer some immediate questions and give you a quick intro about Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition.

If you missed it in our Battle Royale campaign, you can get it in our Pledge Manager going on now!


About the Tarot Cards…

The very talented Artist on our team, Rio, has been working hard and producing some beautiful Art Nouveau inspired illustrations for our Tarot Deck. Here are only a couple samples for you to preview. We are still adjusting boarder colors so don’t be surprised if it changes slightly. As for the illustrations themselves, it’s really amazing how creative they resemble the original Tarot cards, but with a Fairytale Games and art style twist 🙂

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