We interrupt our update with…. a followup update!

Hi Everyone,

First off, this is not the regularly scheduled update. Oddly enough, this is a follow-up to the last on in regards to the Sacred 40 minis. So if you are not interested in the minis, please disregard this update and look for tomorrow’s card related one.

As mentioned in our previous update, the masters were sent to our manufacture for casting/moulding. We asked them to take photos for us when they arrived so we could see that everything was laid out correctly and organized per box in their correct set name. This said, we received them! And instead of sitting on them for one gigantic update, I’m sending this update just after opening the e-mail. (Ironically, notice the date of when they actually took the photo… /facepalm).

The Wild Ones

(Note: Cheshire Cat hadn’t made it to them yet so that is why it’s missing from this lineup. Wild Ones will indeed have a total of 6 miniatures.)

The Horror Show

The Dark Ones

The Fugitives

The Children of Magic

The Mercenaries

And One More Photo…

A while back, we posted a photo lineup of Cinderella next to a few other characters (from Wiz Wars and Zpocalypse. I didn’t realize, but we had one more photo in our e-mails that have Cinderella and Iron John next to the same characters plus a Zombicide character. Though I’m hoping it will be useful to you, it still might not give you enough information about size ratios. But at the very least, it’s something cool to look at 🙂

(From Left to Right: Zpocalypse, Zombicide, Wiz War, Zpocalypse, Cinderella (FTG), Iron John (FTG), Zombicide)

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