Fairytale Games: Horror Edition

Hi Everyone,

Today, let’s talk about Fairytale Games: Horror Edition and how it differs from Battle Royale. First off, the storyline continues after the events of Battle Royale, the Fairytale Expansion, and finally Legends of Time. Without giving away too much of the backstory, here’s where the game begins…

During Battle Royale, you’ll meet Mother Goose. She has a very tragic storyline that pushes her off the deep end, on a quest for forgiveness for her misguided slaughter no matter what cost. After the events of Legends of TIme, Mother Goose finds out more of her past and comes to terms of what she had done. Her sole goal is to find a way to resurrect the people she’s killed, and finally bringing her children back (who she thinks is also dead.) Though she had become a master at sorcery, her understanding of this particular magic was limited as she was only able to animate the dead, the same as she would animate a wall or chair. It wasn’t what she needed.

With the Trinity gone, most of the characters begin their own quests or settle down, away from conflict. Bastinda, the Wicked Witch of the West realizes that this is a prime opportunity to unify the realms under her own iron grip, and enlists the help of others that share her hatred for “heroes” and a passion for chaos. She forms a pact with the likes of Rumplestiltskin, Carabosse, Morgan Le Fay, Professor Leland Thorne, and the Sea Witch. Wind of this passed Mother Goose’s ears as she finds that they are trying to summon the legendary Black Wyrm in order to control and harness its power to paralyze all heroes that pose a threat to their success. Believing that this power would provide an answer to a resurrection spell, she joins their ranks and together, they become “The Dark Ones.”

After much planning, The Dark Ones set up a summon ritual, ready to call out the Black Wyrm. Unfortunately, there was something even more sinister about the summoning, as the power consumed all of them, releasing a different kind of beast… the Jabberwock.

Once the Jabberwock appeared in the realm, an evil shadow cast over all realms. Fear, hatred, bloodlust, and violence entered the lands in the shape of spirits, demons, vampires, werewolves and other horrors that fed on the nightmares of others. Those with hearts that were already dark, became the host of something even darker. Never before had the citizens of fairytales and time faced abominations like these…. creatures that couldn’t be reasoned with, blackmailed or betrayed.

But all was not lost. While the Dark Ones were nowhere to be found, Sherlock Holmes and Ichibod Crane had their own theories behind the sudden madness. With their rivalry and talents in deduction and spiritual analysis, they begin to uncover the truth; One that they’ll need the help of several key characters to solve. Was the Jabberwock the ultimate evil or just a messenger of something even more terrifying?

And so our story begins….

New Gameplay Features:

The Player Boards:

Very similar to Battle Royale, the only major difference outside of specific character abilities and stats is the meter on the bottom, called the Fear Meter. If you notice, it looks like a meter that goes from Calm, to Terrified, to Insane. Obviously, you don’t want to be insane. Another thing to note, is that some factions from Battle Royale have changed, due to character alliances that have altered slightly in the storyline 🙂

Do not plead insanity!

So the Fear Meter is very integral to the game since the theme is Horror. Totally, there are 15 points of Fear that are measured. The slider will go up and down the scale from left to right but also allowing you to go from a fearful state (terrified/insane) back down to calm again.

During the course of the game, you’ll encounter quests, characters, events, etc that give you fear. At a “Calm” level, nothing happens. At “Terrified”, you lose the ability to play tactic cards and cannot use Super Moves in the combat phase. If “Insane”, you cannot initiate battle, use character abilities, tactic cards, super moves, and you lose all of your trait points (reputation is not a trait point, so you get to keep that.) If you hit the maximum level of insanity, your character is considered dead (with a heart attack).

There will also be certain quests that will not allow you to initiate if you have a certain level of fear. But don’t worry if you exceed these levels. You can always bring yourself to a calm by being inactive during your turn (reduces 3 fear levels) or by using certain items (lavender balms) and abilities.

The Fear Meter will have a plastic slider clip that lets you mark what level of Fear you are.

The New Endgame

Since Horror Edition takes place after the events of the Trinity in Battle Royale, the goals are not to be the last one standing and/or trying to find ways to defeat the Queens. Instead, with the new evil that plagues the land, you have new, larger, more aggressive bosses you will have to defeat as well as one of the few large storyline plots to complete. Whomever completes one of the main plots (and you can do this as a team) will win the game. Of course, you will have to complete smaller quests to get to the main plots or to encounter certain bosses. Some of which require the death or sacrifice of certain characters in the game. So once again, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer!

On the flipside, you can take the side of evil and go for Kill Points. There will be merchants of evil roaming around, allowing you to “cash in” these kill points for “Dark Quests”. Once you complete enough of these, you become a Boss character, powered up, and with the sole goal of killing off all players in the game. If you do, you win the game and in turn, help raise the true evil behind everything (not going to spoil it for you. LOL.)

Character Abilities:

With Horror Edition, there are new character sub-abilities or traits that will be apparent in the game. Some are not as obvious since they require certain things to happen before they trigger, while others are instant abilities, just with a fancy name. LOlL.


If you enter battle with someone and are about to kill them, you may instead, “turn” them into a Vampire. If you do so, it does not count as a “Kill”, but their character is removed from your opponent’s party and discarded into a Vampire deck in front of you. You may use them as shields to block/cancel any incoming attack or ability in either quest mode or combat mode, causing them to be removed from the game. For each vampire in the stack, you receive +1 Health Point and +1 Movement.


Werewolves, are a bit like Vampires in gameplay. During combat, if you’re about to kill an opponent, you can “Mark” them by biting them and turning them into your kin. If so, they are removed from your opponent’s party and is put in a Were Deck in front of you. You may use them as shields to block/cancel any incoming attack or ability in either quest mode or combat mode, causing them to be removed from the game. For each Werewolf in the stack, you receive +1 ATK Point during combat.


This is an ability on some of the darker characters of the game. Basically, they are like hunters of the weak as they have the ability to kill your character if they have 5 or less health points. Fortunately, or not (depending on your situation) their Murder ability will require specific things, such as Jack the Ripper only able to murder female characters in the game. Each “Murder” ability is different between characters.

Fear Ability

If you notice, on the top of some character’s ability card, there is a “Fear” value. Normally setup like 2/2, 1/4 or something equivalent. The left number represents how much “Fear” you will receive on your Fear Meter if you have this character in your party (since they’re usually pretty scary), and the second number represents the fear your opponents will receive if they kill a character in their party. This makes accepting which characters you want in your party very strategic and dependent on timing. As well, having a scary character with you gives you more perks for killing off your opponent’s characters 🙂

Grave Robbing

This is a feature that anyone can do and does not require a specific ability. For any character that is killed (not turned into vampires or werewolves), they are discarded. If your character lands on any cemetery location, you may spend 5x of any trait to “Grave Rob”. You will then search the discarded cards for a dead character and put it in your “Item” slot, as if you’ve equipped it. Any number of bodies you carry will reduce your movement by 1. Some characters in the game gain bonuses for feeding on dead bodies. A couple of locations or NPCs will reward you for bringing dead bodies there. And of course, there is one major quest in Horror Edition which will require a bunch of dead bodies to unlock….. Hint? Think lighting rods and “the good doctor.”


Any character can “Target” an opponent’s character. To do this, you must share a location with an opponent. On your turn, you can target any character in your opponent’s party and putting a target token on their character. Roll a die and basically you have to wait that many turns before you can go after your prey (the exception is if the targeted character initiates combat with you first).

Once the required amount of turns is up, you may initiate battle with that opponent. If you targeted a character that is not the Primary character, your opponent MUST switch over to that character, without having time to equip new items on them. You will also gain preemptive attack. If you defeat a Targeted opponent, then you will gain double the kill points and reputation. Plus, whatever equipment they do have on them, you may take and put it in your hand.

Witch Hunts

If there is a character that you’re trying to weed out that isn’t in play, you can go on a Witch Hunt. To do so, you would need to go to a Landmark Location. Once there, you can use your turn (no questing or combat allowed) to roll 1 die and reveal that value of cards from the Bonus Deck. If you reveal that character, then you can put them into your hand (you can’t put it into your party until your next turn and if you have the required number of persuasion trait points.) All the other cards will remain discarded. So what this does, is basically makes you a lot of enemies quickly since your opponents will not be very keen of you discarding all the bonuses that they might need (remember, there are also specific character items that might get discarded in a witch hunt!) As well, any character that is not the one you’re hunting, gets discarded from the Bonus Deck. Once discarded, there are only a few limited ways to get these bonuses back.


There are certain items that are considered “Traps”. To set a trap, you must have that item’s required materials and also use a turn (no questing or combat allowed). Once a trap is set, anyone who lands on that location triggers that trap. Some traps effect the entire row adjacent to it with the exception of that location, some effect all of one specific type of terrain, others… well, you’ll find out 😉

Full Moon/Blood Moon


Events are no longer the Trinity egging “The Game” along. Instead, because of the appearance of Jabberwock, the Full Moon and Blood Moon will appear (randomly along with normal moons). Things will happen that during these instances that will change the pace of the game, but for universal ruling:

  • Vampires: Blood Moons give them +1ATK and +1DEF
  • Werewolves: Full Moons give them +1ATK and +1MVT

Other types of creatures of the night will specifically say on their card if there are any bonuses for the type of moon that is out. Once all the moons have passed, the game is over, evil has risen, and everyone dies. Not the ending you really want.

Combining Horror Edition with the rest

We’ll have a specific section on our website that will detail the alternate rulings for the combination of different sets with each other, after the release of all the games. I don’t want to mention them now to avoid confusion since you have to understanding how all the games work before the alternate rules starting making sense.

Overall Opinions

I really loved creating this theme with the team. We were able to bring so many classic monsters/characters from all over the world, inspired by the darker side of folk tales. Since this is the followup to Battle Royale, rather than concentrating on survival, there seems to be more of a clearer path of either joining forces on an epic battle against large bosses, or the want to be the servant of the greater evil looming over the Fairytale Games Universe. The new gameplay mechanics really fit the theme and you’ll see some very interesting differences between the games, much like what you’ve seen so far in Horror Edition and Zombie Edition. Looking forward to giving you the tour of Steampunk Edition!


 Dark Alice awaits you in Fairytale Games: Horror Edition (most likely to take your heart)!