Progress Report Update!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s another quick update in preparation for this coming week’s “Day to day, play by play.” This update is more of the essentials, starting with the Progress Report!


Currently, here’s where we are at on total artwork

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 278 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 266 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 260 Illustrations complete

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 70 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 60 Illustrations complete

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (100% Complete) 
  • Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (Thumbling is at 80% / Tinker Bell is at 80%)
  • John Henry Steel vs Iron John (100% Complete) 
  • Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (100% Complete) 
  • Little Mermaid vs Belle (Little Mermaid 50% / Belle 50%)

 Sacred 40 Miniatures: Currently Sent to Manufacture for first line of proofs (in 3 weeks per their current schedule) then mass production.

As you can see, we are behind schedule with some of our artists. As mentioned in the previous update, we’ve had problems with some of our artists keeping a steady pace and have since commissioned more artists to join our team to fulfill the gaps. We are moving forward as quickly as possible, still ensuring the artwork is of top quality per our standards.

In retrospect, I’m very happy and fortunate to have such a strong team of artists. Though there are so many of them, when you think about it (people ask me why we need 70 artists), for 3,000 pieces of artwork we would actually need a consistent pace of about 8-9 complete illustrations a day, for every day for 1 year. At varying speeds of production and managing such a large group of different talents, this has been quite and ambitious and exciting experience for myself and the team. The excitement of getting new artwork in when you start the day is truly awesome. After the dust settles and shipping begins, we should do some highlights on the process of how art is created for our games, from the idea to the final submission as well as some of the funnier hijinks and shenanigans that have happened thus far.

As of right now, it’s June 1st. We are set to have a drop dead, deadline of all the artwork by the end of this month to begin production (or our manufacture rep will kill us… well, me actually). Fortunately, our manufacturer will take our files as we release them so they will not have to wait for everything in bulk before printing. This makes things easier for us and more efficient per scheduling production. We are already starting to prep what is currently completed to the printers and are working on Box Art and the Rulebook.


This has been a bear but we are trying to get it as user friendly as possible, yet making sure there are no definitions or terms that get overlooked. We are also gathering a team of volunteer backers to help us with proofreading cards and rulebooks so that things are well organized and easily understood. Once this is ready, we’ll post the PDF of it up for you all to view, starting with Battle Royale.

Much later in the year, we will also enlist in some translators to take our games to an international level. We’re working out the details now but I’ll keep you posted as to what languages will be available and when it’ll happen.


LOL…. the realization that we have so many products now, hit us when we counted the number of box art layouts we have to do. Here’s a sample of our Sacred 40’s box for the “Children of Magic” set. (Note: for graphic designers out there, this was the sample photoshop mockup and not the InDesign one we’re sending to print… Don’t worry! LOL)


This is a tough one. Since we are honestly running behind art schedule, our manufacturer is waiting on us. But because they realize things are time sensitive, they will be trying their best not to stall on their end for any reason. If there is no hitch and we can send everything out this month, we will receive product by the end of next month and begin shipping in August. If there are no shipping delays from the manufacturer to our warehouse, we are considering to take bundles with us to GenCon for any backers attending to pick up. Of course, this depends on when we receive the items so I don’t want to promise this until we’re at the point of shipping from production to us. Still, if this does happen, we will have a list for you to sign if you are attending to help us see how many copies we’ll need to bring.

I am also thinking about dividing shipping to get certain items to you quicker. I’m not 100% sure about this yet. But, once I receive all the artwork, I would like to ship the Artbooks out first since we have a separate distributor/manufacturer for this. I’ll keep you posted on the call for this one as well.


Yes! We will be there and are looking forward to meeting you if you’re attending as well! This year, we are at Booth#1556, sharing a booth with Greenbrier Games. Because we are sharing, you will not see Artistic Justice Games in the GenCon directory, though you might see our logo here and there and on promotional items at the convention.

We will have events for Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale so check out GenCon’s website for Events if you’re interested in playing “teaching games” with us. Each of our events will be every other hour and a max of 5 players, that will run up to an hour. We understand that there is a chance that game tables might free up where we can allow for extended demos or a chance to play with you with our other games. Depending on the availability, we will accept general event tickets for these extended games. I’ll keep you in the loop as well as when you’re there, you can visit our booth and we’ll make sure you’re in the know!


Yes, absolutely! But, it might not be what you’d expect. We have a lot of ideas that we’re working with right now, but we do want to have the chance to make your acquaintance with an awesome first impression 🙂

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