A Very Necessary and Late Update

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a month and 2 weeks since our last update and I think before we bring on any game news, I need to answer the first topic…

Where the !#$%!@ have you been?

This was actually an inbox message and rightfully so. Sadly, there were a few things that caused our loss of focus in communication, which has not been fair to you.

One of the biggest obstacles we had to deal with, was a death of one of our artists. It was a sad time that went even further down south as legally, we were not allowed to use any of that artist’s work without the approval of their spouse because he had left all of his art pieces to his immediate family in the chance that he would pass on. The artwork he completed was not considered “complete” artwork since he was unable to sign the completion contract we give to our artists in his Country. Though there were never any negative intentions on their part, we basically were not able to get a hold of his family. If we could not get her approval and sign an agreement that his work was deemed complete, we would lose those illustrations. Right before the Memorial Day Weekend, we were able to reach them as they were out of their Country. So in that aspect, we have lost a great artist, but we can still appreciate his artwork through our games. Plus, for the first few months after our games hit retail, we will be giving a small portion of profit to them as a way to show thanks and respect from Artistic Justice Games and the Fairytale Games backers to his family.

The next big hit was that of my own relative, who had passed at the age of 103. This was a personally trying situation for me and put me in rut, especially coinciding with our artist’s passing. I really cared deeply for him though he led a very full life. Though not an excuse, both instances weighed very heavily on my shoulders and I think for the later, acceptance was the worst part.

And to top everything else off, we’ve been having a very interesting thing happening to us since January. Though we haven’t mentioned it, we’ve been monitoring our art team as we suddenly hit a slump with new artwork coming in. Some of our artists were taking a strangely longer time to complete an illustration. We thought it was the holidays and whatnot, but it turns out that our enthusiasm to help promote our artists and the beautiful job they’ve been doing during our first campaign, ended up kicking us in the bud. We were sad to discover that a few game companies decided to help themselves to our artist pool by getting their names from our website and offering them financial or other reasons to jump ship, midway during their contract. Though they did not completely disappear, they were taking a very long time with our illustrations so that they could facilitate their new commissions. We found this out by viewing some of our artists’ portfolios and realizing which companies had begun sharing our artists. I can’t say that there’s anything legally or even ethically wrong with it (though it upsets our team greatly since we put a great deal of trust and respect out there), but because of this, we’ve had to find and enlist new artists to join us to make up for any delays this has caused. Though we’ve since fixed and continue to monitor this issue, this is something that had also pulled me personally away from continuing to grow our communication with you.

And above all, I sincerely apologize for this lack of communication. But, after this past Memorial Day weekend, I’ve found a lot of inspiration and motivation to move forward aggressively to get you and this project where it needs to be.

On the plus side, I’ve been away for a week during the last week of last month on something that we will announce and talk about in depth later. This is something that we all want to share with you 🙂

Update Schedule… Pronto!

Ok, since it’s been quite a while since the last update, I will be updating you all the next few days and weeks to cover various things such as:

  • Project Progress Report Update
  • Card Game Edition Introductions (like what we did for the Zombie Edition Update)
  • Gameplay Video Update
  • Demo Kit Update
  • Rulebook PDF Update

I know I’ve been having a difficult time sticking to schedule, but we as a team are determined to do so moving forward, especially since we have a lot of trust to regain. During our campaign, it meant so much to us to have you all be a part of the Fairytale Games Universe. I do not want to destroy that which we all created with our sweat and tears before you even receive your games.

So what’s going on with the Sacred 40 minis?

For those who have no interest in the minis Lion Tier and up will be receiving, please skip over this paragraph. For those who really want to know more, we have sent our master casts to the manufacture where they will be moulded, master casted and produced. We are expected to receive our production proofs (the closest we’ll get to the final product) in about a month or less. THAT is very exciting. We took a few photos of these early casts and posted them on the Minis Campaign update but there were many of you in this campaign who got wind of it and wanted to see them as well. I’ll do you one better and show you a long winded video (Note, the beginning are the cheapo 3d prints we did for size ratio. Also, the video doesn’t show the complete 40 since we only had a chance to video a small portion of them before sending them out):

Communication 101: Supplementation

So to help us with better communicating with you all, we are consolidating our websites into the main Artistic Justice Games website. What this will do is give you one permanent website to see and hear about every project we are working on and news beyond the kickstarter threads. This will be your core location to find out more information instead of having things scattered like it is now. Plus, the contact form on the new website will be the be all end all for communication. Meaning, that will be the FIRST place that you will want to contact us through, outside of Kickstarter as we will be monitoring those messages closely. We are scheduled to launch our Beta version of the new website by the end of this weekend. Wait for it! Believe me, in the longrun it will be an awesome change for all of us as a family.


One last thing for this quick update… we have been working hard to get our message replies back on track. Some of you have been contacted by Noelia or Belle. Moving forward, I will also be involved though I will sign any message to you by Alexander instead of Alex. The main reason is there has been a very big confusion with backers being contacted by our other teammate, Alex. Unfortunately he has moved on to other things and have been disconnected from lines of communication. If you were contacted by him previously, in response to your question and still have an issued not resolved, please contact me personally at alex@artisticjusticegames.com and I will take care of these matters right away. This confusion has caused a lot of frustration and awkward situations we would like to fix immediately.

Ok, until the next update….. (which will be sooner than you think!) Have a great night and thank you so much for giving us a chance to regain our solid footing in reaching back out to you all. It has been a rough few months but we guarantee that things moving forward will be much smoother in communication and direction.