General Discussion and a Disclaimer Topic

Hi Everyone,

Still waiting on some new proofs to come in. For those interested in painting, I just assigned a few of the Sacred 40 minis I had at hand (manufacture proofs) to be professionally painted. I should have some in before BGGcon (November 19th). Once I do, I’ll take some photos and post them here for you to see. It’s the same painter who did our Beast, Cheshire Cat, Hook, Red, Little Mermaid, and Monkey King. Really looking forward to sharing those with you.

Also, at BGGcon I’ll also have some new Manufacture Proof minis to show you (like the ones you had a sneak preview of in the last photos), such as Jabberwock, Slenderman, Zombie Jack and Jill, etc. Once I get those, I’ll make sure to take a bunch of photos and.. who knows. Depending on how many I can get my hands on, there just might be another raffle?

Disclaimer: The following is not Minis Campaign related per se, but might be of value to you. Do not read if you are not interested.

First off, for those interested in the Basic Combat rules of the Battle Royale card game, please check out the Fairytale Games: Battle Royale update just made.

Ok, so as you all know, we are currently running the campaign for Dragon Tides, an Action Minis Game officially starring Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee: (

Though currently funded, I would like to have an add-on in the campaign that will allow for 4 Miniatures from the Fairytale Games to crossover into Dragon Tides. These will be the EXACT same sculpts and minis from what you are getting in the Sacred 40 for Snow, Red, Goldielocks, and Mulan (or instead of Mulan, maybe Pocahontas). What this will add to Dragon Tides, is that it will come with the Character Boards and signature move cards that will make these 4 characters playable in the game. I’m telling you this because I have not posted it on the main page of the campaign and wanted to let you all know before I do so. I rather let you know first before posting it as a live add-on in an offchance that I might accidentally create any misgivings or misunderstandings for the intention.

Well, we don’t mind but do we get anything for being ok with this?

Absolutely! This crossover will be an add-on in the Dragon Tides campaign. But if you’re a Fairytale Games backer (Battle Royale or Minis Campaign) and you back Dragon Tides, you’ll get the Character Boards and Signature Move cards for these 4 characters for FREE as a thank you. In other words, there wouldn’t be any need for you to get the full crossover addons since you’re already getting those minis anyway (unless of course you want doubles).

Here’s the idea behind it:

So basically, this gives you even more uses for your minis if you’re also interested in an Action/Arcade game like Dragon Tides. With your blessings, I’d like to post it on Monday.

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