GenCon 2014 Recap!

Hi Everyone, I’m really excited to give a brief recap on GenCon in the eyes of Artistic Justice Games.

First of all, a great big THANK YOU to all those who were able to stop by our booth and visit with us. This was our debut presence at GenCon and it was unbelievable to finally get to meet with you and talk Fairytale Games! Another HUGE thank you goes out to the Greenbrier Games team for having us a part of their booth and becoming even more of our family. And of course, I personally could not do any of this without our hard working team and most of all, all of you… the Backers Royale!

Overall GenCon, was an amazing experience for the team. We were able to meet a lot of great people, networks, and truly interact and answer questions about all our current and future games. We were also able to show off our minis and demo Fairytale Games: Battle Royale in the exhibit hall for an hour, every other hour. After an initial first day mess-up with our schedule (we were off by an hour and wondering why no one showed up) things eventually went very well and we had a lot of great feedback. Hale, from the Artistic Justice Games team, wanted to thank all of you who stayed for the demo to learn Battle Royale.

(If anyone was wondering, in this photo, Hale still has some of his Cheshire Cat outfit on. Thus, the hair and the nails.

This year, we debuted Artistic Justice Games alongside Greenbrier Games in booth# 1556. There were in-booth demos of Ninja Dice, Hull Breach, ZPocalypse, Yashima, Dragon Tides, Martial Arts: The Card Game, and Capes and Villains. Here’s what the booth looked like at first glance!

A little close up of the display case showing our minis (and some painted minis!!!)

This is Melissa and Noelia from Artistic Justice Games (Noelia is also representing Capes and Villains for Shingo Games as the creator, Henry got sick a few days before GenCon and couldn’t get better in time.)

Rumplestiltskin! Well, the Manufacture Proof copy with all its imperfections. I don’t think anyone demoed this one, but we did see someone try to walk off with it at the booth. Fortunately, it was only Deadpool (for anyone who doesn’t know, there’s ALWAYS a Deadpool cosplayer who does funny antics at the booths).

And of course you have the infant copy of Dragon Tides, the officially licensed Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Miniatures Dungeon Crawler game we’re producing alongside with Bruce Lee, LLC. (Kickstarter is expected to launch August 21st… this Thursday per contractual agreement.)

And here is Yashima, a really cool tactical “battle arena” style minis game from Greenbrier Games that involve martial arts masters from the east using Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, and Tortoise spirits, infused with their own powers, in a 1 on 1 or free for all with multiple players.

We also got some of our Boxes and VAC trays in for our minis so we were able to display some of the Sacred 40 as so…

But the greatest part were all the special guests from our Fairytale Games who were given some vacation time by the Trinity to be a part of GenCon 🙂

Steampunk Wendy Darling and Pocahontas were fan favorites (and also my minions…lol)

A bit of Sherewood Forest was there starring none other than Robin Hood… who was more than happy to go a few rounds of Ninja Dice with you.

Greenbrier Games also got their Fairytale Games swagger on. Here is Theresa as Elizabeth Bathory, AJ as Captain Hook, and Julie as a Steampunk Lilith/Carabosse combo! And of course, Greenbrier Games’s Jeff Gracia who was an exceptional host and really spoiled anyone who came to the booth.

And what was REALLY cool, were some of the Fairytale Games Characters floating around that were from fans (there was a Tinker Bell that I missed getting a photo of and practically ran down the exhibit trying to get a photo of before realizing that would look a bit too creepy. LOL)

To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of time to check out the other booths for us this time around. Needless to say, I didn’t get my hands on any promos. But let’s check out some photos we have to kind of give you an idea of what GenCon’s vendor hall was about!

There was an AMAZING art section with rows of talented and amazing artists. Mark was one of the ones I really liked as he did a lot of humorous fantasy/fairytale art.

Rivet Wars were all decked out with awesome replicas (and drivers)! They even let you get into the Tank and pose with a helmet and sword. Really cool booth feature in my opinion!

Magic The Gathering tournaments and the solid debut of their Core 2015 set was a big hit. I didn’t check out the promos, but standees and posters of the new evil Garuk was everywhere.

Kawaii! For anyone who wanted a cuteness overload there was the Anime/Manga section that had tons of cool things from Dragon Ball to Naruto to Totoro.

Wyrd had some really impressive building/landscape sets out. If you zoomed in with your camera to some of the areas, it looked like a set from a movie. It was really cool.

Arcadia Quest also had a cool display behind their demo area. I think CMON took up at least 3 both lengths showing off most of their recent campaign games. Lots of stuff on sale there though I didn’t have time to really check it out.

Our friends at Level99 was almost right across from out booth. It was great seeing them again and checking out Argent with their minis! They had a nice BattleCon tournament at GenCon as well. Nononoko was also signing Art Books… and if you were lucky enough to catch them on a slower time, she even doodled in the inset of your book 🙂

Some of the sets out there for the miniature games being demoed were totally stunning. We saw many tactical games and was even surprised to see Mars Attacks. Though there wasn’t a chance to take a photo of Dwarven Forge’s booth… WOW. Maybe Fairytale Games’s future dungeon crawler needs to talk to them. LOL.

Ok going back and forth from meetings, I saw quite a few games I really wanted. There were a lot of cool “Big Games” that unfortunately were sold out by the end of the exhibit when I finally had time to go on my own shopping spree. Sadly, I only ended up with one game. But The Witcher, Doomtown, Mice and Mystics’s New Expansion, Abyss, and Dead Winter were among the top sought after games.

Japanime’s booth was always full of people playing Krosmaster. Check out the size of this board! (Look at the hands for scale). As well, Tony Darling was in cosplay and a section demoing their new Tanto Cuore Oktoberfest which is currently on Kickstarter.

X-Wing, Armada, and the announcement of their Tactical Star Wars minis game was all the buzz as well. There were constant games being played at their booth that looked really intense. If you wanted the GenCon release items, you had to have made a mad sprint to the booth and get in a huge line wrap. There weren’t a lot of them available so if you got them, you were indeed lucky.

For those who like the Legendary series with Marvel, they just released Aliens version. It came with a “hugger” bag and looked pretty neat. I was in line for the Villains edition, but by the time it got to me, all the promos were gone!!! From what I understand, promos this year were really crazy at all the booths. But it’s like a big treasure hunt so truly fun nevertheless!

Mercs Miniatures was there to demo Recon and Myth. Their painted minis looked really good and they had a lot of staff there to help with any rule issues and questions, which was very welcome to those who already had the game. Plus, those who had Wave2 things to pick up could pick them up there. (Shoutout: Thanks Skyrek!)

Ah yes, and we saw a booth for Robotech! For better or worse, seeing their game with 3D sets and painted looked really nice. They had a bit of bad luck, from what I heard as their inventory didn’t make it to the convention as it was stuck in customs. From an exhibitor’s perspective, that was a very costly turn of events. But, they were very professional and spent the 4 days interacting with backers and GenCon attendees with enthusiasm.

This was a great highlight the night before the last day of GenCon. It was the “Cardhalla” where during the first 3 days of the event, people would build structures out of TCG cards. They looked beautiful. During the Cardhalla night, it was revealed that this was part of a donation to a charity. They would auction off the first coin toss then after, everyone can toss. That’s right, what I mean is that you would get a chance to toss coins at these cards to knock down all the structures. All the coins you toss would also go towards the donation. It was a LOT of fun seeing all those cards flying everywhere. And after, if you helped with the cleanup, any cards you saw you wanted, you could keep (there were Revised MTG cards there!)

And to cap off the photos, there was an amazing scene from the convention that we were able to catch in a first person perspective. During one of the convention days (when the vendor hall had just closed), a Colts game was just about to start. Both convention hall and stadium were next to each other. A lot of GenCon attendees were going away from the convention to their hotels or to get something to eat, before heading back to more gaming while the Colts fans were heading towards the convention hall all dressed in their iconic blue. It was like a scene from Braveheart or 300. We were just missing the sound of wardrums and the bull horn or someone shouting… “WE ARE GENCON!”

Overall we had a blast and were so glad we went. We met so many wonderful people and just being surrounded by passionate gamers and developers made this trip a highlight of 2014 so far. We sincerely want to thank all of you for making this possible by helping us create games that would inspire an entire universe that we could introduce to everyone.

Until the next update (which will be soon since I have some minis that you haven’t seen before staring in front of me….LOL)!

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