Welcome to GenCon!

Hi Everyone! These past few weeks have been a mad dash to trying to get as much done as possible in what seemed like brief, fleeting moments in time. But we’re finally here and made it to GenCon this afternoon in one piece. It’s 3:49am right now in Indianapolis time as I write this. But just thinking about tomorrow’s day 1 here makes it truly difficult to close my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

if you’re attending GenCon, please visit us at Exhibit Hall Booth#1556. We’d love to greet you in person and show you a few great demos. Fairytale Games: Battle Royale is also a ticket event (in the gamers hall) that’s currently sold out. We also plan to officially introduce the game with tutorials at our booth as well alternatively with Martial Arts: The Card Game, Dragon Tides, and Shingo Games’s Capes and Villains. Plus we’ll show off some of our minis on display as well.

But before we talk about all the other fun stuff, let’s talk about Battle Royale. So in lieu of our pre-Gencon Schedule, Battle Royale has now gone to press! We’re finalizing box art approvals for the game as well as the Sacred 40 minis, which will be manufactured at the same time. After GenCon, we will get all of those assets to the printers so we can get the first manufacture proof in our hands. Being realistic, we’re also thinking that both Fairytale and Legends of Time expansions will also be sent to printing by the end of September. Meanwhile, Horror Edition will finalize development, ironically by Halloween and sent to print. With manufacture printers, I hand’t realized that their schedules were difficult to work with during peak season in the summer. Because of schedule delays, we are contemplating doing 2 shipping waves, putting Battle Royale, among some of the other rewards at first. Still, this is for debate internally. One thing we do NOT want to do is just rush out all our games without taking account for quality control in art, printing, layouts, and gameplay/visual mistakes.

Is there anything you can show us about Battle Royale?

Sure thing! This is something that’s long overdue but is just a small portion of what we plan on doing when we return from GenCon. Here is our game overview:

It’s a bit long winded, but it’s a good guide to the basics of Fairytale Games: Battle Royale. When we return, we’ll start releasing more in-depth videos about the different mechanics and advanced mechanics of the game.

Create A Card Backers…

There are some of you who haven’t gotten back to us about your cards and some who haven’t heard back from us. Let’s make things easier and consolidate our emails to one location. We want to hear from you and really want to knock out your likeness, cheesecake, or other create a card project. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please contact us and use only this e-mail: alex@artisticjusticegames.com

This will now be the best way to get your creation solved right away.

So while you’re at GenCon, will you have any exclusives?

Well, we opted to do things a bit differently this time around. We know that there are a lot of you out there who can’t make it to GenCon so we’re going to do something special for both GenCon attendees and to any Fairytale/fairytale Games backers.

In lieu of the festivities, we will be hosting a very special raffle for the 4 days of the event. There will be two raffles going on and names will be drawn at the end of each day. GenCon attendees can only enter the GenCon raffle (just go to our booth and write your name/contact info in a box), while Backers from anywhere around the world can participate in our other raffle each day.

So, what are the prizes? What makes them so special?

Day one prize will be of our production proof copy of Rumplestiltskin! That’s right, we have some in from our proofing process that we’d love to share with you, imperfections and all.

For those of you who don’t know, Rumplestiltskin is a spinoff game that plays like Werewolf or Mafia. For day 1, we’ll give away a total of 4 sets of RumpleStiltskin (2 for GenCon Attendee winners and 2 for Kickstarter Backers).

Day 2, we’ll be giving away a grab bag of 3 of our Production Proof Miniature in our “Shades of Gray” color PLUS a physical production proof copy of Rumplestiltskin. (2 prizes given for GenCon attendees and 2 for Kickstarter Backers).

Day 3, we’ll ramp us the prize and get you a full random mini box set from the Sacred 40, in our ultra rare “Pine Green” color that was made just for color testing in our last proofing stage. An example would be an entire “Horror Show” or “The Dark One” (2 prizes given for GenCon attendees and 2 for Kickstarter Backers).

Day 4, the GRAND PRIZE to celebrate such an awesome event. We will give you a full set of our ultra rare Sacred 40 manufacture proof, half in Pine Green and half in Mint Green. Basically, this means you will receive 40 miniatures in colors that will never be reproduced again (since it was just for color testing and setting.) Only 2 Grand Prize Winners awarded (1 for GenCon attendees and 1 for Kickstarter Backers).

So essentially, during this event, we’ll be giving away 14 prizes!!! And the best part? After returning from GenCon, I will have them shipped to the winners right away since we have them in hand. Lucky winners will receive their prizes right away no matter where in the world you are ๐Ÿ™‚

Once again, winners will be announced at night, every night!


For those not interested in the minis, please stop reading. For those who want to know the status of your minis….

After a couple weeks of anticipation for our manufacture to send us factory proofs of our minis, our package came knocking at our doors a couple weeks before GenCon. Not wanting to selfishly keep the experience for ourselves, we too photos of our unboxing to detail our experience.

“Ding Dong” Ohh, a package… what could they be? Wait… how come the packaging slip says 12lbs. ???

(Maddening shuffles and tearing, as we try to figure out a way to get into those boxes.)

“Where’s the knife or some scissors?” Shouted Alexander.

“I don’t know! It’s not here!” Belle exclaimed.

“TEETH, USE OUR TEETH!” Noelia shouted. Ok, in retrospect not the best plan, but we did; Teeth, car keys, screwdrivers, nails, whatever we could to open it. And …. totally worth it.

(Cue in the Suspenseful Music and do a 360 Matrix shot)

Wait, there are BOXES too?!?! Let’s start digging through them and see what we’ve got! I mean, let’s not get excited and get our hopes up if they aren’t going to turn out as good as we expected them to be…. fingers crossed…

Big Bad looks…. Wow. It really is different feeling it and seeing it so close, rather than going by the 3D renders (for those who asked to see models during the campaign before they were produced, I now know why…. mind blown.) And please excuse my veiny wrists. Physicians love me I guess ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. What’s the roster look like out in the open?

(Cue in the Majestic music and a beam of light, stage right please).

That was definitely quite a site to see. But wait, ok we only have 23 here. After a quick call, we heard that round 2 will be on it’s way in less than a couple of weeks. Then with the Sacred 40 all here, we’ll do one big family photo for you all, and a bit more professional than my iPhone.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What about the details? How did they turn out? We were very curious as well since we were also afraid that coming from sculpts to renders, to master moulds to manufacture products, details might fade away or get distorted. Remember our lead sculptor had to exaggerate the renders for moulding/casting? Let’s see if it paid off….

Whew! So even the smaller details from Mad Hatter’s base (the broken teacups) to the Cowardly Lion’s medal (“Courage” scratched out to become “Rage”) is still in tact. We were relieved and even more excited ๐Ÿ™‚

And just for fun, let’s compare them to their Cheapo 3D Print Counterparts that we used for scaling a while back…. (remember the video we posted in our previous update?)

So let’s take our tour a quick step forward. I know this is something that might be an issue with some, and a welcome scenario for others. The dreaded “Lineup”. Now, I tried to find some comparable minis for this, but I’m kind of out of luck. A lot of the local stores here have a limited supply. That, or they’ve inflated a lot of the pricing for GameWorks stuff. Reaper bones are pretty non-existent here too. I didn’t know if a generic Medusa or Shade would be something everyone knew so I passed. So here’s what I’ve got on hand.

*(Please note: We do not own the rights to any of the minis from games not part of Artistic Justice Games, LLC) <– Legal stuff we have to mention ๐Ÿ™‚

From left to right, you have:

  • Rutger Shaw (Metal Mini from Warmachine Mercenaries: Hordes Blister Pack)
  • Zpocalypse Heroes on their stands
  • Batman Heroclix
  • Captain Hook (Fairytale Games Minis!) <– Average height mini in our sets
  • Puss in Boots (Fairytale Games Minis! <– Shortest height mini in our sets
  • Warrior Character (From the game Myth)
  • Mansions of Madness Tommy Gun Character (shame on me.. I forgot the name)
  • Wanda the Waitress from Zombicide: Season 1

Ok, but what about your larger characters like Big Bad Wolf or Beast? How do they compare to other characters?

From left to right, you have:

  • Big Bug Boss thing from the game Myth
  • Percedal from Krosmaster Arena
  • X-Wing from the game X-Wing (It came broken, it wasn’t me!)
  • Beast (Fairytale Games Minis) <– Our Largest Figure from these 23 minis on hand
  • Hook
  • Puss in Boots

Moving on, we had several questions about these peg stand things that we mentioned were also used on games like WizWars and the Level99 Games’s Argent. Here’s how they work and what it’ll be used for in our future minis games:

And yes, don’t worry, the color of the peg stand base will match. If you notice, it’s removable so that the characters do with or without it. For games in the future, you can use it to indicate carrying potions, treasure, weapons, status ailments, and a lot of super secret stuff we can’t hint at yet, LOL.

Here’s what the difference is in height with pegstand and without pegstand:

Ok, so that concludes our …… What’s that? You noticed something earlier?

What were all those really green colored things we saw in the photos???

LOL sharp eyes! Just so you know, these are not the colors we are using for the final version as these are to indicate proofs. So what you’ve seen are light gray and pine tree green. So if anyone misses this post and sees a photo floating around with the deep green mini, please tell them not to worry. The 2 colors (first campaigners and normal versions) are the ones we had chosen during the campaign with you all. So as a tagline for the next photo:

[Warning! The photo your are about to see is intended for those who completely understand that these will NOT be the colors in the final production runs.]


So as we arrived at GenCon, we were immensely excited to see that the rest of our Sacred 40 came in. Snow White, Pocahontas, Morgan Le Fay, all in awesome detail and an even harder plastic than the first manufacture proof. WOW, take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

By the looks of things, it looks like the worrisome “fat wings” of Tinkerbell proved to be a great move by the lead sculptor as that necessary exaggeration was necessary to make her wings look as nice as they do now.

What about Mulan? I saw in a past photo/video that she looked like her face was leaned too much forward?

Looks like that isn’t a problem anymore ๐Ÿ™‚


Since we’re at GenCon, things will be pretty busy all around. But, we intend to take plenty of photos and give you the full report, especially for those who couldn’t make it this year. Plus, we have to announce the winners of our daily contests every night. Good luck everyone!

Oh, and for the “Mint Green” and how it differs than “Pine Green” (both, once again are NOT the final colors or the minis)…


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