Ramping up for the next week!

Hi Everyone,

Today, we have an informative update for you! As you know, we’ve kind of hidden back into the background lately. The good news is because we’ve been extremely busy with production. Going into this campaign we set out to produce one core game, Rumplestiltskin, and a Battle Set of Super Fairytale Fighters 2. Through the growth of the campaign, we were able to expand the Fairytale Games Universe with you all with the addition of 3 additional core sets, 2 expansion sets, cheesecake/teaser packs and tons of extra card content (not to mention 40 beautiful minis). To be honest, we’ve been learning a lot from this experience and campaign, valuable lessons that will now be solid checklist items for future campaigns.

Box art, for example have different layout specs, measurements, and requirements that differ between manufacturers. As well, you need to be sure to add important, yet little details, such as “this is not a toy and may be a choking hazard”, production code numbers, age specs, and manufacture stamps all over the box. When you send it out for approval, it usually takes a few days for them to get back to you. When you hear back from them and if they come back with changes or spot things you forget, you need to bounce back and forth with them until they approve. Because if they tool/setup their press to manufacture your boxes and you catch a mistake on the manufacture proof, it will take 3 weeks for them to make the change and send you another proof! That, we didn’t know.

Rulebooks are a completely different monster all together. So initially, we thought that a rulebook similar to our website gameplay section would suffice. That went completely out the door when we had a veteran in the industry rip it apart. What we had a hard time grasping was that we assumed everyone would automatically understand certain gameplay terminology. We had to break away from knowing anything about our game and come from the perspective of not just never having played Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, but any game in general. This was extremely difficult since revisions upon revisions have been mostly about keywords and standard mechanics we didn’t know could be a question. Things like “discarding” a card cannot be left like that. We have to specifically include a key that explains that discarding means to remove a card from your hand or in play and placing it into the “discard area” next to the respective deck the card came from (such as the Bonus Deck, Location Deck, Event Deck, etc…). Yet, we had to make sure the rules weren’t bogged down with technicalities and too complex of a layout that it would look as boring as a “build your home furniture” instruction sheet.

There were many other things we learned through this, but we’ve enjoyed the experience so far, though the revisions have been eating up all of our time to make things as perfect as they can be.

I Heard Something About Videos in the Comments

Yes! This past week, we filmed the majority of the gameplay video for Battle Royale. There’s a few more scenes we need to film this weekend and it’ll be time to edit (finally.) One of our backers suggested filming an updated video for Super Fairytale Fighters 2. I think that would be an awesome idea that we can to while filming the final footage of the main game. Once edited, I’ll post them here and give an overview about what you’ve just watched. We hope to have the rulebook released around the same time for you to download via PDF in order to use as a supplemental reference when watching the videos.


With GenCon looming ahead and deadlines quickly happening, we are going to release the demo kits this month along with the full Fariytale Games: Battle Royale PNPs for those who purchased them. That way, everyone can have a chance to learn to play in some way, shape or form. As well, if you are attending GenCon in August, we have Battle Royale gaming events you can register for at www.gencon.com. Our team will also be there around and about at our booth and after events to show you demos of our games and more importantly, to finally get a chance to officially introduce ourselves to you. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

GenCon 2014

We will be at Booth#1556 alongside with Greenbrier Games. We’ll be there attending the full duration of the event and as mentioned, will be hosting game events and demos of our games. A few of you have asked if we will have promos there for the event. We will not disappoint! This past month, we already had them created and are in production now. What are they exactly? That part’s a secret 😉

Progress Report

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 280 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 290 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 270 Illustrations complete

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 80 Illustrations complete

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 66 Illustrations complete

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (100% Complete)
  •  Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (100% Complete)
  •  John Henry Steel vs Iron John (100% Complete)
  •  Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (100% Complete)
  •  Little Mermaid vs Belle (Little Mermaid 50% / Belle 50%)

Sacred 40 Miniatures: We are waiting for the manufacture proofs to come in. Based on the tracking info, it’s sitting in a warehouse a few states over. Probably by Wednesday, we’ll have them in and will start taking photos to show you right away.


  • Battle Royale – 90%
  • Horror Edition – 50%
  • Steampunk Edition – 30%
  • Zombie Edition – 60%
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 – 95%
  • Rumplestiltskin – 100%

Boxart Layouts:

  • Battle Royale – 100%
  • Horror Edition – 100%
  • Steampunk Edition – 80%
  • Zombie Edition – 50%
  • Fairytale Games Expansion – 100%
  • Legends of Time Expansion – 0%
  • Tarot Deck – 0%
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 – 80%
  • Rumplestiltskin – 100%
  • Sacred 40 Miniatures – 100%

So among the progress report, we looked back at all the cards that have been through revisions. Fun fact, is that there are a total of 113 card illustrations that were not used! That is crazy… but pretty hilarious at the same time. As mentioned in a previous update, there were just instances that certain artists weren’t comfortable illustrating. We had this really awesome artist take on a cheesecake male illustration. Because he was very embarrassed about it (and didn’t tell us), he went through 4 iterations before requesting to change the piece. LOL. My favorite example (and coincidentally one of my favorite pieces) was a misunderstanding of wording.

We had asked for a scene of a lot of dead ninjas in front of a field with snow on top. Our intentions was to use this as a location card of sorts. When we received it, there was Snow White on top of a pile of dead ninjas in a field. I laughed harder than I should have, but in retrospect, it wasn’t incorrect either!

What’s the delivery date? Has it changed?

Next week, we’ll be having an official meeting with our manufacture to see how things are going to be coming along. We have a lot of questions that we have as well as questions from you all that we will ask in our meeting. We have a few items from different manufactures that we need to figure out the schedule for the logistics of when they will be delivered to one location, how they will be assembled, and when and how they will be shipped. There’s also the factor of GenCon and what the schedule will look like, if we can have any product there or not. I don’t want to give you a guesstimate without having had some concrete answers. So expect an update about delivery specifically next week.

Other Media!

So we’ve unofficially launched our new website at www.artisticjusticegames.com. It’s kind of our “soft-opening” as there are a lot of features and information missing from it (as well as some bugs). But for the most part, this website will be the central hub for every project and game we create. The news on the front (after we do our next website update) will have all our kickstarter thread updates so you can follow along in one place. In the next few months, you’ll see the information grow as well as it will become a lot more user friendly. You can register on the site to get the latest news from our posts as well as be able to utilize our online forums. At the moment, we only have a Fairytale Games forum but we are able to create individual forums for each of our game as well. So check it out, but please be aware it’s definitely a work in progress 🙂

As well, we have started our Twitter at www.twitter.com/artjusticegames. Follow us there and get the latest news or hear me rant about things in the near future.

Coming up next!

By tomorrow, we’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled program and will do an update on the gameplay mechanics and card highlights of the Fairytale Games: Horror Edition. Following, we’ll cover Steampunk Edition, Super Fairytale Fighters 2, and some important gameplay items for Battle Royale such as combat.

BattleCon War Remastered: Last Hours!!!

If you haven’t heard, our good friends at Level 99 Games have an awesome Kickstarter campaign up right now. As I write this, they’re on the final 24 hours! Please, don’t miss your chance to check out this innovative and solid card game, especially with all the stretch goals currently unlocked and a lot of free swag!

BattleCON is a head-to-head dueling card game that captures the style of fighting video games like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, or BlazBlue–the only differences are that it plays on your kitchen table and you don’t have to spend hours memorizing button combinations to become a competitive fighter.

The new BattleCON Kickstarter brings together the original favorite fighters, a set of brand new heroes, and an all-star cast of promotional fighters from games like UFS, Mage Wars, and Summoner Wars–it even includes Bruce Lee (Hmmm… foreshadowing)! Get it here on Kickstarter, there are just a few hours left!


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